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Chapter One-

Signs of life began to stir as dawn broke over Chelsea and the rest of London. The usual crisp, morning breeze rolled through the city from the river and in less than an hour, the city would be loud and bustling with muggle streetcars, taxis, and buses. But for now, Hermione Granger could roam through the streets with minimal noise and disruptions. She could think to herself with a clear head before she would have to meet up with Ron, Harry, and Ginny. It was match day, and Chelsea was playing Arsenal...a muggle football match that none of them could miss. It was rarely mentioned to their friends at Hogwarts, but Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Ginny all considered muggle football a guilty pleasure.

After a quick stop at a corner coffee shop, Hermione emerged with a nice warm latte. Sighing, she looked back inside the coffee shop, contemplating if she should have grabbed a teacake or a scone. She shrugged of the thought and quickly lit a cigarette and continued along the way, subconsciously heading toward Hyde Park.

The sun rose just outside of 12 Grimmauld Place and Harry Potter and Ron Weasley seemed to awaken simultaneously. As they both rose and stretched, an owl appeared at the window, struggling to get in through the small open slit. After a few seconds, the owl emerged through the window quite flustered, and fluttered his way over to Harry. The bird, a glorious chocolate brown barn owl, dropped the Daily Prophet on Harry's lap. Struggling without his glasses, Potter managed to grab up a few Knuts from his bed stand, cinching them shut in the pouch on the birds' ankle. After a small, soft hoot the bird struggled out the window again and flew off into the distance.

Ron yawned and stood up out of his bed. Naturally, the lanky red-head's pajamas were about an inch too short, giving him his trademark high waters and short sleeves. Rubbing his eyes, he looked over to Harry's side of the room.

"Blimey Harry…" said Ron, groggily. "One too many fire whiskeys then, eh mate?"

Harry nodded and slowly unfolded the day's newspaper. Reaching over to the night stand, Harry Potter grabbed his glasses and slowly placed them on his face, reading the front page.

"Aye Ron, one too many indeed…" Harry yawned and zoned as he continued to read the front page of the paper.

Hearing the muffled voices from the room down the hall, Ginny Weasley awoke, groaning from the pain she felt through out her whole body. She squinted and grabbed her pounding head, which was currently a frizzy, tousled mess of bright orange. Lying back down, the girl groaned at the sunlight now streaming in and pulled her comforter over her head. Why did she always drink so much when she was with just Ron and Harry? And why the hell did Ron ask the twins to get them so much? One opened bottle would have sufficed for the three of them, let alone two whole bottles! Or maybe at 15 she just still had a low tolerance for the devilish stuff. Whichever the case was, Ginny didn't dwell on it for too long.

Ever since Ginny had started dating Hermione two years ago, the four of them were now always seen spending meals, events, and free time together. And while Ron was absolutely livid and bewildered for the first four or five months, he had finally accepted that his sister was gay and was less of a prat, for lack of better words, in the ensuing months.

Closing her eyes, Ginny ignored Ron's bitching and moaning, thought of the same beautiful face that she pictured every night, ignored her massive headache, and slowly drifted off to sleep.

After having finished her cigarette, Hermione looked to the left and hurried across the street towards Hyde Park. She hit 'next' on her iPod and took a shortcut through the hedge into the park. Even though the day had just started, Hermione knew it was going to be a good day. As she strolled through the grass she looked up. There was sunshine from the freshly risen sun without a cloud in the sky and a crisp breeze flowing through the trees. The sounds and smells of the park swirled around her and the brunette smiled as she strolled to a patch of trees in the corner of the park.

As she approached one of the trees she noticed a faint white shadow dart upward fast, disappearing into the heart of the tree. Hermione looked up into the tree and couldn't see anything. She shook her head a bit as she sat at the base of the tree. She was sure that some small animal form of a Patronus had run up the tree however, there wasn't anything visible in the tree when she looked up. Shaking her head, the girl sat down and lay back against the base of the tree. Opening up her book bag, she pulled out a bit of light reading that she had checked out from the library at the end of term last year. Currently she was focused on 'Advanced Potions and Spells for the Aspiring Young Wizard. Flipping through the pages of the book, Hermione checked her watch. Only about 10 minutes until they all arrived here. Smirking, she continued to read through the school book.

Finally waking up, Ginny slouched out of her room and into the hall, down the stairs and into the living room. She was wearing her normal morning clothes- cotton shorts and a couple camis thrown on.

"Morning," she said to Harry and Ron as she passed by them on her way into the kitchen. She was greeted by the boys with a grunt and a murmur, though she wasn't sure which one did what. She saw that someone, most likely Mum or Sirius, had made some sausages and some toast. Ginny grabbed a couple of each and sat down on the couch between Harry and Ron.

"You guys know that we have to leave in like 30 minutes don't you?" Ginny said, glancing to the left towards Harry and then to the right towards Ron. They both made grunting noises again and nodded at her, continuing to read the Prophet. She rolled her eyes and grabbed her plate, heading back upstairs to her room. "Bloody Quidditch scores and blown-out-of-proportion news..." she muttered as she walked.

As she went up the stairs and down the hall, she noticed a white smoky shadow turn the corner and go into her room. She hurried down the hall and flung her bedroom door open. However, there was nothing anywhere in her room. Ginny checked behind the door, in her wardrobe, under her bed but whatever it was had disappeared. Close to feeling like she was going insane, Ginny shook the image from her mind and chalked it up to being half asleep still.

After eating her breakfast and a quick change consisting of a few layered camis with a V neck top, some simple blue jeans and white trainers, and a headband, Ginny headed downstairs and found the guys who had been waiting for her. Ginny wasn't a super girly-girl herself. She prided herself on being able to get ready in less than a half hour in the mornings. But she was still amazed at how fast boys could ready.

"Shall we be going then?" Asked Ginny's youngest older brother. Her and Harry looked at each other then back to Ron and nodded, following him to the landing on the stairs above the door. The three of them waited for a couple minutes, listening for their cue to escape the house undetected. After the 4th minute of waiting, there came a loud explosion and yelling from the kitchen.

"Molly! Molly come quick, this bloody oven thing exploded," a voice from the kitchen that was familiar to them all said. They heard running footsteps come from a few directions and multiple muffled voices coming from the kitchen.

"Now!" Ginny whispered loudly to the other two. They scurried down the stairs and opened the front door. Harry and Ron hurried outside and as Ginny was closing the door behind her she saw a grinning Sirius give her a thumbs up. She smiled and blew him a kiss as she closed the door all the way behind them. 15 years later and Sirius was still a true Marauder.

Ginny followed a couple steps behind the boys as they made their way around London towards the park. It had been almost a month since she had seen Hermione and she couldn't bear to go any longer without her. Before she even knew it, the three of them were at the entrance to the park. Ginny grinned and walked faster, passing the boys as they made their way deeper into the park.

When Ginny saw the familiar patch of trees and curly brown hair not 100 feet away she broke into a run. When she reached the grove of trees, Ginny jumped and landed on the person they were meeting at the park. Looking slightly flustered at being landed on and interrupted while reading one of her precious books, Hermione Granger looked up at Ginny and smiled softly.

"Well hi there Ginevra Molly Weasley….." Hermione said as she looked up at Ginny's face, placing her hands on the red headed girls' waist.

Ginny rolled her eyes and replied, "Hermione…I've told you…don't call me that!" Ginny smirked nonetheless and leaned down giving Hermione a couple soft kiss on her lips. Ginny an Hermione both smiled and stood up looking over at Harry and Ron. Harry was doing a horrible job pretending like he wasn't watching them and didn't see them kiss. And Ron rolled his eyes and crossed his arms. "Bloody hell Ginny, do you have to do that in front of us?" Ron complained as he shifted uncomfortably.

Hermione had packed up her book bag and slung it over her shoulder. She and Ginny had started towards the boys, hands laced together. Hermione smirked as her and her girlfriend reached Ron and Harry.

"Ok Ron. Ginny and I have been dating for almost two years now. I love her. She loves me. People who are in love kiss every once in a while. Stop judging Ginny and I and let's enjoy our day alright?"

Before Ron could say anything, Hermione gave him a fake smile, patted him on his shoulder and said "Awesome.

Ron turned to Harry with a look of bewilderment only to find Harry silently laughing at him. Not amused with Harry's unsympathetic demeanor, Ron turned and followed the girls out of the park, a snickering Harry Potter following suit.