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Bonnie turned another well-worn page of Emily's Grimoire, a small frown tugging at the corners of her mouth. She had almost read the book from cover to cover now, spent hours poring over the spells, hoping to find something useful. What exactly, she wasn't sure of...

A breath pushed itself past her lips as she let herself drop back onto her bed. It was frustrating! She had been a witch for what? Well... technically, her whole life, but virtually, a couple of months. She had no one to teach her and no idea what she was doing!

She pushed the Grimoire off to the side with her leg as she shifted until she was facing her bedroom window. She stared blankly at the few branches she could see of the willow tree outside, thoughts churning over and over again in her mind. First Stefan, then Damon, then the tomb vampires, and now Katherine and werewolves... they had all marched into her life unexpectedly and destroyed it's delicate balance until she wasn't sure she'd even be able to recognize normality if she saw it. There seemed to be no end in sight.

Jeremy had lost too many people in the past year, Matt had lost his sister, Caroline had lost her humanity and Elena... well, Elena always seemed to be dealing with some sort of drama. They all seemed to be broken and battered, and it hadn't even been a year since finding out that the things that go bump in the night were real. At this rate, she wasn't sure they'd make it to their twenties. Caroline already hadn't... If only there was some way to fix this. An easy fix.

Bonnie smiled bitterly to herself. Yeah, she was pretty sure those didn't exist. All she could do was study Emily's Grimoire, learn it inside and out, and become the best damn witch Mystic Falls has ever seen. She wouldn't let anyone else come in and destroy what was left of her town and her friends. She couldn't. There was barely anything left to destroy.

Pushing herself up sluggishly, she felt a heaviness settle in her heart as she glanced at the book by her feet. She was way too young to be this jaded. Sighing, she picked the book back up and began to read.

Time Manipulation

Not to be used unless under extreme duress.

Bonnie paused. This couldn't be... She felt her brow furrow as she continued to read.

This spell allows the caster to move throughout time. Like with any spell of this nature, there may be dire consequences. Time is a fragile thing and does not like to be tampered with. Changing past events may have adverse effects on the future

Unbelievable. Emily had discovered a way to time travel. This was unreal. This was... An idea was beginning to form in Bonnie's head, a little seed of inspiration taking root. What if she could go back? Go back to before Damon had become such a permanent fixture in their lives, when he thought Katherine was in the tomb. She could tell him Katherine wasn't in the tomb, stop him from opening it and setting all those vampires free. Stop her Grandmother from dying. She could save so many people.

Her hands were beginning to shake. She took a deep breath to calm herself down, and slowly they stopped. This was it. She could change everything.

She glanced over at the spell again and checked the ingredients. Fairly basic, she already had everything she would need. Meaning... she could do it right now. She could fix everything, just like that.

'There are no easy ways out, baby.' A voice chimed in her head, sounding suspiciously like Grams.

It was probably sound advice, but she couldn't let this go. She was too close to having everything she wanted. Not just for herself, but for everyone else she loved too. They could all be happy again, like they used to be.

Bonnie could feel her eyes being pulled to the words on the page, as if they were highlighted. Dire consequences... adverse effects. Yeah, that didn't sound too promising, but really, what did she have to lose? She highly doubted that any future could be worse than this one. Decided, she rose to gather the ingredients before she could talk herself out of performing the spell.

Bonnie had always prided herself on being level headed. She didn't take unnecessary risks and always weighed out her options, choosing the one most likely to benefit all. There was this feeling, in the very pit of her stomach, that something was going to go wrong, but she ignored it as she drew a small circle of salt on her bedroom floor. This was a risk she was more than willing to take.

She placed the five candles, evenly spaced, on the salt circle she had drawn and sat in the middle. She read over the spell a couple more times, memorizing it, then when she felt ready she took a deep cleansing breath and cleared her mind. She slowly began to light the candles, one by one, and kept the images of Damon Salvatore and the tomb clear in her mind. They would be her key. She would go back just far enough to have time to convince him not to open the tomb and get him to leave town before things got out of hand. Maybe she could even convince Stefan to go with... unlikely, but worth a shot.

Vaguely she wondered if the candles would continue to burn when she disappeared. She hoped they wouldn't cause a fire. It would suck if her dad came back from Colorado to find his house burned to the ground... Frowning, Bonnie pushed those thoughts aside and tried clearing her mind again. Damon, tomb, Damon, tomb. She created a mantra for a moment, focusing only on that, and closing her eyes she began to chant.

There was a slight breeze. She could feel it playing with the strands of her hair. Was her window open? Concentrate! Damon. The wood underneath her felt softer, almost like it was flexing under her weight. Tomb. The breeze was a little more pronounced now too, she could feel the goose bumps on her arms start to rise. Damon. A bird sounded somewhere to her left. It sounded like it was in the room with her. She fought the urge to open her eyes and look for it. Tomb, Damon, tomb. The air felt cleaner and less polluted. She couldn't even smell the burning wicks from the candles anymore. Dam-

She felt the her stomach rise into her throat as the floor seemed to disappear from underneath her. Her eyes shot open just in time to see the branches of the willow tree fly by her and a piercing sound began to fill her ears. It wasn't until the moss covered ground rose to meet her forcefully enough to knock the breath out of her that she realized the noise was her screaming.

There was a pain shooting through her hip, which must have taken most of her weight when she landed, and her left arm definitely felt broken. Her eyes were beginning to sting with unshed tears from the pain, but she tried to ignore it as she looked around. Talk about adverse effects, she thought dryly. Why the fuck was she in a forest? She should be in her bedroom trying to calm a freaked, younger version of herself down and explain why she was seeing double. Where the hell was she?

All she could see were trees, in all directions.

She bit her lip to keep from crying out as she struggled, and somehow managed, to get to her feet. She closed her eyes and breathed through the pain. Maybe, if she was very quiet she would be able to hear traffic and could follow that back to town. Hopefully she wasn't in Kansas or something... that would be a major setback.

Bonnie stood absolutely still for what felt like ages. The pain in her arm was getting harder to ignore and she couldn't hear a single car. How far in the forest was she?

She could just try walking in a direction and hope she found something... A cold fist of panic wrapped itself around her heart. If she didn't walk in the right direction, she could be lost out here for days. The fist tightened painfully. She could die.

No, I can't think like that. I'll be fine. I have to be.

Hesitantly she started forward, limping heavily on her right side. She had taken a few steps before she felt a tug; like an invisible rope was tied around her waist and she were being dragged towards that direction. Stopping, she looked towards where she felt drawn. It didn't look any different from the where she was originally headed. Just more trees, the leaves a vibrant green colour she doesn't think she had ever seen before. They look healthier than any trees she can remember seeing.

'I should probably go with my spidie-senses on this one.'

Smiling a little at her dorky Spiderman reference, she squared her shoulders and headed towards the pull.

After what felt like hours of limping, her right leg was finally ready to give out. Her knee buckled awkwardly and she just managed to catch herself before her face hit the ground. When was this forest going to end?

Her head hung heavy between her shoulders, pulling her closer to the ground. The sun, which had been heavily blocked out by the trees in the forest, was finding its way easier to the ground. Bonnie forced herself to look up. It looked like the woods were finally thinning. Thank God.

Placing her right hand against the rough bark of the tree next to her, Bonnie used it to as leverage to get back to her feet. "Come on, Bonnie. You can't stop now. You're so close," she whispered to herself. Pieces of bark broke off under her fingernails as she struggled to drag herself up. Feeling a little lightheaded once she was fully erect, she leaned against the tree slightly to rest.

Pushing herself gently away when she felt more stable she continued to limp forward. Yes, the trees were definitely thinning. She could make out a field just up ahead. A few more limps and she was awarded with the outline of the side of a house... No, better make that mansion. Where the hell was she?

The place was huge, with a beautiful white-washed exterior and these columns that reminded her of the Lockwood mansion, but that wasn't right. This wasn't Tyler's place.

A football landed a few feet away from her, making her jump suddenly and misplace her weight on her hip. She cried out before she could stop herself and doubled over.

"I found it. Next time brother, try aiming at me." Said a voice in the distance.

A sense of reassurance surged through her, only dulled slightly by the pain. She knew that voice. The pain was making it hard to place, but she was certain she knew that voice, meaning she was still in Mystic Falls. She smiled, but the way it pulled at her face it felt more like a grimace.

There were footsteps approaching, but Bonnie couldn't bring herself to look up just yet. The steps stopped just out of her line of sight, but it seemed like the person could see her just fine.

"Girl? Are you ill?"

Weird. If she knew the voice, shouldn't they know her? Maybe they couldn't recognize her with her hair in her face the way it was. She just needed a few more seconds to make the world stop spinning and she'd look up.

"I, uh – had a bit of a fall... I think I broke my arm, and my leg is kind of messed up, but other than that I should be fine."

"How did you fall?"

"Brother! Where did you go for the ball? China?" Another familiar voice called from a distance followed by a peel of feminine laughter.

"I will be right there! One moment!" Voice one replied impatiently. "Do you need assistance?"

Assistance to do what exactly? She had no idea where she was, though she suspected somewhere in Mystic Falls she hadn't been before... which didn't make sense, 'cause Mystic Falls wasn't that big, and the spinning was definitely getting worse. Taking a deep breath she slowly raised her head and looked into the clearest blue eyes she had ever known.

"Damon?" Except he didn't look right. "What the hell are you wearing?" The swirling was becoming darkness and right before she gave in she noted the utterly perplexed look on Damon Salvatore's face.