Alright this here is the final chapter of "The Rules of Parenting" Before we start I want to thank all the people who sent in reviews thanks for the motivation, I know it's been a while since I've updated this story but now, today it will be fished… I own nothing except for the pups!

Chapter 9:

Garth and Lilly's pups were about a week old, but they we're still incapable of doing stuff other then curl up and sleep. Kate and Humphrey decided to bring their pups to Garth and Lilly's den, so that the pups can meet their new cousins…

"Hi" said Lilly to her sister "Hey" Kate said back to her sister "I'll show you to the pups" said Garth. "Go with uncle Garth." said Humphrey to his pups.

"There they are and be careful with them, they're still little." said Garth pointing to the sleeping pups, "what are there names?" asked Ella. "The boy is Archibald, The white pup is Valerie and the little red one is Clara…" Answered Lilly.

Then Eve and Winston, came in "Hey mom, Hey dad" said Lilly "Hi Lilly, Hi Kate" said Winston. "How have both of you been?" asked Eve. "Good." said Kate. Just then, "Grandma! Grandpa!" said the three pups "Hey there's my grandpups!" said Winston hugging them. "Tony's here too" said Eve.

"Hey dad!" said Garth. "Hey son!" Tony replied. "Aww my Grandpups are so cute!" said Tony shifting his attention to the little balls of fur that was near Lilly. "Thanks" she replied.

"So who's ready to sleep over at aunt Lilly and Uncle Garth's place tonight?" asked Kate. Clint Ella and Walter were bouncing in excitement. "Yeah, it's seems only fair since we stayed at your place…" said Lilly.

And so, Humprey, Kate and their pups along with Winston, Eve and Tony stayed for that night at Garth, Lilly and their new puppies place!

So this story ended they way it began… With wolves having staying over for the night.


Well that was a good story. I'll do my best to see if i can modify this chapter into being a bit longer. But for now, PEACE!