There are days when she woke up, thinking that it would be another troublesome day filled with handsome, yet rude and annoying, men. There were times when she wondered what she had done in a previous life to earn such a sentencing. And there were times, as brief as they were, where she thought that life spent among the Host Club wasn't too bad. In fact, there were times when she found she was grateful that she had broken the vase that had bound them all together. Even the biggest, most oblivious idiot of them all had found/stumbled his way into her life. But the thing she found strange was why he hadn't chosen someone else as his "daughter", or why she hadn't forced him out for being very rude…or for having a tendency of following that bordered stalking.

"HARUHI!WAIT UP, Daddy wants to walk home with you!" A voice rang out of the coming darkness, shattering the peaceful calm that had been Fujioka Haruhi's walk home. The perpetrator? Suoh Tamaki, her friend and self proclaimed father.

'Mother in Heaven, I think Tamaki-Senpai knows no boundaries. I wonder if he's realized that he followed me to my apartment.' Haruhi thought as Tamaki ran to catch up with her.

"No, go home." Tamaki froze and sat in a corner, looking like he suffered from some strange depression. "Go home Senpai, it's been a long day and I want to go to sleep early today." His recovery, as usual, was instant.

"Ah! Is that because you look forward to spending time with me so much that you can't wait until tomorrow?" Haruhi felt that most of her time around Tamaki was spent ignoring or dealing with his random, and constant, spouts of idiocy. "Okay Haruhi, Daddy will go home so we can play a lot tomorrow!"

'Mother in Heaven, why do I respect this idiot so much? Even when he has his moments, he usually screws it over in a few seconds. Usually.' The soft click of boots echoed behind her and she turned around, ready to give Tamaki the cold shoulder.

"Tamaki-." Instead of glaring at the face of an annoying albeit kind Senpai, she was staring down the barrel of a gun.

"Give me your money." The man was wearing a ski mask over his face and the tone of his voice suggested he was used to this kind of thing. "NOW, before I get impatient."

"No." Haruhi put on a brave face, standing as tall as possible.

"Don't make this your last day kid, give me your money and we can all walk out of here." Try as she might, Haruhi couldn't keep her eyes off the gun pointed at her face.

"No." The look in the mugger's eyes briefly flashed with anger, and then his features relaxed and he sighed.

"Well then kid, I hope you have a nice funeral." His finger seemed to move as fast as a snail and time slowed down with him. For what seemed like an hour she stared at the gun, and then closed her eyes.

'If I'm going to die the first thing I want to see is you, Mom.' Haruhi briefly thought of what it would be like meeting her mom again; however a few things got in the way.

"HARUHI!" Haruhi felt her body quiver at the bang, and only barely missed the heavy thud of something hitting the floor. Comforting arms embraced her in a loose hug and she felt a sigh escape her. In her mind she already began to think of a way to thank Tamaki …but something else distracted her from it.

"Senpai?" Something inside her told her that something was wrong, that Tamaki felt fragile somehow. That at any moment, something would give.

"Haruhi, are you okay?" Every word he spoke came out in a quiet gasp, and he sluggishly fumbled over the words.

"Yeah, but what…?" As Haruhi opened her eyes, the only thing she saw was Tamaki's blue orbs staring straight back. But they no longer held any sign of mirth or charm or stupidity, only a cloudy gaze looked back at her.

"Thank goodness." Slowly closing his eyes, Tamaki slumped over and rested his head on Haruhi's shoulder.

"Tamaki-Senpai?" A warm, sticky liquid dripped onto the back of her hand and she felt fear crawl up her spine. Blood, in all its gruesome and horrific beauty, painted her hand its crimson color. And a seemingly endless stream trickled from Tamaki's chest. He had taken the bullet meant for her, straight into his heart. "Tamaki-Senpai, why didn't you go home?" Haruhi waited for an answer from the Idiot King, expecting some kind of poorly thought out joke. Even as blood seeped out of his chest and Haruhi frantically shook him, he smiled. "Senpai wake up, wake up, please just wake up Senpai." A part of Haruhi thought it was strange that she was begging for Tamaki to wake up instead of calling for help. Another part waited for him to jump up and laugh and say, "Just Kidding!" and then she would punch him for worrying her and then…he would be okay. But what she wanted and what was happening stayed in their respective worlds. The words she wanted to say, the ones that would save the dying Suoh eluded her panicking mind. And to Haruhi, forever and a half passed until she found them hidden beneath the chaos known as her mind. As she screamed for help for the first time in her life, a wish formed out of her jumbled thoughts.

'Mother in Heaven, if you find him there…send him back. Please.'