Blowing out the smoke from his fag, the Brit glanced up at the sky. Not that you could see any stars in this overly bright city. Glancing at the man beside him, he let out a sigh. "We haven't sold much tonight, have we?"

"It's Tuesday." The other blond murmured, taking the cigarette for himself to take a deep drag. "Tuesday has never been a good day for any business." Monday was done so people weren't upset, and it wasn't close enough to the weekend for them to pine after the relaxation.

Nodding, Arthur took back the cigarette. A woman and her little son were walking past, staring at them, so he stuck up his middle finger and snarled at them. He gave a satisfied laugh as they hurried away. "Wankers."

Chuckling under his breath at his friend's 'enthusiasm', Matthew leaned more of his weight against the wall behind him and looked around some more. It really wasn't a good day for business, but all he could hope for was that tomorrow would be better. At least this way he was given a small break. He put his hands in his hoodie pocket and absentmindedly played with a ball of lint he found. "We may as well just go home; no one is buying so there's no point."

Eyeing the strange couple, Alfred stepped closer with a grin. "Hey... Are you two drug dealers?" They sure as hell looked like drug dealers, anyway. And he was told this was the place to go.

"What's it to you? Bloody Yank." Arthur grumbled, pushing himself off the wall to get a better look at the boy. "You better not be trying to pull a fast one on us."

Eyes going wide, Alfred waved his hands. "No! I wouldn't do that! You see..." he leaned forward, glancing around to make sure no one was listening, and whispered, "I wanna buy some pot."

Watching the two fight, Matthew elbowed his friend and nodded towards his uniform. His nose crinkled in amusement at how secretive the blond was being about what he wanted to purchase. Though it made sense from how he probably grew up.

"Gakuen high, eh?" Arthur sneered, poking the emblem on his chest. "Why would any preppy jock from there want to be friends with Mary Jane?"

Covering the emblem, Alfred looked at the other guy who wasn't speaking. "I... Didn't have time to change... But look I have money!" He was mainly speaking to the silent guy, hoping he would say something.

Matthew watched with silent eyes as the aforementioned money was brought out. He quickly snatched it up to count before nodding at Arthur. He in fact had more than enough for the crap they had, but he wasn't going to go easy on him; not when he was so eager.

Nodding back to his friend in return, Arthur sighed. "You're a damn lucky kid. Normally we don't cater to the likes of your kind, but apparently Matthew thinks we should make an exception." Opening up his heavy leather jacket, he fished around in one of the hidden pockets before procuring a small bag of weed.

Grinning, Alfred took the weed. This was so awesome! "Thanks Matthew." Which was apparently his name. Then he looked to the British guy. "And what do you mean 'the likes of me'? Just because I go to school."

"It's not the education." Arthur grunted, leaving it at that. Damn kid, thinking that just because they had a family their lives would be without pain. Well, they learnt that was wrong the hard way. "Now bugger off unless you want something else. You're scaring away our business."

Hiding the pot in his leather jacket, Alfred nodded. "Alright, fine. You should be nicer to your paying customers." He smiled and waved, going off into the lighter parts of the street.

It wasn't until the student was but a speck on the horizon that Matthew spoke up. "What a character." He murmured, a small smile on his lips. It wasn't every day that they had someone like him buy drugs. Even if it was just marijuana, since they didn't want to be caught with anything harder than that at the moment as it was.

Snorting, Arthur closed his eyes and put his head against the wall. "That bag will probably last him a year or more, knowing their type. We won't be seeing him again."