Disclaimer: This collection of poems is a not-for-profit fan work based on Akira Toriyamas Dragon Ball series. I claim no affiliation with Bird Studios, Toei or FUNimation.

A/N: For archival purposes, I've compiled my old DBZ poetry into one document. The poems are in chronological order according to their original publication on this site, which was for the most part throughout 2004. We'll start of with this one, dealing with pre-Cell-era kid Gohan and his feelings of letting everyone down.

Some Things Never Change

I try so hard

It's not enough

I always let them down

My father

My friends

They give so much


But when it comes down to it

I fail them

I depend on them so much

But they can't depend on me

They shouldn't, at least

But they do

And I let them down again

I'm sorry!

Father, I'm not like you

I wish I could be strong and brave

Piccolo, you trained me well

But when you called me to action

I froze

I let you down

How many people must suffer?

We have a chance, but at what cost?

It's never enough

I don't have what it takes

All my life I've tried

And I'll keep trying til the day I die

But until I get it right

How much pain must there be?

How many lives are lost?

Their sacrifice

Will always be there

And again

I've let them down

They give so much for me

And I give nothing in return

I try so hard

But I don't have the strength

I want to make you happy

I want to make you proud

But how can that be

If I let you down

I'm sorry

It wasn't enough


I'm not like you

I don't have what it takes

I'm just a kid

That doesn't change

When it comes down

To all or nothing

It's nothing every time

What is the price of victory?

Is the price too high?

How much must you sacrifice?

I'm sorry if it was in vain

I failed you

I let them down

I try and I try

Its never enough

I'm sorry

I'll take the blame

I swear someday

I'll make you proud

Someday I'll get it right