Hi! The names Sinnii for those of ya who don't know... which is probably a lot. Finally, after years of being a member of this site, I've finally written something I believe is worthy of submission!

Now, this isn't my first fic per se, but it is the first that I've ever submitted, so don't be too brutal with me.

This fic started out as just a weird idea after reading a... kinda iffy FFVII fanfic on deviantart, and it had a premise that I wanted to explore. The story as a whole, which will be at least three actual stories, is an overall AU, but it mostly conforms to the events of the Compilation (except for Before Crisis, I don't know too much about it, but I'm pretty sure that won't hurt me in the long run). It is going to be Yaoi, so if you're not into that, no biggie, but don't read it then complain.

The story starts out pretty tame, but as it progresses, it will earn its rating. Trust me.

Now onto the stuff ya really need to know about the chapter:

Pairing(s): none

Warnings: mild violence, language

*I do not own Final Fantasy VII, it belongs to Square Enix. If I owned it, I certainly would not be worrying about a college fund*

Now, on with the show!

It had been his first mission to Wutai.

Before then, he'd grown anxious and restless with the lack of assignments. Instead, his energy had been spent training in simulation battles which, while taxing, were nowhere near as satisfying as doing something which made an actual impact. After a while, he had grown frustrated and would find himself doing squats to burn off the excess energy he still seemed to have even after his rigorous training sessions. Still, nothing was being accomplished in his eyes, so his frustrations only grew.

Then, out of nowhere it seemed, he was being sent to a faraway continent to take part in a very important mission.

His excitement had been overwhelming.

He and his mentor were sent in to infiltrate Fort Tamblin, an important enemy base. He had been told that the collapse of this base could very well bring about the end of the long and bloody conflict between Wutai and Shinra. The mission was straightforward. He, himself, was given the order to sneak into the base and eliminate any and all remaining troops. He had trembled with anticipation waiting for the signal that would allow him to do so.

Simple in theory, the mission was surprisingly easy to complete once put into action as well. He had taken out every single Wutai soldier he came across as well as the monsters the men had at their disposal. He had even combed through the fort again to ensure that every enemy had been dealt with before going to the center of the base. He had expected resistance, and wasn't surprised to be confronted by several members of Wutai's elite Crescent Unit. However, he hadn't expected to be confronted with a young Wutaian girl who clearly talked big despite her small size. After simply appealing to her nature and feigning surrender, he continued on into the dojo residing in Fort Tamblin's center after she'd run off.

The first two monsters he faced within the dojo were a cinch in his opinion. But he had underestimated the third, unwisely approaching it's assumed corpse before being knocked into a wall by its massive fist.

Cue Angeal to the rescue.

It had been a blow to his pride, but he was thankful that the man cared enough to risk wear, tear, and rust on his precious sword for him.

After the completion of the mission, he and Angeal were to escort SOLDIER Director Lazard to back to camp. It seemed easy enough until they had been ambushed by a number of oddly dressed troops. He had been sent away with the director by his mentor, but once Lazard was safe, he hurried back to help Angeal fight off the soldiers. However, when he returned to that very spot, he found the troops felled and no Angeal in sight. Pushing worry to the back of his mind, he inspected the strange men and realized that they were not affiliated with Shinra's enemy.

Whoever, they were, they were not with Wutai.

He had little time to dwell on who the soldiers were and where they had come from before he was once again the target of a surprise attack. However, he was not attacked by any soldier… or any man for that matter.

In a flash of light he was surrounded by flames, and before him stood a towering beast that only faintly resembled a heavily muscled man with hooved legs and enormous horns. Its mouth was set in a terrifying snarl, its canines long and sharp. It looked down at him with eyes full of a burning rage before it let out a roar that shook him to the core of his being and barreled towards him. He only just managed to break out of his trance and leap to the side to avoid the full-on attack.

With its back to him, he rushed forward and slashed it with his sword. It let out a roar of pain and rage as it turned its body and slammed a clawed fist into his side. He felt the air rush from his lungs as he was sent flying backwards into the hard ground. Amazingly, he had managed to keep a firm grip on his weapon, but his relief was short lived as he was forced to scramble out of the way as the monster once again rushed at him.

Too close, he thought. He raised his sword again waiting for be beast to come at him again.

It turned towards him, and he felt its gaze burn him. He stared it down regardless, and raised his sword a little higher. He didn't want to risk attacking it head on, though that was usually his strategy. This creature was too big, too strong for that, so he'd wait for it to attack first. After a few agonizing seconds, it raised its head and gave another jarring roar, the flames on its arms and of its mane flaring dangerously. It summoned more flames around its massive body until it looked like a massive fireball before it barreled towards him yet again, but this time, just before it got to him it leaped into the air. Clearly he would not be able to attack it this time, so he moved as far he could away from the beast's target point of impact. It slammed into the earth with such force that the ground gave beneath it, and it sent a shockwave through the area around it that knocked him off his feet.

He hit his head on the rocky ground, and had the semblance of mind to wonder exactly how earth that once grassy and made of semi hard soil managed to harden to rock. As he struggled to stand, he heard another roar from the monster. When he was almost fully upright, his vision swam and his balance was lost. He fell back to the ground on his side and managed to turn just in time to see the beast engulf itself in flames once again. His heart pounded in his ears as he willed his body to stand, to move, but it would not obey.

The flames of the beast grew brighter and larger until they were almost too bright for his enhanced eyes. He watched helplessly as the flames were channeled outward, and he could only try and cover himself as they rushed toward him. He felt the burn for only a moment before flames were suddenly extinguished and all he felt was the heat of the flames around the battleground. Curious, he took a chance and looked up from his spot on the ground and could not contain a sound of surprise.

A towering figure stood between him and the foe that almost ended him. Flowing silver hair draped down passed broad armored shoulders and almost to the knees. An insanely long katana was held secure in the figure's left hand and shined brilliantly in the light of the flames.

He had no time to react before the figure rushed forward sword raised and, quick and powerful as a Thundaga spell, the fiery beast was felled. He watched in amazement as it vanished in light and with it the burning battleground. Suddenly he was surrounded by the familiar trees and softer ground. The stars shone above him and he could hear the faint chirp of insects. He was back in the forest in Wutai. But he only dwelled on this thought for a millisecond before his attention was back on the imposing figure that stood only a short distance away.

He stood up slowly not wanting to risk another wave dizziness that would send him sprawling back down. The last thing he wanted was to look a fool in front of the man that was before him. Finally upright, he took in the appearance of the man that saved his life.

The man stood tall and proud, his silver hair and the tail of his coat swayed in a gentle breeze. His broad shoulders were adorned with silver pauldrons. The imposing sword at his side shone just as brilliantly in the night as it did in the light of the flames. There was only one man on the planet that had the power to wield such a weapon, only one man had such long hair of such and strange color.

It took him a moment to find his voice, still in disbelief over the fact of who it was that saved him.

"Holy…" It was all he could really manage.

At his voice, the other man turned.

Eyes of a vivid cyan regarded him, and held him in an intense gaze. Those eyes were set in a pale, flawless face framed by equally flawless silver bangs. Thin lips were set in a neutral line before parting, and a voice of a deep baritone filled his ears.

"Where is Angeal?"