JTLs Code Lyoko Season 2

Episode 27: New Arrival

Author James the Lesser

I do not own characters(Except OCs) Moonscape does

Ok! New Series by me! If you aren't familiar with my work search Code Lyoko, T, OVER 100,000 words, and you'll see several series by me. For those of you who know and follow my work I hope you enjoy this new series starting at Season 2 so I can change so many different things. I hope you enjoy them and continue reading and reviewing!

A/N I just reread this episode and re edited the grammar a bit. I probably still missed some but I hope I got all of the to/too and then/than that I missed before. Might do this for all the episodes if I can find the time. This is probably my favorite Lyoko series that I wrote, after Code Naia.


The Lyoko Warriors run through the Desert Sector testing out the new profiles Aelita and Jeremie made them. "Two swords are better than one." Ulrich blocks laser arrows being fired from Odd.

"But rapid fire is awesome since I have unlimited arrows now." Odd activates the power and fires a dozen laser arrows in a second.

"Creating fans instead of carrying them makes it easier for planning an attack." Yumi creates two and throws them. They arc through the air and then slam in to a rock sticking out of it. She simply creates two more instead of collecting the two she threw.

"I am still working on the energy blades." Aelita has two long thin pink swords sticking out of her wrists. "But I'll stay all night and practice."

"We can't do that Aelita on Earth you have rules like the rest of us. My mom said we can stay at Kadic for studying until nine."

"But, I mean, she won't notice will she?"

"Yes Aelita of course she will. She loves you. She thinks you're a good influence on me. Well, she's right my grades are up in math and science." Yumi throws two more fans. "I think I'm done, what time is it Jeremie?"

"A little after eight. We can call it a day for the new profiles. Every one like what they have? Aelita and I might have time after perfecting the new Tower Scanner for any tweaks."

"I'm fine." Ulrich puts his blades away.

"I like having full auto." Odd gives Aelita a goofy smile. "Although the shield is cool too."

"I hope you like Aelita's other ideas just as much. They don't work, yet, but we're close. Soon you can move faster and maybe even across different Sectors with out a Way Tower." Jeremie brings his friends back.

"Um Yumi, can I stay here for a little bit? I must talk with Jeremie."

"Ok but don't be too long."

After The Others Leave

Aelita and Jeremie study the monitor. "Are you sure it is still there?"

"Yes. I scanned you twice and the virus is still there. I don't know how we'll get rid of it."

"Because of it we can't shut the Super Computer off. What if I just staid on Lyoko and you shut it off until you find the anti virus?"

"With out the Super Computer I can't find one. And I, we all would miss you Aelita. We're your friends we want you here even if things do get complicated by Xana."

Yumi's House

Aelita tosses and turns in the guest bedroom. "No, not falling asleep." She looks at the alarm clock. "Just six more hours before school. I can stay awake and then the others will help me."

That Morning

Aelita stumbles from her room towards the bathroom when Yumi walks out after taking a bath. "Oh, Aelita about time you woke up." She keeps the towel wrapped around her tightly as she walks past Aelita.

Aelita goes in to the bathroom and looks in the mirror. She sticks her tongue out, closes one eye and then the other. She reaches out with her right hand and touches her reflection. "It seems so real but it is just glass and metal showing a reflection." She taps on the mirror. "How do they know though? It looks so real just reversed." She shakes her head. She had fallen asleep and had more dreams.

Kadic Academy

Before class starts the teacher brings in a new student. "Hello class I hope you welcome our new student Dana White." She waves nervously at the class. "She will be starting today and I know you will all show her the Kadic spirit we teachers are all proud of." Dana looks and sees an empty seat in the back and sits down there.

Ninth Grade

Yumi is bored as the teacher introduces a new student. "Every one this is William White and I hope you help him out. He is new here and may not know where every thing is yet." He looks around and sees several empty seats but chooses the one next to Yumi.


Yumi sits down with a tray. "Where's Odd?"

"He is showing the new kid around." Ulrich takes a bite of his corn.

"How did he know about William?" Every gives Yumi a blank stare. "William White, the new kid."

"Our new kid is named Dana White. I'm guessing they're related." Jeremie sets up his lap top. "Ok so far it didn't bug up."

"What didn't?" Yumi and Ulrich lean over him. When their cheeks touch they pull away like they were shocked.

"The new Tower Scan. I launched it this morning and have been checking on it since. If this keeps working the next time Xana activates a Tower we'll know where it is right away."

"So we don't get surprised? Cool."

"Aelita's been on Earth for almost two weeks now and her ideas have revolutionized what we can do. Before she was on Lyoko and could warn me when she felt pulsations but now that she stays at Yumi's we need a new way."

"Cool. Odd sits down with Dana. "Uh that's my friend Jeremie he is always working on computer stuff." Odd points out and introduces the others. "Ulrich Stern amazing soccer player. Yumi Ishiyama is in the grade above us."

"Oh so she probably met my brother." She looks around and doesn't see him. "Did you see where he went?" Yumi shrugs her shoulders.

"And the pink haired one is Aelita Conner. As you can see she didn't hear a thing because she's busy staring at her boyfriend." Dana laughs getting Aelita's attention.

"Oh, um, hello. I'm Aelita, from Canada." She yawns then plays with her food. She had tried many different things and hated all of it. Sweet, sour, salty, all tasted bland. Meat, grain, fruit and vegetables all disgusted her. Her friends gave her different favorite foods of theirs but none of them tasted good in her opinion.

"Really? What part? I have a couple pen pals from there." Aelita goes pale and looks at Odd.

"The northern part, way up there with the Eskimos and penguins." Dana looks at Odd confused and wondering if he was being serious or joking. He catches her look. "I'm kidding. I know Eskimos live in Antarctica." She laughs at his joke.

"Sorry, I feel, I don't know the word, not energized." Dana laughs again thinking Aelita is making a joke. Jeremie leans over and whispers in Aelita's ear.

"Tired, you feel tired."

"Hey Lil Sis." William walks over with a tray. "Glad you made some friends already." She rolls her eyes.

"Here comes mister dramatic."

"I'm not dramatic."

"And what did you do when mom told you we were moving here and going to school at Kadic?"

"Well, that was different. Do you really wanna go to school with her."

"She may be better. The last time we saw Elisabeth we were ten and eleven."

"I'm sure she's matured in three years." The Lyoko gang all give out a gasp.

Odd is the first to get the question out. "You, you're related to Sissi?"

"She still insists people call her that? I guess she didn't mature." William sits down next to Yumi. "I'm guessing by that reaction you guys don't like her."

"Sure we do as much as one likes toe fungus." Yumi sticks her fork in to the pudding. "Or is this pudding?" William laughs.

The group sits and eats and talks learning about the new students.

Aelita yawns, nods, and starts falling asleep.

Jeremie shakes her shoulder. "Aelita, lunch is over."

"Huh? Oh, sorry." She was breathing hard after another strange experience. Every time she fell asleep she found herself in strange places and situations. Some felt so real but she always woke up where she fell asleep.

"Are you that tired? Are you having a hard time sleeping at Yumi's?"

"I, every time I fall asleep I leave the room and go places and do things I can't possibly be doing. Last night I was with you in a park I never saw before but the sky was like that on Lyoko. I couldn't control what I did or say what I wanted like I was possessed. But, I, it was so strange." She rubs her arms nervously.

"You were dreaming. When you sleep your brain enters a state where you dream. It is usually part of REM Sleeping. You're right you aren't actually doing the things you're doing. It is all in your head."

"It is normal?" He nods. "Do you dream?" He nods again. "Am I in them?" He blushes but nods. She gets up and hugs him making him blush more. "Thank you for explaining this dream part of the brain."

"It isn't really a part but just some thing it does. How about after class I can grab a couple books on it from the library and you can read them?" She lets go.

"Maybe I can read them in the control room." She yawns again.

"I'll try and grab a pillow and blanket for you so you can take a nap."

After Class

Jeremie works quietly on the new programs while Aelita sleeps. He looks over and sees her leg twitch. "I never thought of that. How many more things does she not understand? After what Yumi went through teaching her," He blushes thinking about the first day Aelita was on Earth and the mess she made. "I should ask her if there are other things. And maybe get her a dictionary. She needs to learn more vocabulary. I wonder how she handles it all. I don't know if I could be doing what she is." He sees her twitch again as she dreams.

Kadic Academy

Odd shows Dana through the woods. "It isn't that bad out here. You know the city surrounds you but out here you can ignore it all and think."

"Think? I'm sure that's what you do when you come out here."

"What? I'm a great intellectual. I think, there for I uh, the rest of that quote." She laughs.

"I'm thinking you take a lot of girls in to the woods."

"I, well, maybe." Odd laughs. "Smarter than your cousin."

"Of course I am but so is that tree. My brother warned me not to go any where with you."

"But you didn't listen, why?"

"Because we just moved and we don't know any one except Sissi. And while you may just like me cause I'm cute your friends might like me for more."

"And if that's true?"

"I make friends with them and kick you out playboy." She sticks her tongue out at him. "So except for me being cute why are you so nice to me?"

"Well you're a girl that's very important. If you were a cute boy I might not be walking through the woods with you." She laughs. "And you don't like Sissi so you must be smart and have more depth than a kiddie pool. I figure I can work from there."

"Maybe you can. I hated moving all the way here but a new place means a new start. You don't know any thing about me so you don't know about all the embarrassing things I did."


"Like I'd fall for that." She shoves him playfully.


Xana activates a Tower in the Ice Sector.


Odd and Dana continue talking when energy sparks near some rocks. Energy sparks farther away near other rocks. The rocks slide across the ground slowly and start forming together.

"And then she tried catching us out after curfew but we snuck around and instead she was caught by Jim."

"Oh, the gym guy right?" Odd nods. "He is a strange, strange man."

"He just did a lot he can't talk about." He sees the stones building up in to a human form. "Uh, speaking of strange start running back."

"Huh?" She turns around and sees what Odd sees. "Aaaa!" She turns and runs away.

Odd gets out his cell phone and starts dialing Aelita's number when Jeremie calls him first. "Jeremie, Xana's attacking."

"I know. The Tower Scan worked perfectly. Get to the Factory fast. Aelita and I are already here."

"I'm on my way." The rock monster takes a step towards Odd and the ground shakes. "If I can get past Xana's monster."

"Be careful Odd don't do any thing stupid."

"You know me."

"Like I said don't do any thing stupid." They hang up.

The rock monster takes another step towards Odd. He looks up at the three meter tall monster. "Uh, I'm guessing in this version paper won't beat rock." He turns and runs for the sewer entrance.

Odd makes it but the rock monster is right behind him. "Come off!" He pulls at the lid and starts sliding it off when the rock monster catches up and swings. Odd sees this and lifts up the sewer cover and uses it as a shield absorbing most of the blow with it. He falls backwards and loses his grip on the sewer cover. "Nice rock monster. Did any one ever tell you that the way you wear your rocks make you look slimming?" The rock monster raises a fist high.

"Watch out!" Ulrich dives and grabs Odd just in time. The rock monsters fist slams in to the ground leaving an imprint. "Odd we gotta go."

"I know, I can't." Odd was still recovering from the first blow. "Just give me a minute."

"I'll give you a minute if it doesn't kill me." Ulrich runs at the rock monster hoping he can distract it long enough for Odd to catch his breath.


Jeremie prepares the profiles. "Do you think we should try one of the new transports? Or wait in case it affects the transfer?"

"We should wait we can't risk giving Xana more time for an attack if it messes up." Aelita yawns. "I am glad you explained dreaming. I could control it now that I knew what it was."

"What uh, was it?"

"I wanted a world with out Xana. We were at a place where people traded you food for money like one I saw on television. You gave me a black box and inside was a clear rock on a gold ring. I'm not sure what it was for because you woke me up." Jeremie blushes. "You do that a lot, blush. Why?"

"I, when a person is embarrassed they do it."

"I make you embarrassed?" Jeremie shakes his head.

"That came out wrong. What you say is um, I can't explain it. Part of growing up is knowing what you can say and what you shouldn't say."

"But you asked me what the dream was and I told you."

"Yes, but I didn't know that was the dream." A hurt look appears on her face. "No Aelita, it isn't your fault. There are so many things you don't understand but it isn't your fault. We said we would teach you and we aren't doing a very good job of it. After this attack, maybe tomorrow after class, we can spend more time on human interaction." She hugs him tightly. "Like that."

"Like what?" She let's go.

"You hug me, a lot. Why?"

"That is how you show some one you care about happiness isn't it? I care much for you so I hug you." Jeremie blushes even brighter. "Again I said some thing embarrassing."

"Well, this time it isn't embarrassing just not what I expected."


Ulrich runs behind a tree and the rock monster collides with it. The tree trembles and leans. Ulrich runs back toward the sewer entrance. "Odd get going!" Odd was slowly climbing down the ladder.

"Aaaa!" Odd drops down and lands hard. He still hurt from the first blow but knew he had to move fast. He grabs his skateboard and starts pushing with his foot wincing when he takes a deep breath.

Ulrich slides down the ladder leaving the rock monster stuck above him.

Yumi's Home

Yumi tried leaving but her parents told her no. So she waits a few minutes before climbing out the window and climbing down.


Ulrich catches up with Odd easily. "You ok?"

"I feel like a slab of meat hit with a meat tenderizer." Odd lifts his shirt and shows Ulrich the bruises growing over his ribs and stomach. "I don't think I broke any thing."

"We just better get to the Factory before rocky finds his way down here." They continue down the sewer.

Kadic Academy

Dana runs in to Jim. "I, Jim, I just, it was a monster!"

"What was a monster?"

"The, with Odd, we were in the woods when a monster showed up and attacked!" Dana looks behind her as she tries catching her breath. "It was like the rocks came to life I swear!"

"Now, now. It sounds like his friends might have been playing a practical joke on a new student. It isn't nice but there are no such things as monsters."

"You didn't see it! No way could his friends have done that."


Yumi runs across the bridge when she feels it shake. The rock monster comes out from underneath blocking her way in. "Oh crap." Yumi looks around for a way past it. The rock monster swings at her and she leaps backwards. "I'll need help I hope the others didn't beat me here." She ducks under the next swing from the rock monster.


Ulrich helps Odd up the ladder then follows. "How did it beat us here?"

"Xana dude, Xana." Odd holds a hand against his chest. "Ow. No more breathing."

"Yumi!" Ulrich runs until he stands beside her. "Have an idea?"

"You, Odd, and I run different directions and hope it follows one of us." Ulrich shakes his head.

"Odd is hurt he can barely breath."

"Then you and I run different directions." He nods.

"Don't get hurt Yumi."

"I won't if you won't." They turn in different directions and run.

The rock monster turns towards Yumi and then Ulrich then stops. "Guys, bad idea!" Odd turns and starts climbing down the ladder when the rock monster pounces knocking him off of the ladder.

Odd falls and lands hard on his back. The rock monster looks down at him but can't follow. "Ow, ow, and triple ow." Odd doesn't get up as pain nearly cripples him.

Ulrich and Yumi sneak in behind the rock monster after it attacked Odd. They jump and swing down running for the elevator. The rock monster turns and starts chasing after them but is stopped by the long drop down.

Control Room

As the elevator runs Jeremie sends Aelita. "Transfer Aelita, Scanner Aelita, and virtualization." She lands on Lyoko in the Desert Sector.

The elevator stops and the doors open. "Jeremie, Odd's hurt but should be safe for now. Where's Aelita?"

"She's waiting for you on Lyoko." Ulrich and Yumi get back in the elevator and take it down to the Scanner Room.

"Transfer Odd, Transfer Ulrich, Scanner Odd, Scanner Ulrich, and virtualization." They land on Lyoko near Aelita. "You're close. The new Tower Scan makes it easier for me to find the location and send you closer."

"Cool." Ulrich looks around and sees the activated Tower in the distance. "Let's go." He takes off and the others follow.


Odd hears a noise but doesn't move. He was in too much pain now that the shock had worn off.


He hears the sound again but doesn't stir.

Clunk Clunk

Odd lifts his head high enough to see rocks falling through the sewer entrance. "Oh not good." He turns over on to his stomach and starts crawling. He winces with pain with every move and breath.

Clunk Clunk

More rocks fall and start forming back in to the monster.


The Lyoko Warriors near the activated Tower when two Mega Tanks appear. "Aelita, stay back."

"I can fight now."

"Yeah. up close. Like me." Ulrich gets his swords out. "But they are one shot deals we can't risk you being devirtualized."

"Hai!" Yumi throws her fans at the nearest Mega Tank. It turns and her fans bounce off the side. "I can create more now." She does and waits for another chance.

Ulrich runs towards the other Mega Tank when it opens. It starts charging a blast when Aelita runs past Ulrich. "Aelita stop!" She doesn't and has her energy swords up when the Mega Tank fires.

"Let's see if this works." She holds them in front of her and blocks the Mega Tank blast. Soon the energy of the blast is absorbed in to her blades.

"Whoa, you didn't tell us you could do that." Yumi and Ulrich are both stunned.

"We couldn't test it with out a monster." The energy blades glow brightly. "And now we can test this." She flings her right arm at the Mega Tank and the energy blade flies out and spears it through the Eye destroying it. It retracts back in to her arm. "It worked Jeremie!"

"Great but you still have one left." Aelita dodges a Mega Tank blast and tries throwing another energy whip but it stops way short.

"I only had enough energy for one whip attack and that was off of a Mega Tank."

"So we'll need some work on storing the energy better. Just take out the second one before it destroys you or Odd gets hurt worse."


Odd limps around the corner when he starts hearing heavy footsteps. "Come on guys I can't fight it." He tries limping away faster but the pain nearly makes him collapse.


Aelita, Yumi, and Ulrich surround the Mega Tank. "Yumi. I'll go in and distract it. When it opens throw fans and if it closes up Aelita you can run for it." Ulrich runs with his swords out front.

The Mega Tank opens and charges a blast. Ulrich keeps running knowing Yumi had already thrown her fans. It fires and Ulrich holds his swords up in front of him. The blast hits as Yumi's fans fly past him. "Aelita go!" He struggles holding the blast back.

Aelita runs for the activated Tower when the fans Yumi threw strike the Mega Tank on the Eye destroying it.


Odd's left leg gives out and he falls. "Ow." He turns and sees the rock monster moving up on him. "Come on guys any minute now. I mean really a return isn't even needed just get that Tower deactivated." The rock monster raises a fist ready to crush him.


"Tower deactivated." The screens fall around her.

"Ulrich, how bad was Odd hurt?"

"Pretty bad. The bruises were nasty and he might have broken some thing."

"Return to the past now." The white bubble comes up reversing time.


"Maybe you can. I hated moving all the way here but a new place means a new start. You don't know any thing about me so you don't know about all the embarrassing things I did."


"Like I'd fall for that." She shoves him playfully.

"No but maybe you'd fall for me." She laughs.

"Not falling for that either." Odd raises an eye brow. "Yet."

Kadic Academy

William walks up to Yumi after she leaves the gym with Ulrich. "Hey, you two see my sister?"

"Not since she walked in to the woods with Odd." His eyes go wide.

"I, I told her not to go with him. I can just tell he's trouble." He smiles at Yumi. "I'm sure you know that. Or are you smart enough to avoid him?"

"I'm one of the smart ones."

"How did I know?" Yumi smiles back as Ulrich glares. "Well, so is my sister after she learns a lesson or two." He looks over the uniforms the two were wearing. "Uh, ninja classes taught here?" Ulrich smiles when he sees Yumi roll her eyes.

"Pencak Silat, not used by ninjas."

"Oh, well, cool. I'm going in to the woods looking for my sister. There aren't any thing dangerous in the woods right?"

"Except for the rock monsters you should be fine." Yumi and Ulrich walk past William who stares at them with a confused look.


Aelita wakes up from her nap and sees Jeremie working feverously on her energy blades. "Did you find a way of storing energy better?"

"You only slept for an hour."

"Oh. Time passed much slower than in the dreams." She wraps her arms around his neck from behind. "I saw this on a telefusion show is it ok I do this?"

"Yes, not as tightly." She loosens her grip and he takes a deep breath. "Thank you." She pulls him back too far and he tips over. She gets tangled up with him and falls on top of him.

"Are you ok?" He nods. "I am also." She gets off of him and notices he was blushing. "I'm sorry for doing some thing that embarrasses you again. I will try and learn how not to."

"No Aelita you don't, it wasn't your fault. Um, maybe I should have Yumi explain it next time you get a chance. I gotta remember you don't know every thing yet. You pass as a human so well I forget some times you're really an AI."

"Thank you Jeremie. There is so much on Earth. The air, colors, and what you call blushing is weird."

"You are learning fast and I'm sure it won't be long until you are just the same as the rest of us."

"I hope so." She hugs him again and this time he doesn't blush.

A/N Just a start, intro a new William and his little sister Dana who are related with Sissi. A quick flare up of the old triangle with William failing. And only a few weeks after end of 1st season so Aelita is still ignorant/innocent on most things. And things like sleeping/dreaming are so strange for her. And other things like food, drinking, and what happens after that… More help needed from Yumi. As shown she stays with Yumi and not at Kadic. Also, Tower Scan instead of Super Scan. Working on vehicles but nothing completed. And new powers with Odd and Aelita. What else will happen? We must wait and see.