The Jade Queen

An Original Story By Writer's Blah

© Writer's Blah, 2010

WRITER'S NOTE: I couldn't think of anything better. When trying to do a regular fiction piece, no words could come to me because I hadn't any way to express it. Therefore, my new story is based around the Powerpuff Girls universe. Special thanks to my pen pal, Itanu, for "persuading" me to write the story you are about to read. Just for legality's sake, I do not own the Powerpuff Girls. They are copyrighted trademarks of Craig McCraken and Cartoon Network. This story takes place near the end of the Powerpuff Girls movie, and is, in a manner, an "alternate ending" which to me, seemed like something that was liable to happen at one point or another. As such, I recommend that if you have never watched the movie before that you do so first. This story will not make too much sense otherwise. So, without further ado, on with the story!


Three little bundles of pink, baby blue, and olive quivered in fear behind an overturned truck. Every second, a gigantic, black needle-like spike would sink into their protective van at several hundred miles per hour. Somehow, it continuously was able to hold up and stay together, but none of the girls knew if at any point, the truck would simply shatter; shatter like a dropped glass vase. Fear, with its gruesome, twisted dark hands took hold onto these school age girls' tiny bodies, bodies which skins were probably tougher than any other material on Earth, but fear is a funny thing. A single drop of it can obliterate even the strongest of warriors. The girls braced themselves for impact, for painful death, their teeth tightly grit. Then, as suddenly as it started, the hailstorm of spikes just...stopped. Nothing. Bubbles, likely the most fearful of the trio, raised her head ever so slowly, and whispered to her sisters, quivering, "D—do you think he's...finished?"

"No," said the loud, booming, demonic voice from which the girls now feared ever so much. The gargantuan, larger-than-life, mutated simian, enhanced with the properties of the dangerous Chemical X, Mojo Jojo, loomed over the young children with the most ghastly grin you could ever imagine. "BUT YOU ARE!" In his frenzy of supposed success, he spewed a wall of flames from his mouth, burning the girls and causing them a pain so unbearable, they yelled out an ear-piercing scream which simply fed Mojo's pride even more. Having little energy left, the girls, scorched from the said flames, collapsed onto the street. Like a child picking up a bug, Mojo dug his hand into the ground on which the girls rested, and raised their tiny bodies to his own eye-level. Constricted, just barely on the verge of choking, the badly beat-up girls opened their eyelids to squint in fear at Mojo's horrifying eyes. Had they...failed?

"Fools!" echoed the primate's silencing voice. "You dare to challenge me? Attempt to defeat me? Try to destroy ME?" As Mojo spoke these words which he spoke to reprimand his former followers, he began to scale the city's tallest building, a la King Kong, to place his enemies in a position in which he would have overwhelming power over the super-freaks. But his monologue was not over yet. "I, who saved you from certain death from this city's own filthy terrorists; after all I've done for you, you betray ME? AND WHY?" At the very moment where Mojo emphasized "why", he clawed at the center of the building he was on, shattering the wall which separated the inside of the building from the outside, revealing numerous petrified humans which could only stare, and in some cases weep, at the terror with which they were face-to-face with.

"For them?" Mojo questioned, pointing out said humans, still quivering in the building, awaiting certain doom. "The ones who hated you? Have forsaken you?" Mojo angrily rushed past the rest of the building, finally resting upon the top of the building, and looked at the girls directly now, his eyes piercing into theirs. "Can't you see? None of them will ever understand you as I can!" The monkey then extended his hand towards the city, making the girls face the city, now in ruins and flames, which they together, though in the girls' case, unintentionally, destroyed. "For we are kindred spirits whose powers spring from the same source, from that dark chemical known only as 'X.' So girls, I beg, do not make me destroy you! It would be a true waste; for we are smarter, we are stronger, we are INVINCIBLE, WE have the power, WE are superior to them, AND WE...SHALL...RULE!" Mojo roared, showing off his now obvious dictatorship ideals. Mojo realized his following words would ultimately seal the outcome which he desired, which would give him the ultimate power.

"All we need to do is work together. Girls..."

"Join me."

The girls' eyes widened. "Join me?" Was he absolutely serious? Anyone with an average intelligence would know the obvious answer within two seconds. The girls did. But you see, the "obvious response" is not always what you take as an obvious response. For there was one little girl who knew the "obvious." But the obvious she knew...meant something completely unorthodox. Mojo watched the girls shake in his hand, no longer out of fear, but from the erection of newfound strength. A bright explosion took form where Mojo's hand used to be, quickly retracting it when he saw the power which was about blast in his own hand. Blossom and Bubbles, now several meters away from Mojo's face, headed straight back to him at full force.

"We would never join..." Blossom began as she cried a shout that would signify the Powerpuff Girls' first victory, but just as she was about to throw the fist that would show Mojo what sort of business the Girls stood for, a sharp pang hit her directly on the jaw. "BLOSSOM!" cried Bubbles.

Could it have been Mojo? No...that was impossible. Mojo was still dumbfounded from the fact that three little girls were able to escape his grip. His hands were covering his face, like the true coward he was. "Then who in the world would..." began Blossom, thinking to herself out loud, but once she began this new thought trying to identify the new attacker, a foot launched itself directly onto Blossom's face, and sent her diving down back to the concrete street. Pieces of asphalt flew in all directions, leaving a dusty mushroom cloud in the spot where Blossom had just impacted. A deep crater was now embedded into the ground. As Blossom struggled to reopen her eyes, she attempted to focus, to see that her attacker was still standing on top of her. A small, green figure, panting deeply, was in Blossom's view. Her eyes focused even more. Her heart stopped.

"B—Buttercup?" the bewildered girl wheezed.


The transformed girl only smirked, snickered, and spat in her sister's face. "This is the opportunity we've been waiting for, Ms. Perfect."

"Buttercup, no! You, of all people, should know that Mojo is only trying to use us to get his way. He's a hypocrite and a liar, which you yourself said! Why, Buttercup, WHY?"

"Dear heaven above, are you that blind? Sometimes, I'm ashamed to know that you're my blood relative!" Bubbles, from the back gasped, her hands covered over her mouth and her eyes beginning to tear up.

"Mojo just may be lying; you know that, and with time, he could use us again. But look at him right now!" Buttercup pointed to the oversized ape, bruised up badly with cuts gushing out puss and blood. "He's pathetic. And rightfully so, he's in no position to barter!"

"Buttercup, what are you saying?" interrogated Blossom.

"Ugh! You still don't get it? What I'm saying is that, yes, Mojo probably will use us again if we take his offer. But with the position we have him in now, he'd be too weak to do anything about it! And because of that, we could have all his power to ourselves. So, once again Blossom, before I crush you further into dust, will you join me, or not?"

"Buttercup..." Blossom struggled to speak, "don't do this. You have no idea what you're getting yourself into. You still have time to change your mind and listen to reason!"

Buttercup began to fume with red-hot anger. "Oh no you don't, Blossom! I know exactly what you're doing. For some totally messed-up reason, you seem to think that you're the 'leader' of our family, and since you take yourself to be so high and mighty, you think you can just boss everyone else around, don't you? Well, I've got news for you, sister! I don't have to listen to smart alecks like you and carry out your every word; I make my own decisions!"

Blossom coughed from her sister's hand squeezing her neck. "I...was never trying to control you. I never was trying to control anything. I just wanted us to stick together."

"Hmph. That must be your excuse. But I've made my decision, and no one, but no one is going to change it!" Buttercup finally took her hands off her sister's chest, now coughing quite badly. "And knowing you, you're probably going to try and stop me," surmised the tainted Powerpuff. She then faced Blossom, still on the floor, and looked at her straight in the face with eyes that would strike fear even into a terrorist's heart. "Well, I have a solution for that too." Buttercup verbalized, cracking her knuckles. Blossom now realized that her sister was gone, but even after seeing Buttercup's violent intentions, she still stood her ground. She could not harm her sister.

But as life itself seemed at an end for Blossom, a piercing loud noise was heard. "BLOSSOM! NO!" That noise was revealed to be Bubbles, who had finally gathered enough courage to dive into the situation. A never-before-seen fire was in her eyes, and she was using this fire to fuel her into a blow that would contain every ounce of energy she contained. That blow was meant for Buttercup. Instantaneously, the pig-tailed blonde dove foot-first onto Buttercup. "KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF MY SISTER!" A kick launching the green-clad girl into the air, followed by a swift and powerful uppercut to the jaw exemplified Bubbles', at the time, unknown strength, which seemed to rival even Buttercup's. Stunned, Buttercup flew back several more meters into the air, but upon regaining control over herself, broke her momentum coming from the Earth's own gravity, and was able to control her levitational powers again. "Why you little..." muttered Buttercup. She faced Bubbles with utmost rage, but Bubbles did not look scared in the least.

"Buttercup, I don't understand! You've turned into a monster! How could you just hurt Blossom like that?" yelled Bubbles, trying her very best to sound brave, although some fear and sadness could still be noticed in her quaky voice. Buttercup twirled her arms around, as if throwing off shackles. "Shut up!" Buttercup threw herself at Bubbles at top speed, her usual light cycle-like green streak turning into a large, bright green burst of fire. But Bubbles, though easily mistaken for a frail, defenseless angel, knew how to counter her sister, particularly well after their game of "tag." The green rocket became closer to hitting its target every millisecond. But Bubbles didn't flinch. The only thing to leave Bubbles was a single tear drop, and the words, "I'm sorry."

Buttercup was now determined to bring Bubbles down to her knees, and her speed increased every second. Only fifty meters. Only twenty meters. Only ten meters. Only five meters. Only two meters. A split-second of delay would mean instant death for Bubbles. But she knew better. Once at arm's length, something unexpected happened. All of Buttercup's built-up momentum simply came to a pure halt. She looked at her arm. Bubbles had grabbed it. Mustering her strength to firstly, begin a proper counterattack, and secondly, get over the fact that she would be using this maneuver, full force, on her own sister, Bubbles, began to spin Buttercup around in circles. All of Buttercup's momentum had not disappeared; it had been transferred over to Bubbles' arms. "Whoa!" the new victim yelped, as her body began rotating at at least several thousand miles per hour. A spinning, green and blue light show shaped like a top took form over Townsville's musty, dark skies.

Without a single second more of hesitation, Bubbles threw Buttercup using all of her strength. This was too much for even Buttercup to handle, but even though she actually acknowledged it, she would not admit it to herself, and continued to attempt to fight off Bubbles' immense strength. It was a meaningless effort. In mere seconds, Buttercup had been blasted off into the far reaches of Townsville, far enough that not even Bubbles nor Blossom could tell where she had landed. Patiently, Bubbles waited for another blast of green.

But there was nothing.

"I's over then..." Bubbles wept quietly, letting gravity take its course, allowing her to return to Earth's surface, where Blossom still lay. "Are you okay?" Bubbles asked Blossom, hopefully but nervously.

" head hurts. A lot. What happened to Buttercup?"

Bubbles only lowered her head, sluggishly shaking it.

"I never would've guessed," Blossom now also began to weep. "She always had her rough edges, but I never expected...this."

"What happened to Mojo?" asked Bubbles.

"Gone." admitted Blossom. "I'm sorry. I would've stopped him, but I didn't have the.."

"Don't worry," Bubbles consoled. "You did the right thing. If you did try, well could've..." Neither Powerpuff Girl dared finish the sentence. It was too terrifying a thought. "And what do you think happened to the Pr..."

"THE PROFESSOR!" yelled the Girls in alarm, now rushing to Mojo's lab. To their fortune, the Professor was perfectly alright, and was in fact in the process of mixing some chemicals together.

"Professor?" whispered Blossom. The moment the girl's voice's sound wave made contact with the scientist's ear, he dropped his beaker and rushed to his daughters. "Oh, girls!" bawled Utonium, embracing his girls with a giant bear hug. "I never thought I'd see you again!" Professor reopened his eyes, and noticed a missing child. "Where's Buttercup?"

The girls could only shake their heads in disappointment. Utonium's eyes began to swell. "Who would do such a thing to such a little girl?"

"The answer to that isn't a pretty one," whimpered Blossom. "But we still have the giant monkey on our hands."

"It's funny you should mention that actually, because while I was trapped in here, I discovered that inside this very laboratory existed the exact chemicals which could cancel out the effects of Chemical X!"

"Is it finished?"

"Right here in this beaker."

"Wait, isn't that the one you just broke?"

"Oh, that?" Professor asked, pointing to the just recently dropped lab equipment. "No...that was just a beverage for a job well done. You know, for an evil monkey, Mojo sure does keep some tasty..."

"Ahem! The antidote?" interrupted Blossom angrily.

"Oh! I'm sorry," shrugged Professor, handing the redhead the black beaker. "All you have to do is pour it on him. Easy as pie!"

Blossom looked out the window, noticing Mojo was now gone, likely either searching for Buttercup or running for his life. "Yeah, if pie is as easy as hunting down a gigantic, mutated monkey who's likely traveling at a speed rivaling that of a bullet train, then yeah. Easy as pie."

"Well then don't just stand around here! Go!"

"But what about you?"

"I'll be alright in here, at least for the time being. I'll just head on home when I think it's safe."

Shaking their heads in agreement, Blossom and Bubbles blasted off. Luckily, it was only a matter of time before they located Mojo, seemingly hiding out in Townsville Park.

"Alright, Mojo, the jig's up!" shouted Blossom, the anti-chemical X beaker in hand.

Mojo's pupils became the size of an ant. He very well knew what was in that beaker. "Uh oh."

With a single, graceful pass, the beaker hit its prey, directly hitting Mojo. The two Powerpuffs then proceeded to, rather easily, pummel Mojo with a series of lightning-fast strikes and kicks as the simian began to shrink back to his original size. "Ugh..." moaned the defeated creature, no longer being able to even move. As if on cue, Townsville's authorities arrived to Mojo's spot. The girls were greatly relieved when they saw the red, white, and blue sirens flashing and blaring at rock band-like volume.

"Hey, stupid monkey!" taunted the police chief, slapping Mojo on the face. "You 'dun' goofed!" he laughed, throwing the green simian into the back of the police car. By the look of Mojo's face however, he only seemed relieved that he would no longer be in the presence of the heroic girls. As the girls saw the police cars drive away, a large crowd of people, including Mayor Mayor himself, gathered around the girls, applauding and further praising them for their heroics.

"YEAH! OH, THAT WAS AWESOME! You were flying, a—and runnin', and boom boom! LASER EYES! AND THEN, RAUUUUUGGH...BAM! AND THEN, PING PING PING, and then BAM! You punched that guy! R—remember?"

Somewhat creeped out, the two girls shook their heads in "partial" agreement.

"Yeah...that was great." Mayor twitched around left and right, following his rather psychotic display of excitement. "Hey, wait a second! Weren't there like...three of you or...something?"

"Yeah...there were."

"Soooo...uhh...what happened to her anyway?" asked Mayor, somewhat oblivious to any sentiment the girls may have put into their preceding answer.

"I...I'd rather not talk about it," requested Blossom.

"'s not a pretty story at all," Bubbles shook her head in agreement.

What not a single soul knew however, was that this "not pretty story" had just barely begun.

"Oof...what a headache..." moaned Mojo Jojo, still shackled onto the seat of the police chief's car. "Excuse me sir! Would you mind sharing some aspirin with your humble prisoner once we arrive to the station for which you shall be holding me, that is to say, the residence which shall not express any freedom whatsoever, which I am soon to arrive and reside at?"

"Uh...sure. Just don't expect any special treatment, okay?"

"Oh, of course not! For I am your prisoner, that is to say, the one who shall be imprisoned in the prisoner holding structure known to commoners as 'jail,' which is to say..."

"Look here pal, could you just shut your trap for just five seconds? I have a taser on me, and if you spit out even one more syllable, I am going to fry your aaa..." Just as the police officer was about to mutter the obscenity however, a large, violent rumble shook the entire police car! "WHAT DID YOU DO?" Before Mojo could even respond however, yet another, this time more violent rumble shook the car. "I DUNNO WHAT YOU'RE DOING, BUT IF YOU DON'T STOP, I'LL..." were the only words that could be heard from the police chief before the car ultimately broke in half, and the police chief sprinted in fear back to the station for backup, leaving Mojo shaking on the floor, in the middle of a seemingly endless forest.

"Please, whatever you wish to do with me, do it quickly! I have already been beaten senseless several times today, so if you even think..." began Mojo, but he was unable to finish, for out of the dust clouds walked a short figure.

"Are of those wretched girls? What do you have to do with me anymore?"

"Everything," responded the voice. The person the voice belonged to stepped into Mojo's view.

"Powerpuff Buttercup?" Without saying another word, the tainted girl broke off Mojo's remaining shackles, since some had already been made loose from the earlier vibrations.

"I'm busting you out. Now let's get the heck out of here."

"But little girl, what do you plan on doing with me?"

"You said you had an offer, didn't you?"

"Go on..."

"My sisters were too stupid to follow up. But if you ask me, it sounds too good to be true. Sign me up."

Mojo's bewildered expression turned into a malicious one in a matter of seconds. His toothy grin sparkled under the moonlight. Putting his hand around his new follower, Mojo spoke. "Well then let us get started in that case. Let us go over to my lair. We have much work to do..."