"Another trip to Egypt over, and I am very glad to be home," Rick sighed, opening the door to his and Evy's home, stepping aside to let his wife enter before him. She flipped on the light, and he shut the door behind them.

She had to admit, she was glad to be home too. Evelyn loved Egypt and tombs and necklaces and guns and thieves as much as the next girl, but she loved being home.

With Rick. Evelyn loved being home with Rick. "Me too." She loved the calm and the quiet and not having guns pointed at them… it was nice.

Evelyn really loved it.

She felt his arms wrap up around her waist, and his breath on her ear. Evelyn smiled and leaned back against him, resting her head next to his.

He loved being home with her too. He knew that she was safe there, with him, and that was what he needed. To know that she was safe. That was cheesy, wasn't it? He often felt that he loved her too much, which he wasn't sure was possible or not, but if it was, then he did.

"Can we stay here for a while?" Evelyn asked softly. "Take a break from Egypt and just be a family?"
Rick smiled, and kisses her shoulder. "Yes… Of course, Evy."

"Good." She pressed a kiss to his cheek as he easily picked her up, bridal style, and carried her up the stairs to their bedroom, her arms wound tightly around his neck.

Evelyn yawned once they reached their room, and Rick chuckled. "Are you tired?"

"Maybe a little," she replied before her face twisted up into another yawn. Rick grinned as he set her down on her side of the bed, and crawled in next to her, neither of them bothering to shower or change before they both drifted off to sleep.


It had been three days since they'd returned from Egypt, and finally they were both rested up and ready to get back into their daily life again. Well, almost.

Evelyn insisted that they go back to the park again, and spend a little bit of time there, since they last trip there had been interrupted by a mythical (though real) cursed object. But the fall air was crisp and fresh and they were really enjoying themselves.

After walking around for about an hour, they settled down at the same table they been sitting at before they'd taken off on their adventure. Halfway through their lunch, during another history lesson from Evy, Rick started to drift off, his head propped up in the palm of his hand.

She noticed his boredness, and glanced over her shoulder to view his line of sight. His absent gaze (though she didn't know he was paying attention to her either) was at the same three women that had been there last time. "They're the same ones as before," she grumbled, opening the book that had been lying next to her. "Hm?" her voice had broken his trance and he looked over at her. "What?"

"They're the same ones as before," she repeated, avoiding his eyes behind the book. Rick looked to where he'd been absently staring, and cursed inwardly.

"No, Evy, I was just-" She shrugged as her eyes traveled over the words on the watched as a familiar looking man sat down at the women's snorted when he realized that it was Jonathan.

Of course it was Jonathan.

Rick directed his attention back to the beautiful woman sitting across from him. "Evy?"

She glanced up over the edge of her book. "What?"

"I love you."

A smile tugged onto her lips. "I know." A moment later, she raised her eyes to meet his. "I love you too."

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