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Setting the tea down in front of the quiet male, Kagome fixed her skirt as she took a seat across from him, setting her own tea down. The brown-eyed male mutely took the offered tea and allowed himself a sip of it, "Arigatou, Higurashi-san."

"Kagome, please. 'Higurashi-san' reminds me of 'kaa-san, Kiku-kun."

The short black-haired male faintly flushed, but nodded – receiving a bright smile from one of his favourite citizens. The silence that blanketed them was peaceful, leaving the two of them to their own thoughts. Though the day was overcast, it didn't deter the miko any as she was soon giving a tour of the shrine to her guest, the nation of Japan. Just the concept of there being personifications of the nations themselves was a bit mind-boggling to Kagome, however, she spent a good few years battling youkai with a ragtag group of unlikely people.

Gently tugging on the male's hand, the blue-eyed female brought him over to the Goshinboku tree (Buyo wasn't far behind the pair as she knew that follow them would warrant attention and ear strokes).


The sounds of the heavy traffic didn't allow Kagome to lose herself in her thoughts. The defeat of Naraku occurred not even a month ago,and she had been on bed rest like the rest of the Inu tachi that had fought in the battle. The miko doubted that Sesshōmaru rested after the battle, having left once the Shikon was completed (after the majority of it had been retrieved from the ashes of the vile hanyou).

The time spent resting didn't seem real to Kagome, the sheer peace that was created from defeat of Naraku was like a dream (except for the other youkai out there, but not including them at this point). However, all must good things had to come to an end and Kagome was forced to stay in her own time, but not before some tearful good-byes between her and her surrogate family.

That day she felt as if she lost a part of herself, but kept reminding herself that it was for the better if she left and took the Shikon with her to prevent being killed by demons who still lust after its power.

Staring into the darkened depths of the Bone Eater's well, Kagome looked over her shoulder at her silent companion. Inuyasha had thrown a temper tantrum at her leaving, and so his older half-brother took it upon himself to accompany her to the well that was still in existence in her time. Standing up, she made her way to the inu youkai, grasping one of his hands in hers, "Arigatou, Sesshōmaru-sama."

The silver-haired man gave a soft, almost inaudible sound, that just made it to her very human ears, "It was in this Sesshōmaru's best interest to not allow the Shikon to fall into a youkai's hands and for another Naraku to arise."

Looking up to him, blue eyes teared up as she read between the lines, one tear escaping her eye – the bright smile on her lips contradicting, "I hope to see you five hundred years from now."



With that, Kagome didn't look back as she jumped into the well, the blue magic caressing her as she traveled forward through time. Goosebumps littered her skin as the cool magic hit exposed sensitive skin, but warmth spread through her quickly when her feet hit solid ground.

Looking up and meeting the darkened room of the shrine over the Bone Eater's well, the reality finally set in – she was home.


Japan looked over to his blue-eyed citizen, , her hand clutching his as they stood there in front of the Goshinboku tree. He wanted to say something, however, he kept it to himself. The pink bauble around her neck shimmered as his brown eyes traveled to it – already knowing the story behind the artifact.

His dull brown eyes widened as he was forced into a hug by the young adult, stuttering as a deep flush was dusted over the bridge of his nose and cheekbones, "K-Kagome-san?"

The miko buried her face in the crook of the personified nation's neck and shoulder, arms wrapped securely around his shoulders, "You remind me of my friends, Kiku-kun."


Hand petting the small dog's head brought tears to the miko's eyes as the simple fact that it was a dog reminded her of her demonic friends – Inuyasha and Sesshōmaru (though she was calling the Daiyoukai such on relatively loose terms) – and the dog licked her hand that had stopped petting its head in between his ears. One of the tears fell from her eyes, 'You're utterly adorable."

The time escaped Kagome as she was seated on the bench in a nearby park close to her family's shrine and the dog at her feet looked up at her curiously (and a tad expectantly to be given attention again).The crisp spring air cleared her head and she was able to lose herself in her memories (the rare ones that could be invoked from something as small as the air – especially with how polluted the air was compared to Sengoku Jidai).

Wiping the tears from her face (that had fallen during her thinking), she looked down at the Shiba puppy, giving it the attention it deserved for just sitting at her feet for so long. Wagging its tail, Kagome rubbed her forearm as it developed goosebumps (if she took a moment to scan the area, she would have noticed a man about her height come into the park). About to pet the puppy, it left her and she watched as it made its way to the man that had entered the park.

Her pupils dilated as she focused on him, taking in the weird presence he had – he looked human, but felt much older than he appeared (he certainly wasn't a youkai or else he powers would sent off warning bells in her head.). Her blue eyes locked with his dull brown ones, why did she feel like she knew him? It didn't make any sense, but her body was working on autopilot and her feet brought her to the man about five or so centimetres taller than her.

"Konnichi wa." Kagome gave him a small bow in greeting, before he gave her a greeting and bow back. She cocked her head at him, mouth moving before she could get a hold of it, "What are you? You look human, but you're older than that..."

The man was able to catch the mumbled sentence after the question, easily startling before a realization came over his face, "Gomen nasai, Higurashi-san."

Kagome's eyes widened as she took in the crown of the man's head from his second bow, watching as he straightened himself once again, "How do you know my surname?"

The black-haired male looked off to his side momentarily while he subtly shifted his weight from one foot to another, looking like he was at a lost of what to say next, "You're travels are to be commemorated for ridding of the vile hanyou."

The miko felt faint, heart pounding in her chest as the blood sounded as it made its way through her veins and arteries. No one knew of her travels to the past except for her family, but she already knew that they wouldn't tell a soul of what she did for a good three-and-a-half, four years. She nibbled her bottom lip as a tense silence befell the two of them before finding her voice, "Where did yo get that information?"

The brown-eyed male brought his hands up in a calm down gesture, easily see that her emotions were starting to get riled up, "Allow me to explain, Higurashi-san."

"Please do."

The man looked over to the bench that she had vacated, "It'd be better to receive such information while sitting."

Kagome eyed the bench, but followed him to it (the Shiba puppy trailing after him happily), feeling like he was stalling (though there was an inclining of honest in what he spoke). The man sighed as the two of them rested on the bench, Kagome was looking at him expectantly as she picked up the small dog and placed it in her lap. He looked over at her, ready to explain, "First of all, I am Honda Kiku. That's my human name. I'm what you would call a humanoid country."

Kagome's hand stilled on the puppy's head, "Nani?"

"I am the counrty of Japan, Higurashi-san."

"T-that doesn't..."

"You've fought youkai, hanyou and even went into the afterlife for the Shikon no Tama."

The miko bit her lip, tying her best to absorb the information that was just revealed to her. Kiku looked down at his hands folded neatly in his lap, "You can't tell anyone of our existence, only our bosses know that we are the representations of the countries."

Kagome nodded, hand shakily petting the man's dog, "All right."

Japan looked over to the young adult, 'She seems to have taken the information well.'


"I need to get my costume done." the miko bemoaned into the man's shoulder, Kiku awkwardly patted her shoulder. He looked at her mane of black hair, "Costume?"

Kagome took her face out of his shoulder and unwrapped herself from him, "Yeah, it's a cat maid costume."

Japan's blush that had dimmed came back with a vengeance, "C-at maid?"

"Mhm. I'm going over a friend's house with it once it's completed and we're going to be wearing our costumes."

"D-do you think that when it's done, I could get a few pictures?"

Kagome blinked, but gave the personified nation a bright smile, "I don't see why not~"

Kiku nodded to the verbal consent, in a mental debate of whether or not make a manga of his citizen dressed up as such. HE startled when he heard the miko continue talking, "I also have a new Lolita costume planned, as well as costumes for various people from games, anime, and whatnot."

Japan felt his resolve against doing a manga featuring the young adult shatter before dissolving – vowing that once he did do it, that he would make sure not to let them fall into her hands.


Back at his home, Kiku almost couldn't looked at the page as he drew his (personal favourite) citizen in such outfits for a new manga that he had a feeling would circulate amoung the other countries.

Gah! Took me a while, this one's mainly filled with flashbacks, however, it's how Kagome first came to know of the countries and how the countries (sort of) came to know of her. There was a review that questioned how Kagome came to know of the countries, how Naraku was killed, and all that. Hopefully, this chapter answers those questions.