Year: 1836

Location: London, England

"Lawt'ie!" The words felt like daggers taken to the ears of the sleeping child. If she had to hear her name screamed through the paper-thin walls of the slum house someone was going to suffer.

"Calm down I'm co'in'!" The young girl rolled out of her blanket bundle from which she had hardly slept the night before. Her short, knotted, dirty blonde hair fell limp to her shoulders as she fastened on her white patched bonnet. It was unknown to her whether her hair was actually that color, or whether her lack of hygiene was the culprit for such disgusting conditions of every urchin living with the crazy old hag.

Moments later she found herself in the other room, confronting her unstable caretaker with a messy curtsey, " Yes your 'ighness" Her voice was sarcastic in tone. She dropped her khaki colored skirt, firmly placing a hand to her small hip.

"A Girl?" Lottie sharply turned her head to observe a boy probably by the age of 12, her eyes slim. Quick to capture her attention was a top hat hiding his messy brown hair. His cheeks were patted with dirt, much like hers.

"Do you 'ink I'd bring 'er 'ere if she dint 'ave promise? Miss Charlotte 'arrison, or Lawt'ie, the gal I've been yammerin about. I'm telling ya, she could be the next best thing!"

"I could 'ope not, Fagin. For my sake." The man gave a hearty laugh, throwing a hand to the boys shoulder,

"No one could take the place of the Awtful Dodjah! But, as me was sayin, this gal's got uh talent. The swiftness of a jackal! Wit yawr 'elp, she could become one of me best Urchins yet!" The boy inspected the girl with thin eyes, scanning her from head to toe. She wore a white bonnet, an apron, and what looked like a khaki colored dress underneath. Both her skin and clothes were stained with dirt, typical to find on a resident of the English slums.

Both children seemed not to be all that impressed with each other. Dodger appearing to still be just a foolish young boy at the age of 12. But he had earned quite a name, growing to become one of Dodger's best urchins out of his whole group. Lottie had found herself at Fagin's doorstep after being found by Bell, a fellow poverty stricken orphan, to which her swiftness when it came to robbery was quickly discovered by the mad man. It was especially impressive at her being 2 years younger than the boy, Dodger.

"Why don't you take 'er 'round the town a bit, Dodjah! Show 'er them ropes!"

"Veh'ey well! C'mon Lawt'ie!" With that, the boy left the shack, Lottie staggering behind. You 'ave a lot to live up to. It seemed that he had whispered something before leaving the shack, but she quickly brushed it off.

The girl staggered behind the boy, grabbing ahold of her dress as she ran. He didn't seem ready to slow down, or even help the girl at a moments notice. Overall he did not appear that impressed or thrilled to have a new girl to look after.

"First things first, 'ow 'bout you show me what you got." The boy came to an abrupt stop on the street, leaning towards his new apprentice to point to an unnamed receiver, " 'ight there seems to be awn easy one! See if 'e 'as anything in 'is pockets."

"Awl right." She nervously spoke. Up until now, she was sure of herself, but coming up to the actual thing seemed to send waves of uncertain feelings through her veins She had never actually pick pocketed, only practiced on Fagin during the game 'Pick the Pocket'. That was when he commented on her stealth being next to Dodger's level. But that was it, here goes nothing.

The girl approached the man, more silent on her feet than humanly possible. She held a hand out, reaching for a beautifully embroidered handkerchief. With two fingers, she grabbed a hold and slowly began to wiggle it out of the middle aged man's pocket. The girl gasped, she felt herself thrusted forward into the man's back after being shoved by a passer by. The man turned sharply, eyeballing the girl, then his possession that she held in her tiny hand. Her eyes turned to terror as she heard a scream from behind her sounding "run".


The girl turned and darted down the road. She shoved different civilians making their own way down the road, shoving and weaving every chance she got. Her feet padded against the pavement, her lungs breathing as fast as she could. She was beginning to loose steam, relying on only adrenaline to escape.

Just in time, she felt a tug on the back of her dress pulling her into a dark alley way. Then a hand over her mouth. She screamed, wiggling until it was made known that it was just Dodger. He shushed her, leaning over to watch and see if the man had found them.

When the coast was clear, Dodger removed his hand,

"Nice goin. I don't know what in the hell Fagin was talking 'bout, you nearly got us caught!" A sudden burst of laugher escaped the girl's mouth. Dodger's eyes slimmed, his eyebrows tightening, "Whawt ahr' you laughin at!"

Her laughter calmed but still a huge grin remained on her lips as she help up the stolen handkerchief. The boys anger quickly turned to result in a grin to match her's, "I'll be damned, you got et!" He grabbed the fabric out of her hands, bringing it close to his eyes to inspect. He placed a hand on her head, messing her hair up,

"Maybe you won't be so bad after awl!"