"Get the fuck off my boat." Murphy said, his voice pitched low, the anger he was feeling obvious below the surface.

Jacobs' eyes were narrowed, he wasn't looking at Murphy, but rather at the young man standing a few feet behind him beside Epps. "It's not me that needs putting off this boat Murphy and you know it." he sneered, his eyes flicking deliberately down to the cast around Munder's wrist, a malicious curl twitching at the corners of his mouth.

Murphy's face twisted into a scowl and he stepped forward, blocking the view Jacobs had of Munder and Epps. He had known when he'd hired him that Jacobs wasn't exactly a team player, but he had needed someone along for the heavy lifting that needed doing with this salvage, Epps, for all her posturing wasn't strong enough to do the really heavy stuff, and Munder's skill was a little too valuable to jeopardise, especially with the way his right wrist fractured so easily.

He hadn't expected the man to be violent. It hadn't been too noticeable at first, there were a few incidents between him and Epps, but that always happened in the first week before Epps laid down the law. Munder had been the only exception, the young man had arrived on ship very much the worse for wear, and hadn't made more than a joking pass at Epps, and that had been two weeks into the trip when he'd started feeling more at ease with them, and when Epps shot him down, as she did with everyone who tried, Munder had just grinned and the two had easily fallen into a sibling relationship. Murphy had kept him on, as he really was the best spot welder in Alaska, and he wasn't a sexist asshole where Epps was concerned.

So when he hadn't laid off Epps when she'd told him 'No', Murphy had had words with him, and had considered the matter dealt with. He hadn't been aware Jacobs was targeting Munder as well, the man seemed to get off on intimidating people, and despite all his bravado and his big mouth, Munder was, sadly, the perfect victim. And he might have remained unaware had it not been for Munder stepping in when Jacobs got drunk and tried his chances once more with Epps.

It had resulted in yet another fractured wrist for Munder and a black eye for Jacobs.

"You were drunk, and you assaulted my crew. That's all the reason I need to throw you off my boat." Murphy growled. "Now get off."

"You gotta expect a bit of trouble when you got a woman and a Munder on your crew, 'specially that one." Jacobs sneered.

Murphy took a step forward, and Jacobs stepped back, not out of fear, but disgust. "S'all right Murphy, I'll get off your boat. Don't wanna work this shit pile anymore anyway, better work elsewhere." And he spun on his heel and left.

With a final, wordless growl, Murphy turned and stalked to the bridge.

Written, because there just isn't enough gen Munder fic... or hell, any munder fic. I have a whole backstory for him in my head, but I just can't seem to get it down proporly. Hopefully the little short's I've written will explain enough for you all to get a sense of it.

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