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This is my taking a part of episode "Cracked up" and expounding on Abby's actions and the repercussions from Gibbs. Warning: Contains spanking.

Italics are quotes from actual episode, where they stop is where I let my imagination run wild.

"Gibbs, whirlwind of a day.. You will not believe where I have been." Abby says in a huffed breath.

"Abbs." Gibbs interjects.

"Ok, I will tell you, I found Lt. Thorson's college mentor, we had tea and discussed poetry…"

"Abs, stop it." Gibbs tried to end her rant but was ineffective.

"He..He.. knows about Thorson and..and Mr. K. So..So.. we just.." Abby stammered.

"STOP!" Gibbs finally had had enough. He raised his voice loud enough to break her talking.

Abby stopped instantly. A look of unbelief upon her face. "Gibbs, you raised your voice to me.. you never raise your voice to me."

Gibbs turned and started the video rolling to show Lt. Thorson was talking to herself. He turned and looked at Abby. "It was her delusion.."

Abby straightened her head high and gently remarked ." I was wrong." Then she paused and a eerie silence filled the bullpen. "About you." She said looking directly at Gibbs. "You don't understand…."

Abby turned and looked at the Ziva, Tony and McGee. They were all looking at her as if she had two heads. No one ever snapped back at Gibbs and got away with it, but it would be interesting to see just how far Gibbs would let Abby go. Everyone knew she was his favorite and if anyone could get away with this , it was her.

Flashing her angry eyes back at Gibbs, she raised her voice and said. " NO ONE UNDERSTANDS!"

Any semblance of reasoning with Abby was gone now, she was in full tantrum mode. Abby had had enough. " No one knows what it is like to have so much going on in your head at one time. I DO! " Flinging her arms around she turned to face the other members of her team. "Tony, you act so goofy all the time, but we all know it is to hide your insecurities . McGee, you are always the sidekick, getting the brunt of the jokes, but in reality, it is the only way you can garner Gibbs attention."

A loud GASP! Went out of McGee as the words Abby threw at him cut him to the bone.

"Ziva, Ziva, Ziva,…. Ms. I can kick anyone's ass with my eyes closed. I don't need anyones approval, well… we all know that you secretly crave approval, especially since daddy dearest abandoned you." Abby did not see the hurt flash across Ziva's face, or the pain on Tony's. In fact, the next thing Abby saw was a piercing set of blue eyes.

"ENOUGH!" Gibbs yelled. He had had enough of Abby's rants, and it was time for Dad to stop the tantrum. Gibbs grabbed her by the shoulder, looked her straight in the eyes, and said in a low but steely voice. "Enough Abigail."

But Abby was not in the mindset of obeying anyone. Yanking her arms free of Gibbs she said. "Don't call me that, Jethro."

Deciding to end this once and for all, Gibbs turned to his rather upset team and said. "Excuse us for a minute or so, we need to have a heart to heart chat." Gibbs turned back to Abby, grabbed her forcefully by the arm and dragged her towards the elevator.

"Ow! Gibbs. Stop, You are hurting my arm. " Abby protested as she tried to drag her heel and avoid being enclosed in the small elevator with one very PISSED off Leroy Jethro Gibbs.

Gibbs never took his hand off Abby's arm as the doors closed and the elevator started its descent. He slammed the emergency stop switch and grabbed Abby around the waist. "You'll think hurt when I get done with you." Gibbs positioned Abby so that her head and upper torso was under his arm and he propped his leg up on the bottom moulding of the elevator, hoisting Abby like a sack of potatoes. It was in that instant that Abby knew she was in deep trouble. Gibbs flipped up her mini skirt leaving her black tight covering her modesty, but giving no extra protection.


"OWWWWWW!OWWWWW!" Abby cried out.

Gibbs was not taking any force off his swats. He was swinging full force. It was time that Dad let his 'baby' know that enough was enough.


Abby was now trying her hardest to kick up and dislodge herself from Gibbs grip. "Abigail, the longer you fight me the more I continue." Gibbs said as he continue to rain lick after lick unto her backside.

"Can't…can't…no one…no one knows." Abby finally gave up the fight and succumbed to her punishment. "OWW! ARGHH! I..I..I… sorry…Gi..Gi..Gibbs."

Gibbs stopped the spanking there and righted her skirt. When he sat her back on her feet he gently grasped her chin and looked into her eyes. Gone was the defiance and anger and now there was a sense of grief and guilt. Gently Gibbs responded." It's not just me you need to apologize to Abs."

Wiping the streaking mascara from her face, Abby looked back into those piercing eyes and answered "I know, dad."

"Well, good then, I think our discussion here is over."

"Seriously Gibbs, I think I will feel this discussion for a while. You have never spanked me so hard with your hand." Abby remarked as she tried to rub some of the fire out of her ass.

"Yeah, well, I have never seen one of my daughters throw such a full blown tantrum before." Gibbs said with a smirk as he flipped the elevator switch back and they proceeded to head back up to the bullpen.

"Yeah, will I think I will keep my little fits to myself from now on." Abby said with a ginger smile and she laid her head on his shoulder.

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