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Warnings: Threesome, sex, and cussing. Little kids have been warned.

Germany's face was absolutely priceless; eyes being wide, mouth agap, and his body frozen in place, which made Prussia smirk, "Bruder, what-"

A demented look was placed on his face, ignoring a crying Italy, licking his lips, "Welcome home, West," Idea's were now flooding his mind. "would you like to join us?" His eyes were now even more red than before. German people were really fucked up.

Germany only could just stand and watch in awe, looking at the positions and what was happening. More important; his kitchen. His blue eyes widened, seeing his kitchen as a total disaster. What could he do though? Feliciano was practically being (too late) raped, and Gilbert wasn't doing a thing about the mess, or anything to mend the situation. His kitchen... oh the counters and the pans, the stove! The were covered in water, grease, pasta stains, and everything. He couldn't stand it, he had to do something. But what was more important? The kitchen or his cute Feliciano? "Bruder, what the hell is wrong with you? Let go of Feliciano!"

Gilbert chuckled, only backing an inch or so away, still hovering over the crying and weeping Italy. His bright red eyes widened, "Oh? Come on, West, just by the sight of this has turned you on, has it not? Just let loose and join in the fun." The Prussian pointed at the bulge in younger German's pants. A small tent has formed, which made Ludwig embarrassed.

The younger German continued to ignore the Italian's cries, now glaring at his other brother, "Gilbert! Clean this kitchen up right now and let Feliciano go! You're even lucky enough that you get to stay in my house. Verdammt, Gil-" the male walked over to the Prussian, but once he did that, Gilbert forced him against the counter, right beside Feliciano.

"West," The older male whispered, now hovering over his brother, licking at his cheek, going down towards his neck, "come on. Chill the fuck out." He left alone a crying and weak Italy beside him, but Feliciano knew what would happen if he were to move. Gilbert could be forgiving, but sometimes not as forgiving.

Germany blinked, then practically throwing the red-eyed male off of him, but then he got forced back around, Gilbert right behind him, forcing a hand inside his pants.

"Hah, wait... get of-" He squeezed his eyes tightly, panting slightly as the head of his dick was squeezed. The blond hair started to get out of place, squeezing at the desk top, shivering. He tried to ignore the kisses and the hot breath on his neck. He blinked again, noting that his pants were falling down his hips, not even noticing that the buckle became undone.

"Feliciano, you wanted to taste adorable little West, haven't you? Well, now is your chance, come here," Prussia smirked, holding Germany down on the counter as he heard Italy's cries stop. His eyes looked over to the Italian's form, a questioned look on his small features. He couldn't help but nod to encourage Feliciano.

Judging by the stop of the cries and the willingness, he figured Germany wouldn't punish him after all. He obeyed, crawling under the German, settling down underneath him.

Everything went by super fast for Ludwig, he just blinked and everything went by super fast. He grunted out how he couldn't move at all, not even noticing what his older brother was doing, "Hn, get off me! Gilbert! You better not be planning anything!" He was thrashing around, not even knowing that Feliciano was right under him.

Prussia pulled down Ludwig's pants, smirking, rubbing his dick behind him, this got Germany to shut up and stop moving around, "What's wrong, West? Got nothing to say now? Prussia grabbed the base of his own dick, and rubbed it teasingly against his hole, enjoying the reaction he was getting from his younger brother.

"Bruder, ha-" His eyes widened, feeling his dick being engulfed by the wet and warm, his mind couldn't comprehend what was going on, the only thing he knew was Prussia was molesting him, which isn't even cool.

"Feliciano, I want you to wait, okay? Don't do it so suddenly," said Gilbert. He smirked, not even bothering to prepared the male, so he just slowly slide his dick inside the male, slowly though, which was the least he could do in this kind of situation.

"Hn, Gil-" He ducked his head under his body, panting harshly from the pain happening in his lower back, but the warmth around his length was cooling down the pain. It just hurt so fucking bad, he was grunting, trying to pull away from the pain, but it was only making it worse.

"Shh, just take it all in, okay? Just be a good little brother and just take it, this was going to happen to you eventually, anyways, come on, "Gilbert whispered, gripping the males hips tightly so that way he won't shake loose. He felt Ludwig's body shake violently, feeling the his body flush, too, "damn, how long have you been holding back? We've fucked a million times, but yet you're always just so fucking tight. I like it." Gilbert growled, biting and nipping at the German's neck. Once he was sheathed in all the way, he waited, hearing the sucks and licks Feliciano was giving to Ludwig, the grunting and the harsh panting from the German, and his own smirk. He was just so fucking awesome, he couldn't even understand. No one could.

Germany continued to shut his eyes, arching over the counter as he shook his hips a little bit, signaling that he was ready to move now, and ready to get this over with, as well. His eyes were squeezed tightly together, feeling the male behind him move, giving him no time to recover at all. A couple sucks here and there, along with some hurtful thrusts that were going on. He couldn't take it. Verdammt, he was into all that hardcore kinky shit, but he still couldn't take the pain that was happening. No lubricant, no preparation, no nothing, he had to suffer it dry. Oddly enough though, he liked it. He liked all of what was happening; the pain, and everything. It was exciting. It excited him.

"Neh, neh, Ludwig... you're so hard now... you're going to make me choke," mumbled an Italian from under him, which surprised the German. He then went back to sucking him, like it was no one's business. This just got Ludwig even harder, so hard it started to actually hurt.

The thrusts started to calm down from pain, and it started to feel good. He was too manly to moan though, so he just grunted, and thrust back into Gilbert's own thrusts while trying not to thrust into Feliciano's own mouth. It was hard to do regardless.

The German's body started to get even hotter, going along more with the harsh thrusts, biting down on his bottom lip, then it hit. Germany's eyes widened, groaning loudly as that one spot inside him was hit, his prostate. His body shivered harshly, feeling the breathing on his neck quickening as he knew that Gilbert knew that he found that spot, because he was so fucking awesome, everyone knew that.

Prussia smirked as he thrusted faster and and faster, brushing and hitting dead on the spot over and over. Now his thrusts became wild and totally off rhythm, knowing he was probably close too, "Heh... heheh, you almost done, Feliciano? Hurry up."

It seemed as if he was doing just that, seeing the German panting, his body becoming so fucking hot he couldn't stand it. He even felt something warm form in the pit of his stomach, feeling so fucking close.

Thrust, thrust, thrust.

Come on, just a little bit more...

Thrust, suck, thrust.

Without knowing it, he exploded all over Feliciano's face, then feeling Gilbert exploded inside of him.

The German panted harshly, sweat forming at his brow, now feeling Gilbert pulling out of him and away with the Italian still chilling under him. He was too tired to move probably.

"What the fuck was that? Gilbert!" Germany turned around, glaring at his brother when he then came up and gave him a cute peck on the lips, that sweet smile taking over his face.

"What is it, West?" He said sweetly, with the Italian quickly coming over to the Prussian's side, smiling brightly with cum still on his cheeks.

Germany's eyes widened, his cheeks flushed from the embarrassment of the kiss and just the mere sight of his cum still on Feliciano's cheeks, "W-Whaa-? Go clean yourself up what the fuck is wrong with you? GILBERT!"

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