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Practice (01)

Yukiko's house

"Where is your boy tonight I hope he is a gentleman" Her cell phone was ringing it's theme for only one person, Keigo. She felt for the phone by her side table and was too lazy to open her eyes yet. "And maybe he won't find out what I know, you were the last good thing about this part of town.. "

She picked up her alarm clock that was set for 7:00 and groaned, it read 6:15. She is one of the people who presses snooze at least a few times before becoming fully awake from the ringing.

"What is it, Keigo?" she groaned, while blinking her still sleepy eyes.

"You're going to be late for training." He answered.

She mentally scratched the back of her head, Was that tournament today? she thought absentmindedly, but replied nonetheless, "Just give me an hour more please…" and proceeded to burying her head in her pillow, phone still in hand.

"YUKIKO!" Keigo yelled from the other side, getting impatient.

She reacted instinctively, as if there were 350 men in black outside her house, holding laser guns, and found herself on her carpeted floor tangled in her blanket.

Fsh… Why should I train before the match, I'll be a reserve anyway... she sighed as she fixed her position.

"Ore-sama will not allow anyone of his team to be late! It is, after all, the first sign of discipline." he added. Yukiko checked her watch before dismissing her egotistical cousin.

"Hai, hai…" she dismissed, resisting the urge to formulate the plan on how to kill her cousin for depriving her of 45 minutes of sleep.

"Good to hear, Ore-sama expects you to be here in 20 minutes, more than that and I'll have you play with long-hair-kun." their diva captain warned.

"Wait, 20 MI-" she heard the other line be cut with a beep, "-NUTES? ARE YOU MAAAAD?" she yelled, alarming their quiet household. One would have seen the flock of birds perched on the nearby tree fly in an almost light-year speed, aghast from the scream.


19 minutes later…

Hyotei Gakuen Heliport (Heliport, not helipad – cause you can't expect that only one person would own a helicopter in Hyotei)

He finally heard the familiar sound of a helicopter flying and saw a familiar figure climb out of the chopper. "Ah, finally... ne Kabaji?" he said as his cousin approached the bleachers where he was standing with Kabaji at his back.

"Usu" came the usual grunt of Kabaji. 'Yuki-kun' wore a short-haired wig under her cap. She also had a mustache. She was wearing the Hyotei Jersey and her own cargo pants – which was below the knee. Situated on her back was the Hyotei TeniClub bag, where three rackets rested.

Well, I guess it can't be avoided. He did insist on her joining their Boys' team. He felt that it would help her more so than their Girls' team. Not to mention, the Clamp School Campus has a narrower base of tennis players... even if many pros went there.

"Ohayo Gozaimasu, Kabaji, Kei-han" Yuki said, yawning.

"Aa, Yuki-kun, just in time.. Ore-sama was beginning to think that you might not come," She made a very unlady like snort which made Atobe roll his eyes.

"I skipped my breakfast, just so you know." she glared at him.

Atobe smirked and handed her a paper bag, which Yuki grabbed with lightning speed and got the mouth-watering content, which was a well-made lobster sandwich, a cure for her abnormally loud stomach's grumble-sickness.

"Ore-sama thinks that your mustache is exaggerating it, Yuki-kun." Atobe whispered so that only him and Yuki will hear (not like Kabaji would care).

She pouted, "But I like wearing disguises! Tell me, don't you think I look the perfect bishounen, ne, Kei-han?" and then stuck out her tongue at him.


He raised an eyebrow, "Stop fooling around, Yuki. It would only deter your training." he spoke darkly, not to mention it really does look over the top.

Yuki frowned before taking his fake mustache off.


-silent cry of pain-

"Dya, let's head to practice." Keigo said in his normal proud 'I'm the king' tone, and walked off, retaining his 'Kingly grace'.

"H-hai!" Yuki replied, exerting anime sweat and followed her captain, -.-''

Maa, I'm already sweating and practice hasn't even started yet.

At practice…

-Yukito mode-

"All those outside the court, 30 laps around the bleachers! Then proceed to swing practice, move faster!" Atobe ordered to the other 190 members.

Yukito sighed. So much for going easy on the first teams... or maybe this is for Seigaku, either way Coach Sakaki looked happy this morning, while Buchou is being the usual Monkey King *slash* "Ore-sama".

"For the regulars, the usual, times two." their captain ordered, earning a groan from a certain red-haired, red-bull energized lad. "Triple for you Gakuto." Atobe declared.

Yuki snorted but covered it with a cough when Gakuto glared at him. Shishido gave Yuki a look that said, 'Unlike Gakuto, you'll always be a reserve so don't you dare mock those above you.'

Yuki rolled his eyes, and started with the morning's exercise, noting in mind the additional as put by his cousin.

'The usual, times two' meant 40 laps around the campus, 200 sit-ups, 200 push-ups, 100 squat thrusts, double the amount of their stretching exercises, and another 40 laps around the bleachers for cool down.

After the laps and exercises Keigo had them rest for a while. Yuki was awake by then and left the Hyotei tennis courts for some training of his own. He found his usual wall on the back of the boys' changing/locker room. The wall had a distinctive mark from where Yuki had been hitting it every practice time.

After the target and control practice, he then got his light blue jump rope from his bag – as if the laps Atobe gave them earlier wasn't enough, he started skipping rope at the pace of 1 jump per second, increasing it with every jump until the rope was barely seen. One might have thought that there was a blur of light blue surrounding Imonoyama-kun. He stopped after ten minutes, a track of sweat already prominent.

He sighed after putting away the rope, and then got his racket and had his stroke training. Even if he knew that he was going to end up a reserve anyway, he simply must not be caught off-guard.

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