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To Whom I Love

Story two- What he wants.

"Unless you want to meet with Black Allen this morning, I suggest you let me sleep," Allen growled, trying to slink away under the covers from the somewhat cold hands shaking him.

"Come on, Allen!" Lavi whined, "It's time to wake up!"

"Name three good reasons as to why I should get up," Allen nearly hissed, smacking Lavi in the face with the back of his hand.

"One, we've only got like five days until your birthday and you need to tell me what you want!" Lavi beamed.

Allen's response: smacking Lavi hard with a pillow and knocking him off the bed.

"Two, we're going Christmas shopping today," Lavi stated, earning him another smack with the pillow.

"It's our first day off together in the last two weeks. Do you really want to start it off with pissing me off?" Allen growled as he flopped over onto his stomach.

Lavi smirked and slowly crawled on top of his lover, "Possibly."

"L-Lavi!" Allen whined, trying to push the older male off of his back.

"This is the third and final reason," Lavi whispered, slowly running his hands over the white-haired male's chest, "As you said, it's our first day off together in the last two weeks. Why waste any of that precious time?"

Allen whimpered as Lavi's hands drew tantalizing patterns across his chest. The said redhead leaned down and gently started placing kisses up and down his lover's neck.

"We've got to be quiet today cause Yuu's still home and he's been kinda grouchy since Lenalee left on that trip with her brother," Lavi stated, slowly pulling off his lover's nightshirt.

"I-I know that," Allen stuttered as he was gently rolled over.

"Oh really?" Lavi smirked, swiftly pulling off the younger male's boxers causing the said male to let out a yelp of surprise.

"J-jerk," Allen pouted.

Lavi just chuckled has he slowly wrapped his hand around his love's member. As he slowly pumped his hand up and down, the redhead lowered his head to Allen's chest. He ran his tongue over one of the pert buds he found there causing his little love to softly moan. After a few minutes of torturing the whimpering male's chest, Lavi slowly started to make his way towards Allen's manhood. When he reached his navel, the redhead slowly traced it with his tongue, making the younger squirm a bit. Smirking, Lavi was just about to finish his trek downwards when a loud banging on their apartment door interrupted him.

"Th-The door," Allen breathed, chest rising and falling a little quicker than earlier.

"Ignore it," Lavi stated, slowly licking the tip of his love's hot organ, "They'll go away soon enough."

"B-But-" Allen tried to say.

However, whatever he was about to say was lost when Lavi took the tip into his mouth and started to suck. The younger of the two let out a low, deep moan from deep within his throat. He slowly threaded his hands through his boyfriend's red locks, urging him to take more of him into his mouth. Letting out another moan when he did so, Allen found that he no longer cared about Kanda next door or even the knocking on their front door.

His silver eyes locked with the green one of his counterpart before the redhead slowly started to move his head up and down around his aching erection. That eye contact alone made Allen's blood heat up even more than it already was, sending signals to his brain of nothing but pure pleasure.

"L-Lavi…" Allen moaned loudly, trying with all his might not to buck up into his love's hot mouth.

Lavi chuckled, the slight vibrations of it causing Allen to let loose even more of the sounds that Lavi seemed to be addicted to. Both men failed to notice the light footsteps that sounded from their dining area. They also failed to notice the two pairs of louder footsteps that were making their way towards their room.

"I-I'm gonna c-come," Allen tried to warn his lover.

"It appears we walked in at a very intimate time for these two," Tyki's voice sounded from the doorway of their bedroom.

"AH!" Allen shrieked, kicking Lavi off of him and quickly covering his body, "Wh-What the hell are you doing here, T-Tyki?"

"The Earl's in town for the weekend and wants to meet your boyfriend," Tyki smirked as Allen's face turned a dark red.

"What's taking you, Tyki?" another man asked as he walked up to the smirking man, "Oh. Interrupting their private time, I see."

"C-Cyril!" Allen yelped, trying to hide behind more covers, "I-If you're here th-then…"

"Oww…," Lavi groaned, crawling back up onto the bed and sitting directly in front of his lover, "What the hell was that fo-"

"Allen~!" Rhoad screamed, jumping onto Lavi causing both to collide with Allen.

"Why does he want to meet Lavi!" Allen demanded as he flipped a few pancakes.

"Said something about how our precious musician deserves nothing but the best and how we had to ensure that Eyepatch boy would be able to do so," Tyki stated, biting into his plate of pancakes.

"Yay! Allen's cooking!" Rhoad cheered, smirking darkly at how uncomfortable Lavi looked.

"He's never cared about me before, why is he taking up such an interest now?" Allen growled, walking out with two more plates of pancakes.

"It has to do with his relationship with your uncle," Cyril sighed, "It's still rather intriguing how small the world is."

"Don't remind me," Allen growled again, setting one of the plates down in front of Lavi before sitting next to him, "I was not too happy to find out the facts about this damnable family when I did."

"Hey, no one knew it until after he was gone so don't go yelling at us for it," Tyki growled a bit.

"Hmph," Allen sounded.

"Look, no one knew that Mana and Neah really were your uncles when they adopted you. Your mother died during childbirth and your father lived a life of crime on the run, dragging you with him," Cyril said, sipping at his tea, "The two of them had never even seen you before when they found you at the orphanage. There is no grudge to be held against them."

"I'm not mad at them," Allen sighed, glaring at two older men, "I'm mad at the rest of the family that refuses to leave me in peace now that everyone knows."

Tyki just shrugged, "Anyway, Earl was pretty attached to Neah so it is no wonder that he worries about his actual nephew."

"That's exactly what I'm talking about. If that accident never happened then Earl would not be bugging me cause you all would have thought that I was some bloody orphan they felt sorry for," Allen stated, still glaring at the two.

Cyril and Tyki just shrugged, "What can you do?"

"Damnit," Allen cursed, looking over at his lover, "Hm? You haven't touched your pancakes yet, Lavi."

"H-Huh?" Lavi blinked, still taking in all the information passed through the argument.

"Do you want something else?" Allen asked, smiling a little for Lavi.

"I-It's not tha-" Lavi started to say.

"Tyki!" Allen snapped, stabbing the hand that was reaching across the table for the plates with his fork.

"Hey, if you doesn't want them, I'll take them~!" Tyki grinned, trying to pry the fork from his hand.

"They're Lavi's pancakes!" Allen snapped, pulling the fork out of them before turning back to the redhead, "You sure that you're okay?"

"Yeah," Lavi said, pasting a fake smile on his face as he stood up, "Gonna go get some air."

"Oh, okay," Allen blinked as Lavi walked out of the door before stabbing Tyki's wandering hand again.

"Hey Yuu," Lavi said as he knocked on his friend's apartment door, "Can I come in?"

"What do you want, baka usagi?" Kanda growled as he groggily opened the door, "Did you manage to piss off your uke today already?"

"Nah, his uncles and cousin did that for me," Lavi sighed as he walked in.

"What?" Kanda blinked.

"His uncles and cousin came in and interrupted us this morning," Lavi explained, sitting down on Kanda's couch, "Then they started talking about his foster father Mana being his actual uncle causing the room to get really tense."

"So his foster father turned out to be his uncle," Kanda stated, sitting down on a chair across from him, "So what? We all knew that or sort of guess it."

"That's not all," Lavi whimpered, "His family wants to meet me…"

"So?" Kanda scoffed.

"You don't get it!" Lavi snapped, freaking out, "The entire family is a bunch of freaks! Even Allen admits that! They're all bloody fucking insane!"

"Again, so?" Kanda asked, "So is Moyashi yet you're with him."

"That's because I understand Allen and I love him!" Lavi cried, "I'm terrified of his family!"

"Look, this could be a good thing, alright usagi?" Kanda sighed, "If you meet his family and they approve of you being with him, then they'll leave you two alone."

"Yeah but," Lavi whined.

"If all you have to do is stand one meal with the insane family members to allow you a life of peace with your Moyashi, man up and do it," Kanda explained, smirking at the redhead, "Trust me on this. The sooner you get it over with, the better."

Lavi tilted his head to the side in confusion.

"How us do you think I can even stand next to Lenalee during school?" Kanda smirked, "I spent a full fucking twelve hours with that nut job Komui. I wound up listening him to rant, eating the most disgusting dishes he made, letting him chase me with a giant drill, and finally let him braid and mess with my hair. You know why I put up with all of that? Cause I wanted to be able to be with Lenalee without us worrying about Komui popping out of nowhere."

"You let him braid your hair?" Lavi gaped.

"The point is that you need to grow a pair and go meet Moyashi's family. Get them to accept the two of you and live happily ever after," Kanda growled.

"You know what?" Lavi beamed, standing up, "I'm going to do it! I'll go meet his family then Allen and me can live together forever!"

With that, the redhead rushed out of the apartment. Staring at the door for a moment, Kanda just chuckled.

"I can't believe that he fell for that. He really has no idea who creepy the Moyashi's family really is," Kanda chuckled, "Good luck, baka usagi."

"There you are!" Allen exclaimed as the redhead came back in, "I was starting to get worried about you.

"Sorry bout that," Lavi laughed as he sat back down at the table.

"Oi, you need to tell us what day you'll becoming over for dinner," Tyki growled.

"For the last bloody time, I told you that we're not coming over for dinner ever!" Allen snapped at his uncle.

"Now wait a minute, Allen," Lavi nervously stated, "I think that we should go over and have dinner-"

"No way!" Allen growled at his redheaded lover, "I will never set foot in any building that holds that man in ever again! I refuse to go!"

"But Allen-" Lavi tried again.

"That's final!" Allen shouted, emitting a terrifying aura.

"…crap," Lavi whimpered as he threw a tear stricken look over to the others, "Why'd you guys have to make him go black? There goes my plans for the day."

"Come now, boy," Tyki smirked, "You know that we just want to protect you from anyone that wants to hurt yo-"

The next thing they knew, Tyki was lying on his back next to the door. Slowly raising up his head, the man's eyes locked with scalding, molten silver. Gulping, the college professor tried to retreat backwards, only finding that the door stopped him.

"Lavi has never hurt me! Just you, my supposed family!" Allen shouted, aura darkening even more, "I will never return back to all of you just to have that all happen to me once more! Never!"

By now, Cyril and Rhoad had taken up places next to Tyki as Allen's aura continued to darken. Each gulping, they exchanged glances. This wasn't how it was supposed to happen. Allen should have been a little more accepting and eventually broken to agree. Then they would take them to dinner and let the Earl interrogate the poor redhead. Then when done, lead either Allen or Lavi to the bathroom, separating them. After that, they would snatch up Allen and ship him back off to England with the Earl. This wasn't how it was supposed to go down. He wasn't supposed to guess their plans.

"Get. Out." Allen growled.

The three scrambled to get out of the apartment. As soon as Allen heard them get into the elevator, he started to calm down. Slowly shutting the door, the white-haired boy held a hand to his chest. He did it. He finally stood up to his family and protected what he held dear to himself. Smiling, Allen turned to locate his now cowering lover. Checking under the table, he found the redhead trembling in fear of his black half.

"Hey," Allen beamed, "You okay?"

"Y-Yeah," Lavi stuttered, slowly crawling out from under the table, "But what was all of that about?"

"…They wanted to take me away from you again," Allen whispered, placing his head onto the redhead's chest, "They don't want me here in Japan with you. The Earl wants me with him in England."

"Why?" Lavi questioned, wrapping his arms around his little lover.

"Cause I knew everything one of my dead uncles knew," Allen stated, "He wants me to come back and work for him."

"Work for him?" Lavi blinked.

"More like be his slave," Allen whimpered, looking up at his lover, "Earlier this morning you asked what I wanted for my birthday, right?"

"Yeah," Lavi nodded.

"I just want to be with you," Allen smiled, kissing his lover gently, "From now till the day I die. That's all that I want."

Lavi just smiled back, "I think I can manage that."

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