Sebastian watched as his precious bocchan shut the door behind him cutting him and the undertaker off from the small party of aristocrats. The crypt in which the undertaker worked was quite dark save for the sparsely placed burning candles and was certainly dingy, it reminded him very much of home. Not that it was a real home that came to mind. The place he had come from was just as barren as the inside of an old rotted coffin years after undertaker had buried it. Then his uninflicted calm gaze fell upon the shinigami himself, dustily dressed as always with his eyes covered in grey leaning up against a stack of finished coffins, and almost smiled. Nothing much had changed about him.

"Seb-chan, I'm surprised you took up the offer, I thought you were done with me." the older man grinned stupidly.

The butler smiled his winsome smile in an act of ignorance. "Bocchan wants information from you, so I must give you this first rate laugh. It's the least a butler of the Phantomhive household can do." Undertaker merely smiled and beckoned to him with a bent finger. As he thought, the dead host had planned this out from the beginning. He had always been very cynical, that's how they had met. Back before he had taken the job of an undertaker, that bright sunny damned day in the London back alleys...
"Do you remember the spot?" the bemused man queried as Sebastian made his way over the piles of death and wooden boxes, carelessly easy going.

He made his reply by pressing his body up against the other man's and let his hips be held in a loose embrace. Exhaling, trying to calm these strange long forgotten feelings from the close proximity, he brushed aside the long grey tresses and ran his lips down along the revealed pale neck until he reached the shoulder and bit down in that sensitive spot. The undertaker had always had a nasty habit of laughing in that area that was a usual turn on for most people, towards the back of the place where the neck becomes adjacent with the shoulder. As expected, the undertaker burst out in boisterous laughter that escalated as he sunk his teeth in further until blood rushed into his mouth. The other man shook up against him violently in thrall of the laughter racking his frame. A few moments more and he licked up the stray blood before pulling away, or rather, attempting to. The man held him tight a split second "Come by more often, Seb. I really do miss you." He then released him and the butler was out of his arms before the door barely began its creaking path open.

As the stupefied humans came back in, Sebastian tried to order his thoughts to be as pristine and calm as his exterior. That time was long forgotten in his regard. Or, so he wanted to believe. Humans say you never forget your first, but this man had done many things, that his smile couldn't begin cover the overwhelming rage he felt at some of the memories- or the fluttery feeling the others gave him.


The room was dark back at the Phantomhive mansion as Sebastian laid across the modest bed, rather immodestly dressed compared to his usual sharp business attire. His chest was bare and a loose pair of slacks hung from his slender hips with his black hair splayed across the sheets, a vision of a dark prince with his delicate lashes hiding away sinful eyes. There was no more work to do because the human household members were sleeping their night away leaving him alone with his thoughts once more. No matter how he tried, they kept circulating back to the undertaker. Not as he was now, but the one he had known in their first crossing of lives. They had both been different back then. Those were times he vehemently wished gone with a mundane hope that not remembering equaled it never happening.
Damned be he, he just couldn't stop his thoughts.

Before he registered the movement, the crypt doors were being opened by his own hurried hands. A single candle was burning in the middle of the room situated on a tabletop coffin casting beautiful shadows on the smiling figure behind it. The butler quickly stepped into the waiting embrace and caught the man's lip in a needy kiss. He never realised just how much he had missed this contact until he saw the dark creature the other day with Ciel-bocchan. He cursed himself for it since he had many reasons to stay away from the undertaker but the overwhelming passion in the kiss was too much. The older man guided him into a satin plush coffin where they could cozy together in a closer intimate position.

"I've been waiting, Sebastian." Undertaker whispered lowly as the candle blew out on their night.