Tag to "You Can't Handle the Truth". What possibly could have been going through Dean's head as he beat the crap out of Sam, with bonus Sam thoughts.

Fourteen Reasons

Dean turned away and placed the knife down on a shelf. Turning back, he glanced up at Sam's earnest -I can't feel anything- face than away again.

Dean please try to understand, I didn't mean for all this to happen. I just can't feel anyth…

Nodding his head as he came to a decision, Dean pulled back his arm and let his fist fly forcefully into his little brother's unsuspecting face, knocking him off his feet. One - this is for making me promise not to save you.

Uhh… What the… How did I… Dean?

Kneeling down on one knee Dean grabbed Sam's shirts and jacket, hauled his head and upper shoulders off the floor and let his fist fly into his brother's cheek. Two - for not telling me you were back.

Ow! Why…

Three - for a fucking YEAR!


Getting madder with every thought, Dean's fist struck again and again, giving Sam no chance to shield himself. Four - for hunting alone.


Five - for using a baby as bait.


Six - for standing by and watching while I got turned into a vampire.




Eight - for not telling me there was a fucking vamp cure right off the bat.


Nine - for not realizing I would head off to see Lisa one last time before I died.


Ten - for USING ME to access a vamp nest!


Eleven - for freaking me out with your behavior.

Sam stopped moving, stopped grunting and his hands laid limply on the cold tile floor. Still Dean's fist found purchase on his brother's bleeding, bruised face. Twelve - for lying to me.

Thirteen - for lying about lying.

Fourteen - for not being Sammy.

His hand shaking, Dean sat back staring at his handiwork and whispered 'for not being Sammy'.