"Today marks the one year anniversary of the Global Revolution; the upheaval in modern society that occurred immediately after the assassination of the Ninety-ninth Emperor of Britannia, Lelouch vi Britannia. Marked in history as "Lelouch the Demon," the reverberations of his tyranny and sudden demise are still felt throughout the world even a year later. His younger sister Nunnally vi Britannia has stepped up to become the head of the once mighty Britannian Empire, alongside her knight and bodyguard Zero, the masked outlaw that once fought for Japan's liberation and her brother's assassin.

"Within her year of power Nunnally has relinquished all Areas once under Britannian rule to their respective governments, if they so wished. She has also chosen not to reestablish the hierarchal class-system that her brother abolished early into his own rule. Conversely, she has reinstated the UFN, United Federation of Nations, which was also abolished by Lelouch shortly after the Britannian class-system. Nunnally has also created a Peace Corps in order to help ailing nations, as well as discounted healthcare for those troubled within Britannia's own borders.

"The Euro Universe makes news again today with more threats to secede from the UFN if they are not compensated by Britannia, with whom they still feel hostility. The EU and Britannia have a long and negative history, but with the Britannian government still weakened by Lelouch's assassination and Nunnally's downsizing thereafter, the EU feels that Britannia is at fault with the near destruction of the world and should take responsibility. At a time when the world has entered a phase considered peaceful due to the extreme casualties and fallout of the Great War, tension is arising yet again.

"In order to deal with the EU's threats, Nunnally is visiting Japan this week to negotiate with the Japanese government and hopefully create an alliance. She plans to meet with Prime Minister Kaname and General Tohdoh tomorrow.

"Today, on the anniversary of change, this is Milly Ashford live from the FLEIJA Memorial Site with your global news report. Goodbye everyone."


Author's Notes- Yes, I have indeed jumped on the bandwagon- albeit late. I started writing this when all the "Season Three" fics were in full-swing, but have just recently decided to post it on here. If some people came to me and said: "Hey, if Code Geass had a third season, how would you do it?" this is what I would give them- and I rather like it, thank-you-very-much.

And yes, again, in this fic Lelouch did not fake his death. It really happened. Seriously. It's what I believe happened, although the ending to the anime was very ambiguous. You're free to believe what you want, but you've got to let me do the same, alright? (But that doesn't mean that he won't play a big part in this fic, mind you.)

I have about seven (and a half) chapters of this fic written already, and will update in a regular fashion. But when my reservoir runs out, it will be very irregular.

Also, I know I'm doing a lot of explaining but bear with me for a moment, I'm not completely happy with the title either- so it may change. And it took me about a week to come up with it as it stands now... (Tertio Bello. Latin for Third War, by the way.)

These AN's are as long as a Prologue!,