The bodies of Cartman and Clyde were found a few days later, as Kyle and Stan were visiting Butters in the hospital. Everything had been cleared up with Butters about who had tricked him into meeting the goth kids, causing him to nearly be whipped to death.

Thanks to Stan being careful after he killed Cartman and Clyde, he wasn't at all suspected of killing them. Instead, Jimbo was found guilty of killing them when the berretta, covered in his fingerprints, was discovered, though the police couldn't find the blades that cut up Clyde. Kenny, Butters - in a wheelchair - Kyle, and Stan attended the funerals, and even put on sad faces to continue to keep out of the suspect list.

It had been nearly a month since then, and Stan had moved in with Kyle, Kenny, and Butters in the apartment that Kyle and Kenny had originally rented out with Cartman and Clyde. Christine was okay with it, she had even helped him move to South Park. She visited him every other weekend, and always reminded him that he was still going to spend Christmas with her so that she wouldn't be alone then.

Stan transferred to South Park high school, leaving behind his old high school without any regret. He didn't like a lot of the people he went to school with in Denver anyway. He was immediately accepted onto the varsity football team, shoving the former quarterback to the sidelines to only stand in for him if he was sick.

Kyle had taken off the engagement ring Clyde had given him shortly after the funeral and hadn't even looked at it since. He thinks it was put in a box of things that went back to Clyde's parents, but he wasn't sure.

All in all, their relationship had developed amazingly. There was no doubt in either of their minds that they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. Some nights they stayed up until all hours planning out their lives after graduation. College, marriage, successful careers, and adopting a young brother and sister.

Part of that plan was already in motion: Stan and Kyle had both been accepted to Indiana University, Stan going on a football scholarship, Kyle going because, well, he was valedictorian of his graduating class. He could get in anywhere he wanted.

Stan and Kyle walked back into the apartment laughing, each with an arm wrapped around the other. Stan had led the South Park Cows to victory in one of their final state matches, only one more win and they'd be heading to nationals. They looked around as they entered the apartment, not finding Kenny and Butters. They had left during halftime and haven't called or texted either Stan or Kyle, but they weren't too concerned. The only person who would've harmed them was dead and buried six feet in the ground.

They both sat down on the couch, Kyle moved so that his legs were rested across his boyfriend's lap and he wrapped his arms around his neck, holding himself close to Stan. "Just one more game, Stan!" He chuckled. "Can you believe it? We'll actually go to nationals this year!"

Stan wrapped his arms around Kyle's waist. "I can believe that. What I can't believe," he looked into Kyle's eyes, "is how lucky I am."

"After all this time, you still can't believe it?"

"No. I've never had this kind of luck before. I just don't want to find out this is a dream I'll have to wake up from."

"Stan," Kyle kissed Stan chastely, "I'll make sure you never wake up."

"Kyle… I love you so much," Stan breathed as he returned the kiss.

"I love you too." Kyle intensified the kiss and leaned closer into him. Stan moved one of his arms so that he could entwine his fingers with his boyfriend's.

He realized then that this was all he needed for the rest of his life. So what if college didn't work out for him, or his career didn't take off, or that they never adopted any children. As long as Kyle was here in his arms, Stan couldn't care less where his life would take him.


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