Chapter 3: Broken Mirror

Always an interesting sight to see, the twins were always seen together doing things together. Perfect in their synchronicity, both able to easily read their brother's mind. Seeming to lack care, the twins shut out the rest of the world, refusing to be individually identified. But that was also a contradiction to their desire. So far, only one person had ever seen Karou and Hikaru.

Both could feel fear creeping up on them, threatening to overwhelm them with panic. Both wanted to rush to the hospital and stay by their lord. But, Karou and Hikaru differed at this point. Like light and day, their desire was similar but varied on the course of action.

"We can't, Hikaru." The same eyes settled on their counterpart, mirroring its cold anger. "Tono wouldn't want that."

"But we're not Tono, and Tono isn't here. We're Karou and Hikaru, the Hitachins. We could get away with it too, they can't stop us." Anger, hatred and fear radiated out of Hikaru. In contrast, Karou remained calm. However, his voice still caused the passing servants to cringe in fear.

"And what would that do? Would it make Tono better? Well? Answer me, Hikaru!" Karou grabbed Hikaru, lifting him up to shake an answer out of him. Merciless eyes flashed at their twin, eyes that had always looked so similar could never have belonged to the Hitachins.

"I don' care. That BASTARD doesn't deserve to live if Tono…if Tono…dies." "Dies" echoed around the room, hanging over the twins like a poisonous cloud. By now the school was mostly deserted, the mob having moved into town to search for Tamaki. Thanks to the efforts of the Host Club, this wouldn't happen. Looking out at the deserted campus gave no comfort to Hikaru. It reminded him too much of a funeral.

"…It looks like a funeral, doesn't it Nii-san?" Hikaru laughed. His brother hadn't called him Nii-san since they were kids. And even then, he only called him that when he was scared. Then again, he wasn't any better off. "But…you know what always happens at a funeral, right? Everyone's sad and crying and mopes around for a long time. Then…then they forget. They forget their nakama. They'll forget Tono." He knew what his brother was talking about. He had seen it happen dozens of times. The scope of Hitachin Hikaru's emotion narrowed down to one at that point. Anger. How DARE they forget Tamaki Suoh? How could they fail to remember the Idiot King of the Host Club? What kind of moron could forget how he successfully flirted with every single girl in Ouran High School on his FIRST DAY? How could they forget how important he was? How kind and stupid he was? Someone as stupid and irresponsible as Suoh Tamaki is surely a person to be remembered.

"Figures that the only interesting guy we find is as troublesome as Tono." Though he laughed, it was a hollow attempt at lightening the mood.

"You know what we have to do, Hikaru?" He watched his brother, the one person who knew him better then himself at times.

"Visit Tono." There was no question concerning Hikaru's statement. First and foremost, they would find their idiot lord.

"Are you still going to go after that guy?" Karou knew the answer even before his twin thought of it. But he still wanted to hear him say no.

"Only if Tono doesn't survive." Karou smirked at his brother, knowing that he was growing by these words. Even if he grew by means of death threats, the older twin would still take it.

"Of course he will, otherwise we can't win Haruhi." Hikaru frowned, not completely understanding his brother.

"What the hell does that mean?"

The entire ride to the hospital took place in absolute silence. Even pitch black night hushed itself, straining its ears to hear Tamaki's heartbeat. The idiot king of theirs was not dying, but neither was he getting better. The doctors said he was hesitating in death's door, as if he was waiting for someone to pull him back. When the Hitachin twins had arrived, everyone else was already there. Everyone, save the natural rookie.