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Previously on C&G (BPOV Ch. 40) …

"T! Come here T!" Edward quickly yelled and not a second later I could hear tiny steps coming towards us.

I didn't know how or when Edward had gotten that ridiculous outfit for T, but there she was in a pink tutu with a horrible hat that was almost bigger than her head. Poor thing. She seemed totally ok with it though, not at all uncomfortable as she walked towards Edward.

He quickly picked her up and with one hand started removing the contraption on her little head.

"Good idea!" I laughed, throwing my head back into the couch. "That thing is bigger than her,"

Edward didn't seem to be paying any attention to me as he maneuver the hat out of T and when I looked towards him I realized why; my laugh stopping alltogether at the sight in front of me.

Edward wasn't sitting on the couch anymore, he was sitting on the floor, at my feet, with the contraption on his hands.

It was there when I realized that T wasn't wearing an actual hat, but a proof of this beautiful man's love for me.

"Bella, would you marry me?"



"By the power vested in me by the state of New York I pronounce you husband and wife. Mr. Cullen you may..."

I didn't even wait for the Justice of the Peace to tell me I could kiss my bride when I did just that and pulled my girl in for a kiss.

MY girl.


But not in a possessive, asshole kind of way.

Her heart was mine to love freely, just as mine was hers.

I was a goner, but a happy one at that.

I just couldn't believe in a matter of days my life had changed that much already. And there was still a bigger change to come soon enough. But for now I would take this and enjoy it.

After my proposal Bella launched herself at me and made me the happiest motherfucker when she said yes over and over again. I had never seen her smile so bright and I was sure I had a similar look on my face as well. Not even T biting my leg could sour my mood and after some hugs and kisses I even took that little fucker on my arms and hugged both my girls at the same time to celebrate.

Celebration that was short lived since we decided to not wait and get married right away. Long engagement be damned.

It took all of five days to met all the legal requirements, find someone to marry us and for Angela, Jessica, Lauren and Lesley to plan a reception, which in reality was more like a get together since there weren't more than thirty people there, but it was perfect and all the persons I cared about where there; even my uncle Carlisle -who against his doctor and wife wishes- had taken a flight to New York to be at my side by himself.

The party had taken place at 'Benny's' it was a Friday so Jason –the owner- couldn't close the entire place for us but with him being a good friend of everyone at the shop he agreed to close the top floor. They provided the beer and some appetizers while the girls got food catered and of course a cake. They decorated the entire room with balloons and twinkle lights; even I could say it didn't look bad at all.

But the most important thing was watching my girl smile, laugh and enjoy. And every single time her eyes turned to mine I had not a single doubt in my mind she loved me as much as I did her. Her happiness was my happiness now more than ever and I would make damn sure she never stopped smiling for the rest of our lives.

If Bella had wanted a big ass wedding I would have given her that, if she had wanted to do it later in life I would have waited, no doubt about it, but we were both on the same page and for us the importance was not in the wedding itself but in the commitment we were both making and we were both sure that's what we wanted. So why wait?

Besides our little one was due any time now and we wanted to give her a real family and sharing a last name was a good start to that. So after talking it out all night long after my proposal, we decided to just go for it and the next day when I told the guys at the shop and when Bella told Angela and the other girls all the preparations had started. Even I was running errands left and right taking papers here and there, folding invitations and choosing colors for the decorations. Who would have thought?

Between all the preparations Bella and I had decided not to have a honeymoon, at least not just yet, since there wasn't just much time for it. For starters we were still in the hunt for a new place. Well, Bella thought we were. I knew better. Adding to that, Bella was in her last weeks of pregnancy and the doctor had told us it was a matter of time before our little girl came into the world, it could be at any time now and we were both more comfortable being home, and then B had told me she much rather me taking some time off once the baby was born. I was going to do it regardless but Bella being her had said she wouldn't feel comfortable making me lose so much work with the baby and then a honeymoon; silly girl. Our plan was to go somewhere once we could do it as a family. So we would wait for that.

Still I had planned a weekend just for the two of us where I would hopefully give her the surprise I've been keeping a secret from her, which was the lovely three bedroom townhome she had fallen in love with. It was a really ideal place since it was quiet close to the shop and just a few blocks from the subway. The price was a little bit more than we wanted to spend and it needed some TLC I wasn't counting on when we started looking for a place, but I knew it was worth it and it would pay off in the long run since I was planning on finishing the basement and fix everything that was needed before we moved in. I wanted a perfect place for mi girls.

"Son, I think I'm going to leave now. I'm not as young anymore."

I turned and smiled at my uncle who had a content expression on his face. I had been so lost in thought I hadn't even realized he had made his way towards me.

"I understand. Thank you so much for coming," I said as I gave him a warm hug. "When are you going back to Chicago?"

"About that," He said. "I wanted to talk to you about something. Maybe we could get together sometime next week?"

"Next week?" I asked surprised.

"Let's just say, I'm going to stay in the city for a little bit longer," My uncle chuckled. "I hope you are ok with that."

"Of course I am!" I responded.

"I'm glad then," He chuckled. "So if you and Bella have time we could go somewhere for dinner, or I could go to your place, whatever is more comfortable for you both."

"Great! Just tell me when and I'll let you know," I agreed.

"What has you so happy Edward?" Bella said as she walked towards me from her washroom break.

I quickly pulled my beautiful wife into my arms and gave her a small kiss on the cheek. "Besides being married to the most beautiful woman in the world?"

Bella giggled and pressed her face into my chest.

"And on that note I'm off." My uncle said.

"Oh no Carlisle! I didn't mean to interrupt you at all." Bella said in embarrassment.

"No need dear. I was leaving anyways. This old body isn't really cooperating and I think its time for me to listen to it and go to rest." He said. "I was just saying Edward here that I'm staying in the city for a while, so I'll be seeing you both next week, we could go to dinner or something. If you have time and feel like it of course."

"I'm sure we can arrange that." Bella said nodding. "Thank you so much for coming all the way here to be with Edward, Carlisle. I really appreciate it." And with that Bella let go of me and gave my uncle a warm hug.

It still surprised me how great Bella was doing, she was becoming so confident of herself and around others. I couldn't be more proud.

"I'm here for both of you Bella. You are both family, don't forget it."

"Thank you."

And after a few more words my uncle was off.

We danced some more, we ate a lot and enjoyed the company around us. I knew Bella was getting tired, heck she was tired most of the time now but still every time I asked her if she wanted to leave she would just shake her head and smile this huge smile. I just couldn't say no to her even if I tried.

"So are you ready to head home and enjoy your wedding night Mr. Cullen?"

Fuck me! Just the way she said it made me gulp in surprise.

"I am, if you are." I said quickly.

"I am my husband."

And the way she said it made me think there was more to that statement but I didn't want to get my hopes up. So with a nod and a reassuring smile I held her hand and we walked towards our guest to let them know we were done for the night. Freaking finally!

"B, are you ok?"

"Yes, give me a minute, I'm almost done." She said quickly, which did little to stop me from pacing the room.

I had been waiting for over ten minutes and Bella wouldn't come out of the bathroom. I was worried she was feeling unwell but she assured me time and again she was doing fine and that she only needed a couple of extra minutes. That was ten minutes ago.

I had moved T's bed to the living room, I had changed into some pajama pants, I had drunk two glasses of water and paced the room a hundred times.

It took a few more minutes but finally Bella emerged from the bathroom. I didn't want her to see me walking around the room like a mad man so as soon as I heard the door opening I jumped on the bed and made myself look occupied with my phone.

"Sorry it took me so long," Bella said. "I was just..." She trailed off.

I put my phone back on the night stand and looked at her. She was wearing her usual pajamas pants with one of my t-shirt, her face was now free of make-up and her hair was pulled up on top of her head; she looked more beautiful than ever before to me.

"You were just what?" I asked her.

She shrugged and looked down at her feet.

"What happened B?"

"Nervous," She whispered so softly I almost didn't heard her.

"Nervous about what babe? Is just me, it's not like we haven't slept in the same bed for a while now. Come here," I said patting her spot on our bed. She did so and quickly enough I was hugging her towards me. "Or are you nervous about the baby? She is almost here and I know it's going to be a big change,"

"I don't know. I feel a little bit overwhelmed." Bella said softly.

"I know B, but you aren't alone love, I'm here for you, we are in this together from now on. Do you understand Mrs. Cullen?" Her tentative smile and small nod told me I had said the right words. "Give me a kiss wife."

So she did just that and soon enough we were a mess on the bed, kissing and touching like we had done many times before, both partially naked and entangled as much as we could with the huge belly in between.

"Edward," Bella sighed as I kissed a trailed from her collarbone to her right breast.

"Mmm..." I kept with my ministrations as I circled her nipple carefully with my tongue. She was more sensitive than ever before and I knew I had to be gentle.

"Make love to me," She said in a breathy whisper.

I quickly moved away from my task and looked at her in the eye, hopping she could see my sincerity in the dim light coming through the window. "Baby we don't have to." I said slowly. "I know it's our wedding night and all but I'm not expecting anything else. Nothing has changed ok?"

"I know," She said with a smile. "But I want to. I want to before the baby is here, before our daughter is born. I want to be your wife for real."

"You already are my wife Bella," I said sincerely, "You have been since the moment I told you I would take care of you and our daughter. I love you no matter what remember? And I'll wait as long as it..." But she placed her hand on my mouth.

"I don't want to wait anymore. I'm ready Edward, I want you to make love to me, for the first time."

And I believed her. I knew I could tell her again and again that she didn't have to do it. But I was able to see it in her eyes, the determination, the fire that I was sure was mirrored in my face, the love and desire that we both had for each other. Her eyes didn't lie to me and I knew she was sure. If she told me to stop I would, no doubt about it but I knew she wouldn't say it this time.

"Are you sure?" I wanted to ask for the last time.

"Totally." She smiled, and that's all the response I needed.

As careful as possible I discarded the last pieces of clothing we were both wearing and tried to find a comfortable position for her. I was nervous as fuck, but the excitement was beyond belief. Being able to finally sharing something that special with the woman I loved was making my emotions go wild. I felt like crying when I started rubbing my cock into her sweet center and for a second I thought about taking off my frenulum, but Bella said to leave it so I did as she asked.

I made sure to look for any sign of discomfort, but Bella seemed as eager as me to do this and I couldn't be more thankful about it.

When I started pushing inside her I couldn't stop myself from closing my eyes and sigh in contentment, I was being extra careful making sure I didn't hurt her. But she seemed at ease and I kept going until I was finally all the way inside of her.


"I love you," Was all I said.

"I love you too Edward, so much,"

Those were the only words that we spoke as we found a rhythm in our lovemaking. My eyes never left hers, I wanted to make sure she was comfortable and enjoying this as much as I was. By the little whimpers and gasps I was sure my girl liked what I was doing.

Before I reached my peak I made sure she came and once she did I couldn't hold back, I came as well while whispering her name.

And just like that I felt complete.

It didn't take long for both of us to start drifting into sleep. It had been a hectic day following a hectic week, so I just closed my eyes and made sure to have my girl secured between my arms.

"I love you Edward. Thank you for showing me what it feels to really be loved. Thank you for giving me life again." Was the last thing I heard before sleep finally took me.

I love you too my beautiful girl. I love you.

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