Hey guys!
Let me start off by saying that I am a big fan of the mummy movies, and I know them from beginning to end.
However, I am human, and I do make mistakes, so if you think I am portraying one of the characters wrong, please let me know.

The Necklace of Cleopatra
Chapter 1

"Now sometimes they were- Rick are you paying me any attention?" Evelyn looked at her husband. "Rick!"

"What babe?" Rick was jostled out of his thought, and turned his head to look at her. She followed his gaze, to the outdoor café across the street, to where three highly attractive women sat.
"You're staring at them, aren't you," Evelyn asked sadly.
"No hon, of course I was-"

"Whatever," Evelyn blinked, tucked a strand of hair behind her ear, and went back to the thick textbook she had propped up against the park picnic table.

They sat there for about two minutes, and then Rick leaned across the table, and positioned his head so his eyes rested on the top edge of her book. He noticed her eyes had stopped, and were pausing on a word on the page.
"Tell me what your book's about," Rick whispered to her, knowing she would instantly go into librarian mode.

And, of course, she did.

"It's all about Cleopatra," she blurted instantly, "Her life, her burial, her tomb, and all her history. It's fascinating!"
"It sounds amazing," Rick lied convincingly.
"I know you don't care, honey," she sighed, closing the book and setting it on the table with a loud thud, "But I think we should go."

"Go?" Rick was confused, "Go where?"
"Back to Egypt, " she chirped, "To explore the tomb."
"Uumm... why is this, exactly?" Rick asked.
"It would be exciting," Evelyn got a faraway look in her eyes, and Rick knew he had lost.
"It would be an adventure," she added.
"Evy, we've had an adventure of a lifetime," Rick took her hands in his, "Or have you forgotten Hamunaptra?"
"Forgotten," Evelyn scoffed, "How can I forget? Ardeth, Henderson, Burns, Dani-"

"We don't need any more mummies," Rick told her, "Remember the end-of-the-world thing?"
"It's not her mummy I want to find," Evelyn was looking everywhere but Rick's face, "It's her necklace. No harm ever came from finding a necklace!"
"Right. Just like no harm came from reading a book! What aren't you saying?"
"Well," Evelyn said slowly, "It's said to be cursed."
Rick groaned, "Cursed how, exactly?"
"Well, according to the book, the hieroglyphs on the wall of the tomb say that anyone who disturbs the necklace will forever age and unage, being immortal for all eternity."
"What the hell does that mean," Rick demanded.
"Well, you would start out at the age you were upon first entering the tomb, get older and older, then being decreased to a baby again. Over and over until the world ends. But it's just an urban legend," Evelyn finished quickly with a shaky laugh.
"Right. Just like Imotep's mummy was an urban legend! And Anck-su-namun!"
"I won't wake up any more mummies. I promise."

"Rick," Evelyn yelled up the stairs, "Did you get my bag of books on Tuthomosis?"
"I thought we were going to Cleopatra's tomb," Rick said, trudging his weapon case down the stairs behind him, "And yes, I have them. But what are those?" He gestured to the necklaces she hand slung around her hand.
"They're amulets," she informed him, slinging one around his neck; "The ancient Egyptians believed they provided magical protection to the wearer. Don't take it off!" She snapped as he tried to untie it from his neck.
"Ah," he said, "And we need them why?"
"It won't hurt to be prepared," Evelyn scoffed, "Why do you need five million guns?"
"To save your neck when you get captured by bloodthirsty mummies," Rick shot back.
"I told you," Evelyn sighed, "They will be no mummies! Half the artifacts don there will be in museums!"
"It won't hurt to be prepared," Rick dropped his pack and wrapped his arms around his wife, "I don't want you to get hurt."
He lifted her, making her gasp, until their lips met in a soft kiss.
And they stayed like that, until-

"Ugh, my eyes!" Jonathan shouted. Jonathan's yell startled Rick, causing him to drop Evelyn.
"What are you doing here," Evelyn asked him, "You were supposed to meet us at the port."

"I know, sis," Jonathan said dropping his two extra large suitcases, "But I needed a ride."

"So you walked here," Rick picked up his pack with one hand, and wrapped is free arm around his wife, and led them outside.
"This is gonna be just like old times," Jonathan said, ignoring Rick, "The three of us in the desert, chasing mummies, maybe we'll run into the Nedjay guy again!"
"His name is Ardeth and he's part of the Medjai. And there will be no mummies!" Evelyn exclaimed.

"Whatever you say Old Mum," Jonathan chanted like Imotep's reincarnated slaves, "Whatever you say."