100 songs: The concept is simple, you take 100 songs, you tell 100 fragments of a story, each to the song in question. The only catch? You only have the length of the song to write the story.

So on with the show. And for the record? I don't own the Vampire Diaries.

Rule the World – Steve Appleton


He laughed. She would yet be his princess, and he knew it, because of the way they looked at each other – the way she smiled when she looked at him.

Stefan liked to think he was perceptive when it came down to it. He was smart, he was world-weary... it was all good... it didn't hurt that Elena had nudged him toward the right conclusion, either. But it was true.

Where he and Elena kept up a front, even through their arguments, trying to look happy and honest and all over shiny whenever they went outside, Bonnie and Damon would regularly go at it, even fighting physically sometimes, in the middle of town. He had seen her shrieking at him, about his dishonesty, his idiocy, anything and everything – and then only seconds later, fling herself at him, smothering him with kisses and caresses and touching, and oh, god.

Stefan wished for a relationship like that. He wished for blunt truth, honesty and simple love.