Jonah's a Fool

I noticed there was only one fic here from the Missing series (Found, Sent, and Sabotaged). So here you go: a normal morning in the Skidmore home, Katherine's social life, Mom's food obsessions, and Jonah being as clueless as ever.

I don't own the Missing Series or Mean Girls.

Katherine's eyes slowly fluttered open. She turned her head to look at her clock. It had been part of her 11th birthday present (along with an iPod touch) last spring. "10:53" it read. Katherine yawned and got out of bed. She walked over to her mirror and inspected herself. She looked beautiful (as always) but her bed-head was driving her insane. She quickly brushed it through and gave it a cute and perky side part. After a few minutes of the bigger side falling into her face no matter how many times she pulled it back, Katherine contained it by putting a magenta clip in. She walked over to her closet and pulled out her sky blue and bubblegum pink tie-dyed slippers. They didn't match the purple sweatpants (the ones that said "gymnast" on the butt in rhinestones) and her oversized school T-shirt she wore to bed, but it didn't matter. The only people seeing her like this would be her parents and Jonah. She would change before Chip, Alex, and Andrea came over at four. Dressing up for Chip was a must, even though he doesn't care what she wears at all.

Upon walking downstairs Katherine saw Jonah sitting at the table eating chocolate chip pancakes. He was listening to his mom talk about the new brand of pancakes she got. Her speech was cut short by Katherine walking in. "Good morning, Honey. Emma called around ten-ish. I told her you'd call her back when you woke up." Her mom told her before walking out of the kitchen. "Thanks" Katherine responded, reaching for the phone. She punched in Emma's number: 123-456-0000.

"Hello?" Katherine recognized the voice as Emma's older brother, Sam.

"Hey. It's Katherine. May I please speak to Emma?"

"Sure, one sec" Sam replied. Katherine heard a muffled scream "Emma! Katherine's on the phone!" a few seconds later, she heard Emma's voice.

"Hey, Katherine!"

"Hey Em. You called when I was sleeping?"

"Did you just wake up?"


"Wow, that's like, really late. But anyway, I was wondering of you wanted to come over around three-ish and we can see Mean Girls. It would be so fetch."

Katherine shook her head, even though she knew Emma couldn't see- Jonah's bad habits were catching on. "Can't. We're having people over at four."

"Really? Who?"

"Some of Jonah's adoption BFFLs"

Jonah glared at Katherine. "Adoption BFFLs? Really?" he asked. Katherine sighed and said "Fine. Adoption besties. Happy?"

Emma giggled, hearing their conversation.

"No, I am not happy! BFFLs and besties are not words!" Jonah retorted.

Katherine sighed again. "Adoption friends. Although, you have to agree, it doesn't have the same ring to it."

To stop himself from trying to strangle his sister, Jonah returned to eating his pancakes.

"Can you come earlier? Like twelve?" Emma asked.

"I think so. I'll have to ask my mom. I'll call you back, kay?"

"Kay. See ya later!"

"TTYL! Myah!" Katherine told her friend before hanging up the phone.

Jonah shook his head. "I will never understand you." Katherine smiled. "I know" she said perkily and skipped off to ask her mom for permission to go to Emma's, leaving Jonah bewildered.