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Smash Brothers Fortress 2

Chapter 1: Recruitments

Dear Administrator,

We have heard of your fine organizations, RED (Reliable Excavation and Demolition) and BLU (Builders League United), and like to offer some of your soldiers a spot in our organization. My brother and I run The Smash Brothers, a group of fighters from all over the world, and even beyond. We run a tournament once ever year to determine who the best fighter in the universe is, and we would like to invite your troops into it. Only the best fighters are welcome, and your classes are an example!

If you agree to our terms, you may send them to Hydro to be escorted. Our friend, Samus, Will transport them to our mansion for signing up.

We eagerly await your reply, Miss Helen.

Sign, The Master Hand.

A pale woman in a purple business coat read the note over and over again. She couldn't believe what she was reading. Smash Brothers? Master Hand? Preposterous! There were no such things as that load of dog droppings! Although, it does sound rather interesting. As insane as this man was, he did seem interested in this fine empire of hers. She wasn't surprised. Why, she had the finest military power in the world, of course he's interested!

Sill, this also made her suspicious. She never met this "Master Hand", or even heard about his organization. But all he asked for was one of each class, so it wasn't that costly. After all, what he do with them? They know nothing of her operations, let alone her identity or purposes. Ah, how she loved manipulating the simple-minded. Besides, just nine troops aren't as costly as a full army.

There was a problem, though. Perhaps she played her cards TOO well. Both RED and BLU despised each other so much, that if one tem moved, the other would surely follow. If that were to happen, utter chaos would surely come, not to mention making look disorganized in front of this man.

Miss Pauling entered the room, exhausted from all her errands.

"Miss Helen," She began. "I've gathered some of the required materials for the missile. What would you like to do with it?"

The Administered took a smoke out of her cigarette and replied, "Have RED in Dustbowl load it up and launch it. They will use it against the BLU team in 2fort. They've become rather curious about our intel."

Miss Pauling nodded. "What about the meeting? We can't just send one team to meet Mister Hand."

Her boss gave paused, and then looked at one of the monitors in her room. It showed an unfortunate BLU Sniper being back-strapped by a RED Spy, who in turn was burn by a BLU Pyro. She smiled. Chaos was never so dual. Then an idea came to her.

"What about our latest recruits?" She asked coldly.

Miss Pauling gave her a confused look at first, but then realized what was in her mind.

"We have one of each class waiting for assignment. They aren't official members of RED or BLU yet."

Helen smiled wickedly. "Excellent," She began. " Send them to Hydro for the meeting."

Pauling raised an eyebrow. "Are you sure?" Shea asked. "RED and BLU are fighting over territory there. What if they get caught in the fire?"

The Administrator Grinned. "There's an area damaged beyond repair in the sector, just a junkyard now. They see nothing worth fighting for over there."

Miss Pauling nodded. "I'll send your reply to the carrier." She said, and ran out as quickly as possible. Helen Snorted at the reaction. Pauling was always in a hurry. She turned and faced another monitor, this one showing the 'junkyard' of Hydro.

That was went she noticed something odd.

Out in the middle of the screen, there a strange-looking object on top of some rumble. She couldn't quite make it out, but it looked like something from some sci-fi comic, a spaceship perhaps.

Helen squinted her fingers to her nose. And I thought Harvest was strange.

Arthour's Note: Okay, so the first halve weird, I couldn't think of anything else. Besides, the fun hasn't begun, I'll assure you that. Good to you, mates, and good bye.