A/N: Mirai-timeline Gohan, shortly after the androids' arrival.

And the Gates of Hell Hath Opened


The sky has been painted

The color of blood

The bodies are piling up

One by one

On the streets

This scene is a nightmare

But so much more sickening

It's so evil, so twisted

And I can't keep listening

To the screams

The warriors have fallen

The heroes are silenced

The pain is just maddening

No end to this violence


I hate myself for being weak

And I hate them for what they've done

Those monsters keep taking innocent lives

And now my friends are gone


I'm left here standing by myself

Staring down this bloodstained street

The androids are gone, they've had their fun

But I know before long we shall meet


This isn't right

And next time push will turn to shove

It's what those monsters deserve

For what they've done to everything that I love


Look at what you've done!

My eyes shine green, my hair burns gold

This world has become a living hell

'cause of those androids with hearts ice-cold


As far as the eye can see

A world plunged into fear

Live each day like it's your last

'cause the end may be drawing near


There's got to be something I can do

I have to keep getting stronger

World, please just keep hanging in there

Hang on for a little longer


And now I'm the only one

But I'm just a hero's little kid son

Who's trying to save everyone

As I painfully watch this world become