Hey…I am back and with a new story, now I know that I now have four unfinished stories but I have decided to post this one up and then focus on Two Wolves One Imprint.

That does not mean that I am going to let the other stories slide but I just feel that I need to focus on that one lol, now on with the story.

P.S. This story is set in New Moon, but she doesn't have the mental break down because my Bella is NOT going to be a China doll, she is going to be a strong ass woman. :)

*Bella's POV*

I woke up, to the fucking beeping of my alarm clock. The flashing red numbers on it read 8 o'clock. Now normally I wouldn't be seen dead waking up this early on a Saturday but today, I had some unfinished business that I needed to attend too after I had finished work.

I sat up in the bed, dragging the duvet with me and leaning my bed against the cold, hard head board. I took a deep breath. I started to think about how much my life had in fact changed, I mean for starters, I am not with Edward anymore, or who my father…yes Chief of Police, would call Fuckward. The first time he said that, I nearly pissed myself, but anyway back to this whole Fuckward thing, we broke up and he left, with his whole fucking "Family". I mean who does that…freaks…that's who.

I thought that I was their Family, but I guess not because you don't just leave Family like the way they left me. I mean don't get me wrong, when they first left me, I was a mess. I had never felt so alone and abandoned but after a few weeks, I was just angry…so angry because I just couldn't fathom a good enough reason as to why they all left me.

So today I was going to finally get over them by going over to their house and get myself the closure I deserve.

I was pulled out of my train of thoughts by father's voice.

"Bells you better get ready, you have got to go to work soon" He yelled up the stairs.

I sighed and whined softly because of the amount of comfort, I was in, sat in my bed but I knew that I had to get up and go to work because lets face it I need the money.

As soon as I swung my legs off the bed and onto the floor, I let out a hiss as my feet came into contact with the ice cool wood. I slowly stood up and walked over to my closet, I pulled out an outfit which consisted of black skinny jeans and a plain white tank top and a long black woolly cardigan.

When I was done getting dressed, I walked over to my dresser and brushed my hair, letting it fall down my back cascading into hundreds of barrel curls. I put on a light layer of make-up and added my neck lace; I got from my Great-Aunt-Maria, it was a tradition that every woman in the family wore it before they got married.

I took one last look in the mirror and after deeming myself finally ready, I walked across the hall and into the bathroom, to brush my teeth.

Once done I walked down stairs and into the kitchen, to find my father sat at the table reading the paper with a cup of coffee and a plate of doughnuts in front of him, well I guess they weren't kidding about Cops liking coffee and doughnuts. As I walked to the table, My Dad looked up and smiled at me, causing me to smile back.

"Morning Baby Girl" He said as he took another sip of his drink.

"Morning Dad" I say as I walk over to the coffee maker and pour myself a cup.

When the cup is filled, I pull the now full cup of coffee goodness up to my face and take a deep breath and sigh, at the amazing smell of it. I take my first sip and nearly melt at how good it tastes. I hear a chuckle and immediately turn to look at my father.

"What" I say with mock surprise and humour clear in my voice, Now the only good thing about the Cullen's leaving was the fact that I have become so much more closer to My Father now, we now just stay up half the night talking about crap, like a real Father and Daughter.

"Nothing…just, should I leave you two alone" He say waving his hand in the air indicating between me and the coffee mug.

"Hardy har har…you are so funny but you know how much I love coffee" I say sarcastically.

He chuckles in response.

"Yes, I know you do and as much as I would like to sit here and talk about your un-natural coffee addiction, I have to go but I will be back tonight around five" He said as he cleared his stuff away, he grabbed his gun and belt and kissed me on the head saying bye, and walking out

When My Dad left, I finished my coffee and tidied away. I walked out the kitchen and upstairs to get my things. As I was walking down stairs I heard the grandfather clock in the living room chime, signalling that it was nine o'clock.

Shit…I thought I had to be at work in ten minutes.

So I practically ran out of the house and jumped in to my car. Yes…I said car because my poor old baby of a truck died on me last month, so My Dad brought me a new one and I loved it.

After a quick drive, I had arrived at the Newton's Store at which I now work at. I got out of the car and walked up to the door and as if on queue Mike Fucking Newton was waiting at the entrance for me.

"Hey Bella, Baby" He say trying to flirt…now let me tell you what he was doing was NOT flirting.

"Hey Mike" I say through gritted teeth.

"So I was thinking since we spend, so much time together we could…you…know go on a date?" He said shyly with a small smile on his face.

I just stared at him.

"Please, just one date and if you don't feel any thing then, I will let it drop". He said running his hand through his hair.

"Okay…one date though, and then you let it drop". I say because lets face it his terms were reasonable, one date and that was it…no more.

His broke out into a huge smile.

"Thanks, you won't regret this, how about we go out for dinner and a movie tomorrow night". He said as he opened the door, I just followed him.

"Sure, that sounds good". I say as I walk into the locker room and open my locker and place my stuff in there. When I am finished I walk over to the counter and stand there waiting for my first customer. (Cant be bothered to describe her whole shift).

After a incredibly boring four hours, I had finally finished, I got my stuff and said good bye to the rest of the staff and promised Mike that I would be ready for our "date", I am going to be honest with you all I am already regretting saying yes to that…so don't judge me.

I got in my car and just sat there thinking about my next task, Going to the Cullen's home and finally getting what I have wanted for a very long time…closure.

The drive to their home was slow and dull. I got there about fifteen minutes later, I was feeling very calm, actually a little too calm my mind screamed at me.

I just shook my head and got out of the car. I walked up to the door and surprisingly the door was unlocked. As I walked in I felt the anger come rushing to me. They left me…after promising me that they would take me anywhere they went because we were family…yeah right, my mind said to me.

I walked around the house slowly taking in every detail and every little nook and cranny. I walked in all there bedrooms, even Fucktard's just looking for any sign of them but there was nothing not any thing, all of there possession were gone.

After I had finished, I walked down stairs and into their living room, I sunk down on one of the sofa's, and just laid there thinking but after a while I felt my eye lids drop and I was a sleep.

I don't know how long I was a sleep but I do know that the next thing I remember was being shaken.

I didn't open my eyes but I hear a heavy Southern voice drawl out "Hey beautiful, you got to wake up, let us see those pretty eyes".

I let out a sigh and open my eyes and there in front of me was Two Male Vampires, with red eyes. They were both beautiful…perfection. One was Blonde and had a silly grin on his face, I was guessing that he was the one who had shaken me and the other had dark brown hair, he had a smirk on his face but his eyes lit up, when I looked at him.

"Hey gorgeous, I am Garret and this is Peter and we were just wondering where the hell the Cullen were". The one with dark brown hair said.

Shit my last thought was.

So there it is…I hope you like it, tell what you think :)

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