So originally I was going to bring out this awesome new story for you guys in honor of my birthday but I got lazy and I haven't finished typing it. So here is a short, simple oneshot/drabble to make up for it.

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Ah, yes this name does ring a bell. He is a person that falls under so many files in my life. And no, I am not a file cabinet. So what exactly does he file under? Well, there is a long list but surely someone will find it interesting.

N- Nothing. He is nothing at all to me. Just merely a friend... or so you think.

A- A honest person? Him? You have got to be kidding me. End of story.

G- Girly. Never in my life have I met such a feminine guy like him. Never.

I- I dislike him? The world may never know...

H- Hot? Him, as in Nagihiko Fujisaki? Hot? Uh, well... I won't lie but he does have good looks. Keep your comments to yourself or else.

I- I love him? Even I don't know this...

K- Kiss? Um.. yes let's not go there. Changing subject. Now.

O- Oh how Nagihiko acts is just nice and sincere. Almost caring, if you ask me. However, you have been warned. I do not trust that sappy smile.

Never will I let him see this paper because if he did then he would simply take advantage of it. In all honesty, I wouldn't know what the outcome would be. Plus I do not like the idea of being taken advantage of. Rima Mashiro never gets taken advantage of. I find it silly and childish for the matter.

"Rima-chan," a voice called from behind me.

I swiftly turned around and hide the paper behind my back. There is no way that Nagihiko is going to see this.

"Yes? Na-gi-hi-ko." I emphasized his name.

His purple hair swiftly twirled with the wind and his smile was plastered upon his face as he looked at me with those hazel eyes of his. Is it just me or did I get a tiny bit taller? Comparing to last year, I can now stand just a bit under his shoulders. However, it is not that much but still. Score one for Rima.

"We should be going to the meeting now," he smiled. It's almost as if sparkles surrounded him like Tadase.

What is with these sparkles? Does everyone have a sparkly attack face?

"Yes," I sighed.

"Hey, what's that behind your back?" he questioned to me as I gathered my stuff into my bag. We were in the classroom and it was after school.

"Oh nothing..." I monotoned.

"If you insist," he sighed.

I rolled my golden eyes and he walked ahead before leaning against the door frame of the classroom. His hands in his blue plaid pockets while one foot was propped up. He then winked at me. Something is just strange about him. Sometimes I can't read his mind and what he is going through. I wonder...

"Whatever it is, it must be a good thing.." he smiled. I nodded before we walked off to the annual meeting.

Oh yes Nagihiko, it is a good thing. It's a good thing that you don't know about this paper. The paper that I will keep as a file away from you.