No way

Authors notes: Okay, this has been in my head for awhile now, and I just had to write it down somewhere. This is a very sloppy version and will be revised later and more will be added to it later. This is my first fanfiction about CSI.

Things to know: Takes place in the present season (11). Greg is my favorite character, well the old Greg anyways. I don't much care for Sarah or Ray, but that shouldn't affect my story. I want to keep it as much as I can like the show. Meaning, I'm not going to make nick or greg gay, and sarah is still married to grissom, and no OC's, except the bad guy of course. I miss Gill so he might make a comeback :P Warrick is, sadly, still dead. Catherine is going out with Vartann.

It was a bright springtime morning in Las Vegas, Nevada but you could never tell in this place. The lab had few windows opened but even then, nobody paid attention to them anyways. Not today. Not while James Yoder was being walked into the interrogation room by a group of heavily armed police officers. He was a tall dark haired man with piercing green eyes and an arrogant smile. His job at a law firm had many perks after all which warranted such confidence. They had found his DNA at the crime scene and they still couldn't arrest him. Not when it was illegally attained without the store owners permission. He had seen to that. He had only scared him though, once he did his part as a decent resident of Las Vegas, he would make sure the store owner never had a chance to find his courage. That's what this whole escort was about. The entire city new he was the adam and eve killer, but with their only evidence against him no longer usable he could walk free once more. The only reason he returned was because they called him back down and he wanted to screw with them some more.

About two weeks ago, Sara, Nick, and Greg had arrived at a crime scene in an ally, where two bodies, one male and one female, were found stabbed to death beside a dumpster. Nick joined Doc Robbins at the body while Sara processed the surrounding areas. Greg walked around the street looking for cameras and noticed a convenience store across the street. The owner was more than happy to show him the tapes and answer his questions. As Greg was watching the tapes from the previous night, he noticed a man keeping his face away from the camera. He thought this was suspicious and watched him carefully as he went to the back of the store, made a fountain drink, and paid the man after sticking his gum to the underside of the counter when the owner wasn't looking. Greg went to the counter and scraped the gum off of the underside. Back at the lab, they didn't get a match off of the saliva in the gum but they were able to compare it with saliva off the first case found on the males shirt and got a positive match. It was a dead end until about six days ago when James had to undergo a routine drug test while applying for a new job. Two days later, Nick was agitated with the case and took his free time to run the gum saliva through the system again and to his surprise, he got a match. Somehow the information was leaked to the press and all of a sudden, the whole city new James Yoder was their number one suspect. However, James had already been a lawyer for seven years and was soon able to get the only evidence they had on him, deleted.

As Yoder was walking through the halls he knew something was up though. First of all, the officers were escorting him. Second of all, everyone in the lab had stopped working and turned to face him; some fearful and others triumphant. It didn't finally occur to him what was happening until he saw that fat old man sitting in the waiting room with a red headed woman. He knew what was happening now and his confident smile turned to deepest loathing. With no other option, he pushed the officers aside and grabbed the person walking by with his head between a file; holding a hidden knife to his throat. The scene turned drastically as everyone tried to establish what had just happened. Catherine heard shouting and poked her head outside the door, only to see James pressing a knife into the neck of Greg Sanders.

"Nobody moves or theres gonna be blood shed," shouted James. Hearing the commotion, Brass appeared out of the interrogation room and was shocked at the scene before him. James turned his direction and panicked. "Stay away!" Soon the whole lab was watching as Greg was being held hostage by a crazed killer. Sara and Nick stood back with Catherine while Ray had joined Brass.

"You don't wanna do this James. Just let Mr. Sanders go," Said Brass. Years of practice had turned his frightened voice into stern.

"Come on James, let my co-worker go and we can sort this out," said Ray. Despite the calm emanating from his body Ray was scared out of his mind for his friend. He noticed a police officer behind James begin to take aim but Ray discretely shook his head for him not to. James noticed this look though and turned around, accidently pressing the blade into Gregs neck; splurting blood down his skin.


Catherine was talking to the store owner when she heard a crash, a gasp, and a scream all at once. She quickly got up from her spot and looked out the door to see one of her CSI's at the mercy of a known killer. Word had spread around the lab quickly and Sarah and Nick had joined next to her shortly. Sara and Nick both went for their guns but Catherine put her hand out in front of them. Sara looked mad and Nick, confused.

"The knife is to close," was all she whispered and the two sighed and pulled their hands away from the weapon; Sara still looking mad and Nick still worried.

"Come on James, let my co-worker go and we can sort this out," said Ray. James started backing away down the hall. The officers he had shoved not but one minute ago slowly got back up with their weapons raised. Nick wanted to say something but Ray had already noticed and shook his head slightly. The officers lowered their weapons but it was too late. James had seen the silent interaction and turned himself and Greg around to quickly. All they heard was Greg Gasping in pain. Sara and Nick both cursed under their breathe as their friend was punctured, while Catherine put her hands to her face in surprise. Then two things happened: the elevator doors opened and James pulled Greg with him in and disappeared; leaving a bloody trail behind them. Brass immediantly got on his walkie-talkie and told officers to report to the car garage. The rest of the CSI's all took off down the stairs without thinking.


Greg should have been paying attention. Then maybe he would have noticed James. Maybe now he wouldn't be bleeding all over his new shirt with a knife still jammed beneath his chin. The elevator doors dinged open and James quickly pushed Greg out and towards a black truck.

"Hey! Stop!" shouted a mans voice. James turned Greg around once more using him as a body shield then made another decision. He opened the passenger door and slid in with greg being pulled in as well. Then he started the truck and took off. Greg was only vaguely aware of what was happening outside as he was concentrating on the blood oozing out of his neck. After driving for about 15 minutes, James stopped the truck and reached into the backseat. He quickly pulled out some rope and tied it around Gregs wrists before he had a chance to protest.

"Look, you made it out of the building just let me go now," said Greg, desperate for freedom. James reached into the backseat once more. He cut off a piece of duct tape and put it over Gregs mouth. Then started driving once more. Greg sensed his case was hopeless and rested his head against the window as he watched the Las Vegas border sign pass by.


Nick was the first to reach the car garage and saw James pushing Greg towards a large black truck.

"Hey! Stop!" he shouted but all it did was startle him. Nick watched in horror as James slid into the truck with Greg as well. Nick started shooting at the tires but it was too late. James had pulled out of the parking space and drove away. Nick felt a hand on his shoulder and looked around to see Ray and the others all with worried looks on their faces.

"He's gone," said Nick and Ray nodded.

"But we're getting him back," said Catherine as she turned to head back upstairs. The rest turned around to follow. Nick gave the garage one last look before leaving with the others. Don't worry Greg. We're going to find you.

Authors notes:Thanks for reading, and like I said, this is just a rough draft so if there are grammatical errors or points in the story that don't make sense, feel free to review and let me know. :P I LOVE REVIEWS ! and thanks again.