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Set in the episode Leonard and the other guys go camping, and Sheldon has to help Penny when she falls in th shower.

Apartment 4B

"Sheldon!" Penny's voice rang out through her apartment. Somehow she'd slipped trying to get out of the shower and she was certain she'd dislocated her shoulder. She really didn't want to ask Sheldon for help, but right now he was the only option.

*Knock knock* "Penny" *Knock knock* "Penny"...

"Come in Sheldon!"

Several minutes later, after lecturing Penny on the importance of adhesive ducks and seeing her soup tattoo, Sheldon was walking her down to her car. He was very uncertain about having to drive her to the hospital, and she was trying to fathom why it was so hard for such an intelligent person to lack enough skills to drive. They reached the car after the longest five minutes of Penny's life. It was then that they heard a deafening shriek.

Author Ramblings:
Sooooo, sorry it's so short! This is really only the prologue. I promise the next chapter will be longer. Please tell me what you think!