"Well nobody can go through tough times unaffected," Cute boy told her, "Nobody can go through good times unaffected either. Everything that happens has an affect."

"Girls however," Joan said, "Have instint in emotional situations whereas men have instint in logical situations. As an example I know what biblically it says about His mothers reaction when what happened to Him happened but the instint would probably be a protective nature. Women are given a protective nature in most situations. They care and they love and they are always trying to make a difference even when it's not easy. Men on the other hand have a protective nature when logic steps in"


"Well when my dad found out we were dating he told me to remind you that he was a cop," Joan said laughing.

"I know," Cute boy said, "It was part of his destiny"

"People think men are better then women but the truth is that if it weren't for a woman men wouldn't even be here"

"TECHINALLY if it weren't for the dirt men wouldn't be here," He teased, "and if it weren't for the man-"

"YEAH YEAH YEAH," Joan said laughing, "But women give birth. If it weren't for a woman for thousands of years now there would be no children"