Handing over a bag of pot to a middle aged guy, Arthur grumbled. "I have to take a piss." And in this neighborhood, the only place that would let you use their washrooms was at least fifteen minutes walk from here, and last time he pissed in the alley he had been caught by the cops. He did not need another night behind bars.

"Don't waste too much time. I don't want to find you in some bar somewhere." Because the last time that happened he had gotten drunk and they had just barely enough to pay off his tab. He could handle business for a bit but not too long before someone found him easy enough to take advantage of.

Nodding, the Brit started walking away. "You can handle your own in a fair fight, if you don't mind hurting the other guy." He had seen Matthew fight very rarely, and he was usually pissed drunk, or was having an argument about hockey. At those times, the blond was scary.

Matthew just nodded. "I'll be fine if you hurry!" Laughing quietly, he watched as his friend walked away. Hopefully no one would want his services right now since it would be easier to just sell the drugs and not have to worry about being in the alley.

Fifteen minutes later, Arthur let out a sigh as he zipped up his fly. Bloody hell, he hardly made it. He started the walk back, glaring at a pack of guys that usually gave them trouble. "Wankers." He muttered under his breath as he passed them.

Getting to the corner, he raised an eyebrow at the fact that Matthew wasn't there anymore. He couldn't have waited half an hour to take a customer, could he? Lighting up a cigarette, he took a peek down the dark opening. Was it some old guy again? Or maybe that school...

"Shit!" He dropped his cigarette, running down the alley. Matthew was on the ground, a large bruise already evident on his face. "Matthew, Matthew are you alright?" But he got no response, and realized he was unconscious. Those fuckers, it was obviously them that did this! Fuck fuck fuck, what the bloody hell was he going to do?

It was then he remembered when, just two days ago, he made sure to put that school boy's number in his phone. Searching in Matthew's pocket, Arthur pulled it out and found the number.

"Answer, answer, answer!" Arthur muttered under his breath, hearing the ringing with his heart beat in his head. "Alfred!" He yelled as soon as the phone was picked up.

Slightly confused, Alfred cocked his head on the other end of the line. "Arthur?" At least he was the only person he knew with an accent. But it didn't make sense, if either of them would be calling him, wouldn't it be Matthew?

Grimacing, he muttered. "I need your help. Matthew... Matthew got fucked up by some people and is unconscious." It was obvious that at least one of his ribs were broken because even in his unconscious state his forehead was pulled together in pain. "If you don't want your boy-toy to die then you need to do something."

Gasping, Alfred gripped the phone. "Call the ambulance, idiot! I'm not a doctor, what can I do?" Why would anyone ever want to hurt Matthew! Was he going to be ok?

"Well it's not like we have any health care, you bloody git!" Arthur yelled into the mobile, clenching his teeth together. "Get here now. You're the only hope Matt has."

"God, I don't... Um look, call the ambulance, I'll find out a way to get the money!" He had some saved away, and the rest he might be able to ask for his parents to give him money... shit how the hell did this happen?

Hanging up quickly, Arthur phoned for an ambulance before kneeling down beside Matthew. He knew that his friend wasn't the strongest, so it wasn't fair that he made him do this with him. Matthew didn't deserve to live like this, not when he still had a family. Even if they did hate him, it would be better than being a whore and living on the street.


Matthew blinked his eyes slowly, gradually coming back to consciousness. All he could remember was getting punched and kicked for not having the drugs they wanted... Then why was he on a bed, in a clean room? And what was that beeping sound? And why was his arm hard to move?

Hearing the heart monitor speed up slightly, the nurse looked to the patient and smiled, seeing he was waking up. "Hello, young man. Finally awake, I see." She went over to his bed, grabbing a glass of water from the table, since he would probably be thirsty.

"W-Where am I?" He asked with a raspy voice. It seemed like a hospital, but he couldn't be there since it would cost too much money. Money that Arthur and he didn't have...

"In the recovery ward, hon. Now, I have a question for you. Is your full name Matthew Williams, by chance?" She put the glass to his mouth so he could drink, since it was obviously hard for him to talk with his mouth so dry.

Swallowing down the water, he blanched. Did the police find him? Where they going to put him in jail for prostitution and selling drugs? At least that would be better than sleeping on the street... "Yes... That is my name..."

Smile growing wider, she nodded. "That's good, are you feeling up for company?" She put the glass back down, making a mental note to fill it once she had a chance.

Nodding slowly, Matthew figured it would be better to give over to fate instead of waiting to draw it out. If he was going to jail, at least they would give him food and a bed. He couldn't help but think it could be something better by how happy the nurse sounded.

"Perfect." She went to the door, speaking to someone, and then opened the door wider so two blond adults could bustle into the room. With how they were acting, no one really noticed the other blond that slipped in behind them and stood by the door.

His eyes going wide, Matthew tried to sit up in his bed but hissed at the pain that blossomed from his ribs. "M-Mom?" He asked shakily, not believing that they were there. "Dad?"

Going to hug her son, Mrs. Williams stopped as she remembered he had two broken ribs. "Matthew, oh my baby!" She then went to hug him as carefully as she could, not wanting to hurt him but needing to hug him after so long.

Clearing his throat, Mr. Williams tried to hide the tears of joy that were jumping to his eyes. "Son, we missed you."

Unable to understand just what was happening, Matthew stayed silent as his parents fretted over him. Why did they suddenly care? They hated him when he ran away... It was then that he saw Alfred standing in the corner of the room with a sad smile. "Alfred?"

Staying in the corner, Alfred felt like he was intruding in this happy reunion. "Um, the doctor recognized you from a Missing poster... So we called them." Well, the hospital called them. They wouldn't even give him their number.

Looking back to his parents, he whimpered. "B-But you hated me... How can you miss me if you didn't want me in the first place?" He looked between his parents and Alfred, trying to figure out just what was happening.

"What? Oh Matthew, we don't hate you!" His mother brought a chair over so she could hold his hand that wasn't broken. "We were... shocked, but we still love you!" The past year without knowing where he was and if he was alright had been horrible!

"You... Don't?" Was he still dreaming? That would make sense since he was pretty sure he had a bad concussion... His parents were vividly upset that he was gay, so this couldn't be real. And why would Alfred be here anyways?

Standing by his wife, Mr. Williams nodded. "We could never hate you, you are our son Matthew." It was unfortunate that they had to find him in a hospital like this, but at least now he would be coming home.

Feeling incredibly awkward, Alfred decided that he wouldn't be missed if he slipped out for a while. Going to the cafeteria, he thought about how skinny Matthew was and ordered some food for him.

Almost as if a floodgate was opened, Matthew started to cry openly with a sad smile. "I-I-I thought you hated me so much s-so I r-ran away... I m-miss you..." It made him sad that he wouldn't be able to be with Arthur anymore, but at least he was saved from living on the streets for much longer. It would feel nice to have a proper shower for once and not have to do anything in return for it.

The three of them talked for a few hours, his parents just so glad that he was safe. Well, as safe as you can be with two broken ribs, a broken arm, and a concussion. Not to mention the many bruises. But he was going to be home, after so long! A while later, his parents had to go to work, because it turned out that he had woken up at four in the morning.

"We can stay if you want. We wouldn't want you to be lonely..." His mother was saying, hesitating as she put on her coat.

Matthew shook his head, still overwhelmed by everything that had happened. "It's ok... I don't want to ruin anything else..." He wanted to be able to talk to Alfred or Arthur again, but he wasn't sure just what happened with the two of them. Hopefully Arthur didn't get drunk last night and was safe somewhere.

They left with a few tearful good byes. Alfred saw that and slipped into the room, to see Matthew closing his eyes. He looked tired, so he didn't announce his presence.

"Al?" Matthew murmured, forcing himself to stay awake to talk to the rich kid. "Why did you do this?"

Thinking he meant the thing of food still in his hand, Alfred went to give it to him. "Well, I thought you would be hungry, so I-"

"Not that." Matthew cut him off, staring into his blue eyes with a small, confused frown. "This." He emphasized, gesturing to the hospital room. "And my parents..." Was it because you wanted me to have my life back just as much as I didn't want you to give up yours? He thought to himself.

"Oh..." Alfred sat down on the bed, making sure Matthew wasn't there. "Well, Arthur found you... Like that... And called me. I don't even know why he called me but he did so I told him to call an ambulance and I would take care of the bill."

Closing his eyes, Matthew whispered. "I'm not worth it." Sure his family was happy to see him now, but after they heard about what he was doing, then they wouldn't care. Not once they knew their little boy was a whore.

Pouting, Alfred wagged a finger at him. "Don't talk like that. Look Matthew, you can go home now, you don't have to be on the streets anymore."

"Why do you care? We... Arthur wanted to get to addicted to ecstasy. That's what we gave you. You haven't been sleeping well, have you?" He glanced at the bags under the blond's eyes. "And you've been feeling depressed; those are side-effects. He figured that if you were addicted then you would become a life long customer."

Opening his mouth to say something, Alfred closed it and looked down. He had pretty much figured that much out. "It... It got you to talk to me..." But then he looked up and pushed the food closer to Matthew. "Eat. You look like you haven't eaten in forever."

The smaller blond shook his head. "I'm not hungry." He wasn't very much at least, but it did smell good...

"But you need your strength to heal. Come on, please?" Because he was much too skinny to be healthy.

Sighing, Matthew pushed down his fatigue and sat up; staying mindful of his ribs as he moved. Taking the fork, he started to eat quietly. "Why do you care so much about me?"

Shrugging, Alfred stood up to give Matthew more room to eat and got the chair. "At first it was fascination, why you weren't talking to me. Then I wanted you to talk to me. Then you did, and now I can't stop thinking about you."

Matthew couldn't help but smirk. So Arthur was right about him being 'mysterious' to new customers. "Alright, but it's not like I'm important. There are probably a bunch of girls and guys at your school that like you." Alfred was definitely attractive enough, even if he could drive a sober person up the wall when he was fucked up on E.

"But they bug me. Look, let's not talk about this right now. We could talk about how I live like fifteen minute bus ride from your house!"

"How do you know where my parents live?" Mathew asked, his eyebrow raising. "And where is Arthur?"

"You were out for a few hours, so me and your parents talked for a while. And Arthur was in the ambulance with you but he said it would be against his religion to go into a government building."

Going back to his food, Matthew stayed silent. He had no more questions yet to ask Alfred and the food was really good after not eating properly for a year. He finished and looked up at Alfred's expectant face. "Thank you for the food." he murmured, his heart fluttering awkwardly at the happy smile he received.


Matthew was released a few days later. His parents were flitting around him, trying to make him more comfortable. Arthur watched from a distance.

Feeling awkward in his new, clean clothes, Matthew quickly excused himself from his parent and went to Arthur. "Apparently they didn't hate me..." He murmured, looking into the delinquent's bright green eyes.

Giving a small laugh, Arthur nodded. "Yeah, I can see that." He dug his hands into his pockets, trying to keep out the cold. Even being this close to the hospital was making him nervous, looking around for any official looking people.

"You could probably find your family too... I'll feel terrible knowing you're still out here..." Which was the truth after they looked after each other for the last year. "After all, whose going to cook for you?"

Sighing, Arthur shook his head. "Matthew, my mother was a whore. I was born into the streets, it's too late for me." He couldn't live a normal life, couldn't play by the rules.

Looking to the ground, he pulled at his too-tight shirt. "I can at least visit you and make sure you eat more than the burnt crap you can make. Ivan isn't going to be happy if you try and stay there without me." He would offer for him to stay at his house, but Matt already knew what the answer would be.

"No. I don't want to see either you or your new boyfriend near that street corner again." It was best that they both got their lives away from the drugs. Even if it would be nice, having school boy as a regular customer.

Narrowing his eyes, Matthew stated. "Alfred's not my boyfriend." Why would he think that?

Suddenly, arms wrapped around Matthew's waist, making sure not to touch his ribs. "Hey Mattie, I'm sleeping over at your house tonight, ok? I asked your parents already."

Using his cast to push Alfred off him, Matthew grumbled. "Did I say it was ok? Maybe I don't want you to be there the first night I'm back home." Glaring at Arthur pathetically, he reiterated. "He's not!"

Still laughing, the Brit rolled his eyes. "Sure he's not." He said sarcastically.

Blinking, Alfred tried to keep hugging Matthew. "Not what?"

Matthew rolled his eyes as he finally got out of the embrace. "Bye Arthur. I do want to see you again, even if it isn't there." Pulling Alfred behind him with his good arm, he went to his parents with a bittersweet smile. He wasn't sure if he would get completely used to living at home, but it was better than how he thought his life was going to be.

And that's it! Hope everyone liked this kinda short story. We sure enjoyed writing it. And, just letting everyone know, we will be starting to post a FrUK story, kinda angsty, so watch out for that probably next week. See ya!