I just finished watching the 25th anniversary edition of 'The Black Cauldron' and I loved it! I knew that I wanted to write a oneshot for Gurgi's just because he is such a cutie! Ain't I right? Anyways, this story takes place during the movie right between the part where the king's guards come and take them away, and the part where Gurgi comes to save them.

Hope you all enjoy... oh and 'The Black Cauldron' doesn't belong to me. It belongs to the Disney company :)

Gurgi hid in the background behind a bush, watching as the king's guards picked up his friends. "Poor Gurgi." He said this and sighed at his own cowardliness. "Every time he sees master and is happy, Master, Pretty-Girl, and Old Man get taken from Gurgi. It makes Gurgi sad, yes it does."

He watched on, as the guards began to bound his companions with metal chains, and then lead them towards the castle where they would soon meet an untimely fate. A couple of tears came to Gurgi's eyes before he reached up to wipe at them with a hairy arm. He blinked his eyes and turned away from the sight of their retreating backs. He did not want to watch his only friends be taken away from him. Gurgi never wanted to be a coward. Truly he didn't.

Gurgi stayed quiet as he listened with a heavy heart to their footsteps. When everything became silent again, and they were nowhere in sight, he slowly crept out from behind the bushes. He looked around the empty forest that surrounded him with the slight hope that his friends would come out from behind a tree, and Master would pull out an apple from the inside of his shirt and hand it to Gurgi.

Gurgi stood there for a while and felt his stomach begin to rumble. The thought of an apple from Master had made him hungry. He felt his mouth start to water at the thought of a sweet juicy apple on his tongue. He opened his mouth and whispered to himself, "Oh, Gurgi…What will he do now?" He sighed a second time, knowing that he was all alone now. Gurgi had no more friends.

He plopped down into the grass and closed his eyes. From behind his lids, his mind showed him only flashes of Master and the Pretty-Girl. The Old Man, too. Gurgi smiled at each one and his heart swelled with a happiness that he had only felt a day ago, when he had first picked up the apple that had belonged to Master. "Gurgi needs his friends. They make him happy, yes they do."

Gurgi opened his eyes with every ounce of all cowardice that had once been in them, gone. He needed his friends. Gurgi could never live with himself if one of them were to be hurt, especially Master. This is because he had been the first to offer Gurgi any kindness, even if he had been angered while doing so. Master was, to Gurgi, his first friend.

With that thought, Gurgi used his limbs to push himself off of the ground. He had to leave quickly, and soon. His friends were in danger.

He breathed in deeply and confidently said, "Gurgi will save Master and other friends, yes he will." That, Gurgi was determined to make a reality. Even if he was a coward when it came to violence, and a pig when it came to food, he would rescue the few friends that he had.

Gurgi ran through the forest, wobbling past everything in it. He knew that where he was going was dangerous, but also, that all would be worth the risk of everything when he had his friends back.