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Bella's POV

A dreamless sleep was something I was not used to in anyway shape of form but tonight on a rare occasion it actually happened. I was still at a loss as to why it happened but I bet it had something to do with Peter and Garrett…my mates.

Even though I had, hours to process that phrase in my mind, it just didn't seem real, in any sense. I mean, why two beautiful God like creatures would want me, was baffling.

Even now thinking about them got my heart racing at a speed I didn't think was possible. I was pulled out of my musing by the sound of my alarm clock signally me that it was time to wake up.

Of course the alarm was pointless because I had been up for half an hour, just laying there in my bed.

I felt my muscles tense, so reached up to my head board and stretched, feeling my bones crack. I let out a big sign.

I lazily turned my head to the side and haw that it was ten…shit I had an hour before I had to beck to the Cullen house and talk to Peter and Garrett.

I crawled out of bed and got dressed into a simple light wash pair of jeans and a white top, topped of with a large grey cardigan. I ran a brush through my brown curls and brushed my teeth.

After deeming my self ready I walked down stairs…only tripping over two times. I walked through the living room and into the kitchen to make my self some breakfast. As I walked past the table in the centre of the room, I noticed that there was a small piece of lined paper on it, with lines and words on it. I shuffled up to the table and using my pale tiny hand to pick up the piece if paper.

The note read.

Morning Bells, gone to work early, make sure you have breakfast and have a good day. Be back later Love Dad x

I smiled slightly at the "Love Dad" part because I really was starting too love the closeness of our relationship now. I let go of the paper letting it fall back on to the hard wood of the table and walked over to the fried and started to pull out ingredients to make breakfast.

After eating my pancakes and waffles I made, I started to wash up; I was just drying of the frying pan when the phone started to ring. I dropped the pan on the counter and picked up the phone on the fourth ring.

"Hello." I say politely in to the handset.

"Hey Bella." I heard the voice of the one the only Mike Newton say.

"Mike, what are you doing calling me at Ten in the morning?" I say with a confusing voice evident.

He gave a little chuckle into the phone.

"Nothing really, just making sure that you remembered our date…you know tonight." He said.

I sighed because believe it or not I did remember the date but I wasn't really sure weather to go or not because of the whole "Being mated to Peter and Garrett" thing, Mike clearly noticed my hesitation because I could hear him sign over the phone.

"Please Bella, you promised one date then I back off." He said to me. This time it was my time to sign because I knew that he was right, I did promise him and I always kept a promised and I mean it was only one date.

"Okay, fine what time?" I say quietly, I heard mike exclaim a "Yes" in the background that cause me to laugh.

"Ummm, I will pick you up around six." He said worriedly.

I nodded even though he couldn't see me.

"That's fine."

"Perfect." He said.

"Look Mike, I have got to go." I say when I glance at the clock and notice that the time read quarter to eleven…time to go see Peter and Garrett.

"Okay…I will see you tonight." He said as he put the phone down. I sighed as I put the phone back on the wall, today was going to be a long day.

After finally washing and drying every thing I used, I grabbed my keys , phone and bag and walked out of the house but not before locking the door.

As I was driving I took in the scenery that I never noticed before, all the nature I never took the time to look at. I decided that from now on I was having a fresh start; I was going to start my new life, hopefully with Peter and Garrett.

As I pulled up at the Cullen's house, my heart felt lighter, almost most free. I took a deep breath and exited the truck. Once locked up I walked up to the mansion that was the Cullen house.

I reached out for the handle and pushed it down, opening the door. I shuffled in.

"Hello." I called out, wondering where Peter and Garrett were.

I stood there not quite sure what to do, when the door from the living room opened and Peter walked in. I felt my heart skip a beat at the sight at one of my mates. He clearly noticed this because he smirked.

"Hey Beautiful." He said smiling at the sight of me.

"Hey." I say quietly back not quite sure what to do.

I look around and wonder where Garrett is, so I voice my concern.

"Where's Garrett?" I ask.

Peter breaks out into a smile.

"Right, behind you" A voice says from behind me. I twirl around and come face to face with Garrett, who was also smirking…seriously what was with vampires and smirking.

I thought two things this was going to be interesting.

Peter's POV

Sleep. That was the one thing I missed about being human…you know when you could come home from a hard day of work and fall into dreamland. I was certainly jealous of our little mate for being able to go there…dreamland. Speaking of our mate, thanks to me not being able to sleep, me and Garrett had to go haunting all night to keep our self's from going over there and watching her breath in and out all night. Now I know that it sounds pervy but we had rights as she is our mate.

I was knocked out of my mind by Garrett slapping me on the back.

"What?" I snapped at him.

"Nothing, you were just day dreaming and I just wanted to let you know that I was going to go and get some more firewood for the fire." He said as he stood up.

"Why, do we need firewood we don't feel the cold." I say confusingly not quite getting where this conversation was going.

"Well seeing as our little mate is coming our in about an hour and also seeing as she is human, I thought she might get cold." He said as he smirked at me and my face broke out into a huge smile at the thought of our mate being near us, I mentally berated myself for forgetting that Bella was coming over.

"Yeah, so I will be back soon." He said as he walked out the door.

I sighed and lent back on the sofa, I closed my eyes and started to day dream at the thought of Bella in my arms, where she belonged. I could almost the smell of strawberries and apples that was her scent; I felt a sense of pride knowing that in a few days that sweet scent would no longer exist on her body because of the natural instinct of a male vampire to mark his mate by scenting her whole body.

I was so lost in my thought of scenting Bella that when the door of her truck closed, signally that she was here, I jumped up in surprise at not having noticing her arrive.

"Hello." I hear her sweet-bell like voice say. I stand up and walk out of the living room and into the kitchen, where our mate was.

"Hey Beautiful." I say to her, as she comes in to my view. She gives me the most breath taking smile causing me to smile in return.

"Hey." she says quietly to me. I just stand there taking in her beauty when she starts to look around in confusion.

"Where's Garrett?" She says to me.

I break out into a smile at the site of Garrett creeping up behind her, his whole face soften at the sight of her, much to my amazement at near having seem a gentleness to him ever.

"Right, behind you." He says deeply to her.

She gasps and twirls round to face her.

"Hi." She says to him so softly I almost didn't catch it.

"Hey Sweetheart." He says with a happiness clear in his voice.

We just stood in a comfortable silence, it was perfect and so natural.

Bella's POV

"So should we go into the living room to talk?" Garrett said to us.

I nodded my head, and placed my bag and phone on the counter and we all walked into the living room. I made a beeline for the sofa and sat in the middle, Peter and Garrett sat either side of me. I felt the nerves creep up, when all of a sudden both of my hands were encased in an icy hold. I looked up at both of them and smile…genuinely smiled.

"So…what did you want to talk about?" I asked.

"We just wanted to talk and make you understand the dynamics of a vampire relationship, darlin." Peter said to me, I nodded my head wanting to know more because when I was with Edward we weren't really in a real relationship, so I had no idea what I was doing.

"Okay, so for a start you know that we are both your mates and you are ours." Garrett said with a possessive look in his eyes. I nodded. Shit maybe this Mike thing was a bad idea.

"Next…male vampire are extremely dominant, so it' best to listen to them and not question there request, no matter how stupid it is." I nodded when I saw the steel look in Peter's eyes as he said that, now if this wasn't a serious conversation I would have laughed.

"Okay." I say with a small smile.

"Good girl." Garret said kissing my head.

"Next…scenting, do you know what that is because we highly doubt it but we just wanted to check." Peter said to me stroking my face, I shook my head looking completely lost.

"Well scenting is what male vampires do to their mates, to show other vampires that they are taken, when male vampire scent they lick they female completely from head to toe, replacing any scents with their own." Garret explained to me. I nodded a bit shell shocked at what to say, I mean I just found that I was going to get licked form head to toe by two gorgeous male vampires. I started to get damp at the thought, I hoped they wouldn't notice but with vampire super sent they sniffed it out and start to growl and purr at the same time.

I started to blush at the thought of some one smelling my arousal.

They noticed this because Garrett lifted my chin into his hands and spoke softly to me.

"There is nothing to be embarrassed about, you smell divine Sweetheart." I nodded.

"Right last but not least, are you a virgin?" Peter asked slightly growling.

I blushed and nodded my head.

"Good." Garrett said simply.

I stared into there eyes just enjoying the moment, when I was interrupted by my dam phone ringing again.

We all burst out in to laughter.

"I'll go get that for you." Peter said as he got up and walked out the room. I looked at Garrett and smiled.

"You are so beautiful." He said as he kissed my cheek.

I laid my head on his shoulder and he kissed my head. I was starting to relax when Peter came bursting into the room with my phone in his hands.

"Who's Mike" He said calmly. Oh Fuck Me, I thought.

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