The Best Year Ever by planet p

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One day, I'll be a one-girl band called The Zee Crew. Well, that's what I dream, anyway. It's just a dream, but not all dreams only ever stay that way, so I'm optimistic. After all, my mum and dad got their happy ending, finally, right? Not to mention, yeah, my dad is a NASCAR racing car driver. If Dad can do it, I figure, so can I. Someday.

Hi, my name's Cruzita, but I prefer Cru-Z (that's Croozie). Sometimes, too, people call me Zita, or just Cruz, but that's okay. This year, I'm 17. My best friend, Nadini, and I have decided that this is our year. This year, we'll make all of our dreams come true.

Stop the press, I totally forgot to mention, we've got a new girl in our little group. She's new to our school and her name's totally cool, too. Shell'é (pronounced Shell-ay) is our new best friend; now we're, like, a triangle, and triangles are really strong, which is why they're an awesome thing to be, plus, lots of cool things come in threes. The only so un-cool thing I can think of right now to do with triangles is love triangles: people might think they're the bomb, but they're so not. Still, they do make for good press, don't they?

The totally awesome thing in our triangle is that none of us like the same types of boys, so that'd never in a million years happen to us. Yeah! Unless, of course, well… he'd have to be something really, really special. Then we'd probably end up clawing each other's eyes out to get him and he'd be so unimpressed by all of the violence and gore, he'd hook up with Felicidada instead. (Lucky Felicidada!)

Anyway, this year – is going to be the best year ever!

Which brings me to one very important task – we totally need a name, guys. After a vote, we decided that we'd be NESO, which stands for Never Sell Out, though Nadini suggested that we'd sound way cooler as Neverellot. I'm not completely sold, but maybe we'll think of something super way cooler a week or a month down the track.

An hour later, Nadini's like, "What about Negu? You know, for, like, Never Give Up."

So ace!

So us!

'Cause we won't give up 'til we get our dreams.

We are so totally Negu!

The only downside – the jealous people have dubbed us New Goo, or the New Goos. But I have a sense of humour, so I just told them that if they were going to play that card, that they might as well dub us the New Ghouls, instead. 'Cause we'd be whooping their butts big time – bring on the Power of Three! Their insults are so toast! I don't even care about them 'cause I'm the one with the two best best friends in the world, and they aren't!