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Chapter 12

Inside Tour

"Fuck," I groaned loudly. My hands clamped around those familiar narrow hips. I stared into her cobalt eyes, her pink lips parted to let in breath as she clawed my chest to ribbons.

"Fuck, Jake," Sasha whispered. "You feel so good."

I bit my lip as I watched Sasha bounce up and down on me, riding me like there was no tomorrow. Her breasts jumped with each bounce and I couldn't help myself as I made a move to gab two handfuls of her beautiful mounds.

"Does that feel good?" I asked as I tweaked her nipples between my fingers, pulling them out from her, making them as hard as I was.

Sasha nodded urgently as she returned my favor, her slender finger playing and teasing my chest. I arched into her touch, a low groan vibrating through my chest. Fuck, she knew that was one of the four areas that were my self-proclaimed "cum-spots", guaranteed to make me cum within seconds. The other three were just behind my left ear, my belly button, and the inside of my right thigh.

My hips jerked as Sasha pulled on my right nipple harshly.

"Nggh," I groaned incoherently. "You know that feels so good, baby," I whispered.

Sasha smirked down at me as she let one of my nipples go, her fingers trailing down my stomach to my navel. I threw my head back as a loud moan ripped threw me. Sasha dipped her pinky in before returning to circle my belly button.

"Tell me how good it feels," Sasha whispered in my ear as she tweaked my left nipple.

"It feels so fucking good," I gasped as my hips bucked into her. "So fucking good."

I closed my eyes, wanting to savor this perfect moment, making sure to consecrate it to memory.

"Open you eyes, Jake," a deep voice whispered.

My eyes cracked open to find butterscotch orbs in place of the dark blues that I loved. My mouth fell open as I took in the copper hair that always seemed to be disarray like a chaotic halo around his head. My bottom lip was firmly pressed between my teeth as Edward rode me for all I was worth, his large eyes hooded in pleasure.

"That's so much better," Edward whispered as he placed his hands on my chest, his thumbs and index fingers tweaking the hardened nubs that Sasha's fingers were around but seconds before. "I want to see all of you when I make you cum," Edward growled.

My eyes rolled back as I felt the tight walls of Edward's ass squeeze my cock.

My hands gripped Edward's cold hips, wanting to push him off of me. I wasn't gay. The only cock that I liked was my own. No other man has ever turned me on. I always thought that reasonable because I always had a tight pussy waiting for me at home. I always thought that was all I needed. But as I tried to pry Edward off of me, I couldn't deny how unbelievably good he felt. Instead of pushing him away, my fingers dug into his marble skin, pulling closer to me as I bucked my hips into his tight warmth, never able to get enough of his ass.

Edward moaned as he continued to play with my nipples. My chest arched into him, wanting him to continue to tease me while silently begging him to stop the torture. My eyes rolled back as Edward let out a sultry chuckle.

"Fuck, Jake," Edward moaned in my ear. "You feel so damn good. So thick. So big. You're just tearing my ass up."

I growled as I flipped us over so that Edward was pinned beneath me. Now that I was in control, I made sure to go fast and rough, Edward's back slamming into the soft grass beneath us with each thrust.

"I'm the one that's in control here," I growled. Edward let out a sweet moan and arched his back off the ground, trying to press himself closer to me. Suddenly, Edward let out a high pitched squeal, his hips jerking upwards uncontrollably. I smirked widely.

Guess I just found Edward's prostate.

I zoned in on the spot as I nipped and licked at his throat, the cold skin mixing so nicely with my hot tongue. I watched with heavily lidded eyes as Edward cried out, his nails digging into my back and drawing blood.

"Fuck, Jacob," Edward moaned, his hips meeting mine with each thrust. "I'm gonna cum."

"Are you?" I teased as I tortured his pleasure button unmercifully. He nodded vigorously.

"Yes. Yes. Oh fuck, yes…"

He trailed off as his eyes closed in pleasure, his lips parting to let out a sweet moan. I could feel his walls tightening and I knew he was just a few thrusts away from total oblivion. I gripped his length in my hand and pumped him in time with my thrusts.

"C'mon, baby. Cum for me. Cum for me now."

Edward's muscles locked as he released hard into my hand, his walls spasming around my cock as I continued to hit his prostate. Edward jerked underneath me, his eyes closed in ecstasy. His mouth was opened wide in a silent scream.

I watched in awe as he sprayed all over my hand and his stomach, the creamy substance almost invisible laying on top of his skin. My breathing grew harsh as I bowed my head, admiring the sight of my cock sliding in and out of Edward's quivering hole. I moaned weakly and closed my eyes as I picked up my pace, trying my damndest to capture my release.


I jerked awake, my eyes wide and a loud gasp escaping my lips. I shot up in a sitting position, my breathing coming out in harsh pants. My heart was beating rapidly inside my chest, threatening to burst through the flesh and bone.

After a few minutes, my breathing became regular, my heart slowing down to a steady of rhythm. I looked over my surroundings, trying to figure out where the hell I was. I was finally able to recognize Edward's room from last night. I glanced out over the large windows to find the dull sunshine of early morning peaking out over the trees. My eyes traced over every feature of the dark room, expecting to find Edward in the chair next to the desk like last night. The room was completely void of any vampires. Which was excellent at the moment.

I pulled my knees to my chest and rested my elbows on them. I cradled my head in my heads. Fuck, what the hell was that all about? Why the hell was I dreaming about having sex with Edward? What the fuck is wrong with me? Did wearing these collars have drastic side effects? Like dreaming about fucking vampires in quiet and cozy little meadows? I mean, c'mon! I had a fucking hard on from it!

I took in a deep breath, wanting to control my haggard breathing as best I could. I was once again grateful for the fact that I was alone.


The sudden sound caused me to jump about ten feet in the air, effectively making me land on my ass on the side of the bed.

"Shit," I muttered softly, still startled by the sound.

"Are you alright?" the voice spoke again, only this time it came from behind me and laced with amusement. Slender arms wrapped themselves around my waist and hauled me to my feet. When I was steadily on my feet, the arms slowly pulled away, leaving two hands pressed holding my hips. "Are you alright?" the voice asked again.

I glanced over my shoulder to figure out who was talking to me. My eyes widened and I jumped out of the deceivingly strong hands, once again falling on the soft carpeted floor. I scurried back on my hands and the heels of my feet as quickly as I could, trying to get as far away from Edward as possible. My back slammed into the wall and scurried to get back to my feet, using the wall for support.

Edward's once amused smirk dropped and a concern frown took its place. He took one step forwards in my direction, one hand outstretched to me as if he wanted me to grab onto it. I flinched as he came closer. He stopped moving abruptly but kept his hand out.

"Jacob," Edward said, anxiety laced into his words. "What's wrong? What happened?"

My hands clenched at my side as his voice flittered through my ears. I didn't want to, but I imagined that very voice whining in pleasurable need. Images of my dream began to sporadically pop in my head. My eyes clenched closed as the image of Edward lying beneath me came to my mind's eyes, the way he arched his beautiful body against me to gain more friction. I cracked an eyes open to glance at Edward, hoping in vain that he didn't see those unruly thoughts. His face was still concerned, his eyes trained on me. I opened my eyes a little wider as I quickly pushed my dream into the back of my mind. Maybe he was too focused for my immediate wellbeing to notice.

When I didn't move for a good minute or two, Edward quickly turned to the door, his steps hurried. "I'll go get Carlisle," he muttered.

I quickly jumped from the wall, my own arm outstretched like his moments before. "No! Don't!" I shouted as I panicked. I didn't know why, but I didn't want him to leave me.

Edward stopped and turned over his shoulder, his body facing away from me. "Don't what?" he asked softly.

"Leave," I muttered softly, my eyes looking away from his.

"Are you going to tell me why you just had a freak out episode?" he asked as he turned fully around to face me. He crossed his arms over his chest and raised a brow, waiting for me to answer him.

"I was just surprised to find you so close to me," I mumbled almost incoherently. I forced my eyes to stay on the dark carpet beneath my feet. "I guess I'm not used to you being in such proximity to me." I glanced up at him to find an easy smile on his face. He slowly walked back to me, his fingers rising within inches of my cheek.

My lips curled over in a snarl as I jerked my head away from him before he could fully touch me.

"That doesn't mean you can touch me," I snapped.

Edward let out a sigh as a flicker of sadness crossed his topaz eyes, but it was gone just as quickly as it was there. Replacing the flicker of sadness was another smirk, his eyes shining brightly in perpetual happiness. He dropped his hand and stuffed them into the pockets of his jeans.

"Are you hungry," he asked absently. Right on cue, my stomach started to gargle loudly, the sound vibrating through my body. Edward chuckled as he turned back to the door. "I'll have some breakfast prepared," he said without looking me. "You're free to take a shower if you like. Unfortunately, I don't have any clothes of your own to wear. We'll have to go shopping later on today. In the meantime, you're welcome to borrow some of Emmett's clothes, since he's closer to your build and size. I'm sure I have a few of his things lying around somewhere." When he reached the door, he turned to me and said, "You're also more than welcome to explore the house if you'd like. I'm going to be out to run a few errands here and there."

He vanished from sight as soon as he was done talking. I bit my lip as I stared at the space that he once occupied. After a few moments, I rummaged through his drawers until I found a suitable pair of jeans and shirt as I made my way to the bathroom. All the while hoping like hell that Edward really didn't catch my thoughts.


As soon as I was freshly cleaned—and with my morning hard on completely gotten and somewhat forgotten—I made my way to the bedroom, where the sight and smell of a large egg omelet with a side of hash browns sitting on the desk greeted me. I licked lips as I made my way to the food, notice the tall glass of orange juice with a small bowl of fresh assorted fruits lay waiting for me. Well, at least Edward can be a good host.

As soon as I was done with my meal, I made good use of Edward's advice and roamed the large house that I was currently residing in. It was three stories and very spacious.

The second level was where all the bedrooms were, all of them as spacious as Edward's. I sneaked a peak into each one. One was shrouded in yellows and oranges with clothes strewn all over the place and shoes littered the floor. Within the entire chaos, there was a bit of order Resting against the opposite wall say a large wooden bed, the sheets, which were a white and the lightest tan I've ever seen, were tucked in with the pillows fluffed and free of any wrinkles. It was almost amusing to see the complete contradictory of the messy floor. There was a tall, but slender full length mirror in one corner of the room.

There was a sliding door entrance embedded in one of the walls, the doors opened to reveal about three feet of clothes upon clothes hanging on the steel racks. There was a door that I suspected was connected to an adjoining bathroom like Edward's. I guessed this was Jasper and Alice's room, what with the clothes and Jasper's years in the army showing through the order they he tried to gain over the bed.

In the next room, the walls were painted deep greens and blues. It almost gave me the feeling of being under water. Instead of the large bed being centered in the middle of the room like Alice's and Jasper's, it was sitting diagonally in the far corner, giving much more space to the rest of the room. Sitting in the opposite corner of the bed, a large vanity was pressed against the wall. It had three rectangular mirrors on it, one in the center and two on the side. Tubes, cases, and jars littered the wooden surface and I couldn't help but wonder what the hell a vampire would need make up for. A full length mirror was lying in another corner, much like Alice's, but instead, this one was even larger, the frame set in a heavy looking metal. I rolled my eyes. This room just reeked of Rosalie and Emmett. I moved onto the next room.

The next room screamed Esme and Carlisle. The walls were painted in soft browns and tans. There wasn't much furniture in here, but the oak dresser that ran along one wall, a tan crème loveseat, and another king-sized bed in the center of the room. The bed was a canopy, with silk drapes that were currently tied to the posts, making the room warm and inviting. A tall bookcase was standing tall in the remaining corner, its shelves stuffed with leather backed books. It was a nice sight, but it paled in comparison to Edward's bookcase, which ran the entire length of one of the walls. Two French doors were placed on either side of the bed and I suspected that they led out onto an outdoor balcony. I slowly walked away from the room, feeling like I had intruded on something private.

The third level didn't have much except empty guest rooms and half-baths on one side,, but on the other, there was a large study, complete a dark oak desk, a red leather seat, and an expensive looking computer. In front of the desk were two smaller chairs that matched the color of the first one. Paintings that I once saw in the old house in Seattle lined the walls.

The library was a sight to behold, though. Shelves upon shelves upon shelves of books reached from the floor to the very ceiling, which was encased in invisible glass, the blue sky peeking out through it. I stood in awe as I stared at all the books before me. I was curious to know how many books there were.

And last room was probably the most simplistic and smallest room in the entire house. Two walls were a deep ruby color that matched Edward's room. The third wall was made out of sheer glass as it overlooked the trees that lined the house. Instead of focusing on the scenery, my eyes were caught onto the centerpiece of the space. The room was completely bare except for the very large grand piano made of cherry oak. I lightly skimmed my fingers over the body of the piano, liking the silky smoothness of the wood. Gently, I pressed the keys down, making up some random tune I made in my head. It was absolutely beautiful. I stared at it for a few good minutes before silently walking out of the room

The lower levels were where the kitchen, the servants' living quarters, living room, and game room, complete with a full arcade, three air hockey tables, and two pool tables. I knew that if given the chance, I'd be spending the majority of my time in that room. If not the game room, then definitely the large in-ground out on the deck. The sidewalks were lined with stone, the actually path made of brick. The pool was vast, the crystal clear water sparkling from the sunlight hitting it. Two diving boards spaced on the edges would make great accessories for some high diving jumps. It made a large arc, swopping around a huge centerpiece that resembled coral in the ocean, making the side behind it impossible to be seen from the house. A few feet away from the pool, a hot tub sat, stone steps leading down into the hot water. Pool chairs were spaced on the outskirts of the pool with some accompanied by tables.

I smiled as I eased myself into of the chairs. I leaned my head back to capture the warm rays of the sun,

Fuck, if I wasn't a slave to vampires and the pack was with me right now, this would be the life.

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