"I'm looking for Munder, Alex Munder. I got word he might be on your tug."

Epps shared a quick look with Murphy, who shared her concern. They didn't normally get people asking for Munder, and usually it was someone from his brothers ship with either a threat or a bribe to try and get him back to the ship. The last time it had been a threat, and Greer had been on hand to deal with it; but Greer was off with his girlfriend this port.

"What are ya looking for him for?" Murphy asked.

Epps cast a surreptitious glance back towards the door to the inside of the tug, so far they had managed to deal with all but two of these instances without Munder finding out, and she hoped they could keep it that way.

When she had dragged him, drunk and injured, to the tug over two years ago she hadn't expected Murphy to know the kid, or for him to end up being some sort of genius underwater welder. She'd just let herself give into her nurturing side when she'd seen one of the men she now knew to be his brothers dump him in an alley. They'd gotten him drunk while he was on heavy duty painkillers and nearly killed him.

That, the fact he only made a single half-hearted pass at her when he was feeling better, and the look of absolute surprise on his face when Murphy had offered him a place on the boat for a job and possibly a place on the crew if he wanted it, had cemented him forever as 'Family' to her, the little brother she was glad she hadn't grown up with. She'd never seen Murphy take to anyone that quickly. She later learned he'd been keeping tabs on the kid from he was sixteen, waiting for the opportunity to offer him a way out of his brothers' twisted shadows.

Munder was family now, like Murphy was, and there was no way in hell he was ever leaving the Arctic Warrior unless he genuinely wanted to go.

"Look, I just need to know if he's here. If he's not I'll move on, whatever, but if you see him tell him I'm over in the Oyster Bar." The man said, shrugging and hefting his bag up onto his shoulder.

"You gotta name?" Murphy asked, frowning. "Can't be passing on any message without a name."

"Sure, if you see him tell him Dodge is looking for him."

Epps studied the man for a moment, searching, like she knew Murphy was, for any hint this man meant Munder harm.

"Hey Murph, I found that… What's going on?" Munder pushed his way on deck and blinked in surprise when he found his shipmates not working. Epps stopped herself from reaching out to push Munder back inside, feeling a little silly for even thinking about doing so. Munder peered over the side. "Dodge?" he said after a moment.

"Hey Alex." The man replied, with a genuine grin.

"Thought you were still in Spain?"

"Got bored. Besides, I still owe you that money."

Munder looked surprised. "You've got it? Still?"

Epps frowned across the Murphy, questioning. He shook his head.

"Yeah, I still got it. Had to borrow a bit to get here, but most of it's here. Thought you were supposed to come pick it up?"

Munder didn't answer for a long moment, and Epps was surprised to see the same realisation pass over the strangers face as Murphy's and her own, that Munder's brothers had somehow been directly responsible for the delay, and that Munder had not actually believed anyone would actually keep his money for him.

"You want that I should just leave it and shove off, or are you gonna come have a drink with me?" the man said suddenly, negating the need for Munder to answer.

Munder didn't even hesitate, which told Epps and Murphy everything they needed to know about this man. "Sure, drinks sound good. Give me an hour or so and I'll—"

"Go on." Murphy said. "Me and Epps'll take care of this."

"You sure Murph?" Munder asked.

"I'm sure, go. It'll do us some good not to have to listen to your caterwauling."

"Hey! My singing's not that bad!" Munder protested, but he was already heading for the gangway to the dock.

"Keep telling yourself that!" Epps called after him with a smile, watching his disappear over the side. When he and his friend were gone she looked over at Murphy and raised an eyebrow. Murphy nodded and she smiled again.

Looked like they'd be getting a new crewmember next trip out.

Ok, wow... I am really bad at this snippit thing. But I just can't seem to get my head around writing an actual story based on this movie or it's characters. So I suppose it'll just have to do.