Author note: Listen, everyone. To everyone who has left wonderful reviews on "My First Star Fox Encounter" and followed it, I just want to say thanks for being such good people. And while I'm not gone, I just can't think of anything good to add to my story. I know that you'd like me to get working and probably have a lot of flames to say for even making you wait all this time for this, but just hear me out. I've had my current chapter done for quite some time now, but I'm having second thoughts about finishing this story.

I don't know whether to give up trying to finish it and let someone else try to finish it in their own words, if I should continue working on this story but ask any of you to co-write it with me, or if I should just remove everything I've made on that story so far and start from scratch. Whichever option I'll go through will be left to you, my fellow writers. I'm sure you remember my buddy Justin C was the one who inspired me to write this and amazed us all with his work, although, in my opinion, it should have lasted a bit longer.

To prove I have been working on my story, I'll share part of my finished chapter with you.

"That's quite good enough for me, Michael. But if I may ask, when exactly do the events in this game take place?" Beltino asked.

"Well the source I read the information from didn't give an exact date or time. Just that they would begin taking place about 4 years after your victory over the Aparoids and their queen." I answered.

"There's no way I'm going to sit down and wait that long for those enemies to appear. Why don't we just use whatever information we can get from this game and finish them all?" Falco asked.

"Falco, you know we can't do that." Fox said.

"I'm not an expert on time travel or quantum physics, but if the events in this game are in fact what have yet to come, we have to make sure they run their own courses and see how things lead from there. Acting right now would most likely cause an unforeseen event to happen and could very well lead to the end of the entire universe." I warned.

You see? I think that seems to go well with my story, because I share part of "Star Fox Command" with Beltino and the rest of the team. While making sure to keep the endings from the game a secret of course.

If you think I should go through with one of the choices I mentioned above, please tell me what you'd like me to do via private message. I don't want to have any reviews yet, since this will be removed after a while. Once I have received enough messages, I'll tell you my choice whenever I have the time. Thanks again for liking/reviewing my story and for being such awesome writers.

In the meantime, I'm currently working on a crossover sequel to this story, but I need time to develop the plot and come up with good OC names. If you'd like to offer some of your own ideas/OCs just be sure to write me a private message and I'll see how well they will mix with my own ideas.

Gamer-fox91, signing off.