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Gibbs rushed to his car, reaching the quiet safety inside, Gibbs pulled out his cell phone.


"Detective Mason, it's Special Agent Gibbs."

"Heeey, how have you been agent Gibbs?"

"Fine, up until a couple hours ago when I realized my senior field agent had just disappeared without telling anyone."

"Dinozzo, yea he usually does stuff like that."

"You wouldn't happen to know where he is would you?"

"Why would you think that agent Gibbs?"

"Because I know Tony, and I know that he always wanted to join you out in San Diego before he joined NCIS."

"He said that? Well I'm honoured, he would be one hell of a partner."

"I know, that's why I want him back." Gibbs sighed. "Now cut the crap, tell me where he is."

"Patience agent Gibbs, I thought we were having a pretty good conversation." Laughter poured threw the phone. "Never could take a joke, could you?""Mason."

"Fine, fine, last I heard, he was boarding his plane on the way out here.""So he is going to San Diego?"

"Yup, said something about sun, sand, and pretty girls."

"When are you supposed to meet him?" Gibbs was getting increasingly frustrated.

"Right about no-" The sound of a door opening was heard threw the phone.

"Heeeey, Dinozzo, how ya been?" Gibbs froze.

"Mason, good to see you, I've been okay."

There was a pause in the conversation on the other end of the phone.

"I'm sorry, was I interrupting?"

"I was just talking to your old boss actually." Mason laughed.

"I still am his boss." Gibbs said stubbornly.

"Hey, He- What are you doi-" Mason was cut off.


Gibbs froze.


"Don't bother," The iciness in Tony's tone was evident. "I'm not coming back, as far as I'm concerned Leroy Jethro Gibbs, you were never part of my life, not after you left anyways. So leave me alone, find someone else to be your senior field agent, maybe McGee, since he thought he was so much better at it than I was, right?"

"Tony." Gibbs tried to get him to listen.

"Leave me alone. I'm done with NCIS."

"TO-" Gibbs was cut off with a dial tone.

Special Agent Gibbs had officially lost his Senior Field Agent, his son ,Tony was never going to come back.

Very Special Agent Tony Dinozzo was gone.