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Chapter Seventy-Four: That's All Gone Now

"She told you?" Xander repeated, continuing to pin Spike to the wall. "Why would she tell you?"

"Get off," Spike said, shoving Xander off of him, winching at the pain both in his head and hand.

"You're lying," Xander gasped, pointing at Spike. "She's not..she's…not… and even if she was, she wouldn't have told you. Why would she have told you and not me?"

"Can't think of a single reason," Spike said sarcastically. "Can you?"

"She wouldn't have not told me," Xander insisted. "And I would have know, noticed…." His voice trailed off as he began to remember the past few weeks, and a dozen incidents that he hadn't even paid attention to began to flash rapidly through his mind…Anya's recent mood swings… a few days she'd spent on the couch with what he thought was the flu…the way she'd start to speak, as if she wanted to tell him something and then would stop…..the way that Anya would be asleep when he left for work and then went to bed almost as soon as he came home…it all flashed through his head in a matter of seconds. He took a step back, the color draining from his face.

"Xander?" Giles said, putting his hand on Xander's arm. He looked around. "What happened?"

No one answered him. They were all still in shock. Willow couldn't take her eyes off of the doors where they had wheeled Buffy and Anya, her face wore an expression of shock and horror. Tara stood nearby, watching Willow. Dawn sat curled up in a chair, watching the others.

"What happened?" Giles repeated. He took a deep breath and said, "Spike? What happened?"

"You're supposed to be smart," Spike snapped. "Figure it out."

"Dante's been taken care of," Giles said. "I see that, although you'll have to explain it to me sometime. But uh, what happened to Anya?"

"Stunning spell," Spike said.

"A stunning spell?" Giles said slowly. "But that only has a negative effect on….." His voice trailed off as he recalled Spike and Xander's conversation. He pulled off his glasses and began to wipe them with his shirt.

"You knew," Xander repeated slowly, looking at Spike. "How long have you known?"

"Since the night we got back from Los Angeles," Spike said. "She was angry and blurted it out."

"Why didn't she tell me?" Xander asked. Spike shot him a look. "No, she didn't think that…she didn't take me seriously…."

"She did," Spike said.

Giles looked over at Willow, "What on earth possessed you to cast a spell on Anya, pregnant or not, there was no reason…"

"She wanted to leave," Xander said. "She begged me to leave. She wanted to protect…." His voice trailed off. He looked at Willow, "And you….and you…."

Willow started to speak but Tara broke in, "Whatever we all need to say to each other, lets wait until we know that everyone's okay."

"How can she be okay?" Xander asked. "You've been talking about what happened with those spells for months."

"It's not 100 chance," Tara said. "It's risk but it's not certain. The baby might still be okay…"

"Right.." Xander said, starting to pace around the waiting room. "I mean, we just survived the worst evil ever known…if we can survive that then a baby…" Xander felt something in his head explode and his legs couldn't hold him. Fortunately he was able to land on a chair instead of on the floor.

Everyone was distracted but had they been looking they would have seen a rare look of sympathy for Xander cross Spike's face. Against impossible odds, Buffy and their newborn son were at this moment being checked out to make sure that they were alright. No matter how impossible it seemed, it had all worked out for them. However Anya, whose pregnancy had occurred through perfectly natural means seemed in almost certain danger of losing her baby.

Spike looked around the waiting room and a thought occurred to him. Once they knew if both Buffy and Anya were going to be alright where were they going to go? They had no idea if Sunnydale was even standing, let alone their homes. He spotted a pay phone and went over to it and dialed a number.

"Come on, come on, accept the bloody charges," Spike muttered into the phone.

"Spike?" said the voice at the other end. "That you?"

"Who else would it be?" Spike snapped.

"You guys okay?" Clem asked

"For the most part," Spike said. "How about you?"

"I'm okay," Clem said. "Hid underground until it was all over."

"How about Sunny D?" Spike asked. "It still standing?"

"Parts of it," Clem said. "I guess this guy was working on tearing the place apart and then just stopped and took off."

Spike shut his eyes. Dante must have been looking for Buffy but when he sensed Willow's magic, it had led him right to them. "What's still standing?" He asked.

"Top part of your crypt is gone," Clem said. "The Slayer's house is still standing but most of the downtown area is gone."

"Great", Spike muttered. The downtown area was where both Tara and Willow and Anya and Xander had their apartments. If Clem was right, then both of their apartments were gone.

"Where are you?" Clem asked.

"No idea," Spike said. "Somewhere between Sunnydale and L.A."

"When'll you be home?" Clem asked.

"Not sure," Spike said. "Few things need to be sorted out first. Can you keep an eye on the house until we get back."

"Sure," Clem said.

"And…ah, find your vengeance demon," Spike said. "She might want to check in with Anya."

"Why…" Clem started to say but Spike cut him off.

"Just do it," He looked over towards the ER doors and saw a doctor coming out. "Gotta go." He hung up the phone and hurried over to the Scoobies.

"Anya Harris?" The doctor said, looking around.

"That's me," Xanders said standing up. "I mean, I'm Xander Harris, Anya's my wife." He hesitated and then asked, "Is she okay?"

The doctor nodded, "She'll be alright. She's resting now and should be able to go home in a few hours."

"What about..the…ah…the…" Xander couldn't finish his sentence.

The doctor's face became more sympathetic, "I'm sorry. We did all that we could but unfortunately your wife miscarried."