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The Cursed One:

I walked out into the valley, the wind whipping my hair around playfully. My mind staying calm and peaceful as I walked along the path to my grandmother's home.

That day was incomplete in my mind. Most of the memories remaining only fuzzy blotches of colors and feelings.

But I remember it well.

I remember the phenix dropping it's flaming missiles down onto our little town, destroying the houses and farmland. But sparing the townspeople.

Aside from it burning my back, it didn't hurt a soul.

My grandmother then hurried to care for the burns, and bathed it in cool water and herbs.

When I woke up again she showed me the scar it had left behind, a chinese dragon curled up in a ball with fiery breath coming from iitsmouth. She told me the phenix had bestowed a powerful gift on me, giving me the legendary blue flame that was only used by the dragons and Phenixes.

But the power was too much for me to control. I had to use so much energy just to prevent an accident from happening.

I was fifteen at the time, and not wanting to hurt anyone, I decided to go to the University of Caberene to become Pandora's apprentice.

There I could learn to control my powers.

Unfortunately, I wasn't aware of Pandora's specific methods, so it was quite a shock when I began.

My alarm sounded in my ear, signaling I had to hurry to the training field. I jumped out of bed and sloppily threw on some clothes.

Then I grabbed an apple, and hurried out the door, flying up through the open ceiling.

Suddenly a rush went through my head.

"There's been a change in plan. Please meet me at the meadow south of the lake." Pandora's cool voice sent.

I sighed. That woman never did care much for privacy. I thought, changing directions towards the field.

As it came into view, I began to descend down to land beside Pandora, who was busy burning off the tips of the grass.

"It's about time. You're late Mika." She said.

"Hey, you're the one who changed locations all of a sudden. Took me a while to fly over here." I reminded her, trying not to grind my teeth.

"You're right. But still. You kept me waiting, and I can't except that." She replied with a sigh.

"Fine. Just tell me what we're doing here."

"Patience, Mika. Anyways, I need you to try your new technique we practiced last time, here." She instructed.

"What? HERE? The whole place will go up in flames if I transform!" I yelled. What was she thinking? I had only learned the technique a couple days ago.

"Yes. It should give you good motivation for self control." She said, unconcerned with the problems that could arise.


"No buts! Hurry up and focus!" She snapped. I grumbled, but complied, and began my meditation.

A hot sensation surrounded my very core, and as it began to build, I felt my body wavering.

Then with a final pulse, my soul broke away from my body entirely, turning into a hot column of fire.

My senses were taken away, yet I could sense everything around me, using my past experiences to translate those into solid shapes in my mind.

"Very good, Mika. Your blue flame is quite strong, I can feel your pulse. Keep it constant. Don't get overexcited." Pandora encouraged.

I slowly breathed in and out, letting the energy course through my soul, causing the blue flame to rise.

Then I began rocking it back and forth lightly, getting into a mesmerizing rhythm.

I tried building the energy further to quicken my pace, but instead of a steady flow of energy, an electric charge began surrounding my core, causing the flame to jerk across the field.

"Shit!" I curse to myself.

"Focus, Mika, Focus! You're getting sloppy!" Pandora hissed.

I took a couple deep breaths to calm my nerves, but unfortunately it didn't help. My heart rate only quickened, causing the flame to flicker wildly, and fly around the room, coming a little too close to the tall grass below.

Suddenly there was a heart wrenching jerk, as my soul was smashed back into my body.

I fall with a big thump onto the ground, the impact pushing the air out of me.

I lay there, my stomach feeling uneasy.

"Mika! Are you alright?" Pandora yelled.

"I'm fine. Perfectly fine." I spat, coughing up blood.

"Here, take this." She said, handing me a silver bottle with a clear liquid in it.

I grabbed it, bringing the flask to my lips and chugging the bitter substance.

Somehow I managed to swallow it, only to gag at the horrible taste.

"What the heck is this?" I choked out.

"One of Sage's herbal remedies." She replied.

"No kidding. It's disgusting!" I said, wrinkling my nose at the aftertaste.

"I know, but the bad taste distracts patients from their pain."

"Am I done for today?"

"I suppose. You did a good job. And only half the fields been burned." She said, motioning to the charred grass.

"Oh god! I did that?" I moan.

"Yes, you have a ways to go. But it should be fine. Classes do begin next week. You need to be around people."

"Thanks." I whisper as she helps me up.

"No problem, but you will have to continue before AND after school training sessions with me. And if I see your grades slip there will be consequences." She said sternly.

"Dismissed!" She added with a smile, her body transforming and shooting up into the sky. I smiled to myself.

What a character.

She may be a bit strict, but she gets the job done.

Can't wait to see how she treats my fellow classmates!

~Mika McGrowl~

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