From the confines of his cell, Remus Lupin could see but a small expanse of an aged brick wall. One he was terribly familiar with. After all, he had spent the past decade staring at it. It was made up of 283 bricks, all of them dulled and chipped from years of abuse. For every chipped brick, he made up a story. Of blood. Of pain. Of horror.-Of his life.

At 18, Remus had lost all hope of ever having a life of his own. He was a werewolf and as such he was not permitted to have any of the civil liberties he ought to be granted. He wasn't even deemed subhuman, let alone human. He was considered an animal, which eased the minds of those working in the containment center. It was the perfect justification for them despite the fact that it lacked any evidence at all.

Remus used to know that they was wrong. He used to feel human. He was intelligent, clever, kind, funny-he was a lot of things. However, being that he was bitten and brought here at the age of 8, he had had it beaten into his head that he was less. Less than others. Less than human. Always less.

Curling his fingers around the bars of his cell, he rested his forehead against the cool metal and sighed, closing his eyes. Peace could only be found in the brief moments that proceeded an enjoyable sensation. It was rare to experience that though. Remus sought them out to keep his mind. He may believe them when they told him he was less, but he wouldn't relinquish himself entirely.

He would never do that.

Sirius Black was propped up in the doorway leading into the Potter's kitchen, leaning with such a casual grace it was impossible to describe it without seeing it. He was wearing a pair of dark denim jeans and a faded black t-shirt with a leather jacket over it. His dark hair fell into his stormy gray eyes as his full lips pulled up into a smile.

"A mission?" he repeated, eyeing his best friend of 8 years, James Potter.

Grinning in reply, the bespectacled man nodded. "A real mission. Not patrol. Not guard duty. Not babysitting. An honest to Merlin mission." His excitement was tangible.

"Brilliant." Sirius breathed in reply, face lighting up as the red head in the room shook her head.

Lily had been James' girlfriend for during their time at Hogwarts. Now they were married. 18 going on 19 and they were married.

They were in the throws of a revolution to overturn the corrupt wizarding government though. All of them had joined up after graduating to fight for their rights; Sirius, James, Peter, and Lily. It was dangerous, but it was what was right. After all, they were all Gryffindors. Courage was their forte.

Sirius and James, however, were blindly courageous which worried Lily as she frowned at the two of them.

"Try not to look so excited," Lily replied seriously, rising from her seat at the table to refill her drink. "You don't know what you're going to find in there and remember-it's a werewolf confinement center. The people in there-the things they've been forced to experience-" Lily trailed off, shaking her head.

Lily was the compassionate one. Sirius and James often had to see things with their own eyes to properly understand it. Lily, however, just seemed to know. She was an old soul, or so James claimed.

"-It's just so wrong." she finished with a shake of her head, returning to the table though this time she sat in her husband's lap. James happily wrapped his arms around her and pressed a kiss to his temple.

"I know," he murmured in response, "but we'll get them out. We'll help them. All of them. This containment center is small. I think there are only a dozen cells or so." James said, looking at Sirius for conformation though he just gave a shrug. He had just learned about the mission, how was he supposed to know how many cells there were?

"When're we going?" Sirius asked, finally leaving his post by the door and taking Lily's vacated chair.

"A week from today-best get ready mate."