Author's Note: I would like to apologize for my extended absence from writing this story. Last year a series of events was set into motion after my brother was struck by a drunk driver which made it nearly impossible for me to write for various reasons. After some time passed and the situation calmed, I couldn't seem to generate anything worthwhile and all but gave up. And on that note, I would like to extend the warmest thank you's possible to all those who expressed their supportive sentiments to get me started again.

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*********************** Spontaneous Combustion *************************

****************************** Chapter 1 *****************************

Eric's Point Of View

While sitting in my office filling out the seemingly endless pile of paperwork which had besieged my desk at Fangtasia ever since the Great Revelation, I began entertaining fantasies of regicide once again. While this task was certainly not the highlight of my night, an unavoidable consequence of the vampire hierarchy attempting to look dignified for the humans, my issues with my Queen were another distressing matter entirely. The juvenile delinquent I was forced to bow down to as the monarch of Louisiana was predictably content to have me in her retinue, but she still loved the opportunity to reaffirm her position. Wanting to feel superior by finding fictitious flaws in things I did even when it was not warranted, I had to appease her whims with my continued loyal subjugation.

We were both aware of our complex situation. Had I wanted to be King of Louisiana it would not have been difficult to maneuver myself into that position, as I was over twice her age and ten times as savvy. I was, however, momentarily contented with the prospect of having avoided a larger mountain of paperwork than I had been saddled with now by acquiescing that role to that immature bitch, Sophie Anne.

My musings turned from spiteful to stressful as I considered the complexity of my current dilemma. Finding myself on the cusp of a very serious issue with my Queen, I tried to remain in her good favor despite my mutinous thoughts. I had become increasingly aware of some of her misdeeds that severely usurped her authority and put all those that owed her fealty at risk. I was once again deep in thought as to how to right this predicament without coming into play as the culprit when the most curious aroma overwhelmed my senses.

Not just my nose was bewitched by this fragrance. I felt like my whole body was being permeated by warmth and sunlight and life itself. What was happening? In my boredom with my tedious administrative duties, had I started hallucinating? I hadn't done that since the late 1960's. That was a crazy time to be in America. It was utterly ridiculous and very entertaining how the humans handled the hippie movement. As much as I enjoyed all of the "free love" and political drama, I was happy to not have to worry about the short accidental acid trips that occurred after feeding off of the wrong tye-dye wearing flower child. Those short bouts of hallucinations were not so bad compared to the cocaine addled 70's and 80's though. You couldn't find decent blood for quite some time during the last half century or so.

"Master, I think you are going to want to see what Compton has brought us," Pam said, more excited than usual. That alone would have been enough to peak my interest since Pam's excitement level rarely classified as anything more than tepid. However, now that my door was open the overwhelming fragrance of the most unusual and delicious smelling blood flooded my office. I left to find the source of this aromatic masterpiece immediately, although knowing it had to do with Compton I already had a suspicion that my favorite little telepath was to thank.

As I rounded the corner, I saw quite a distressing scene. Something had happened to Sookie which had caused massive blood loss and allowed her infectiously sweet scent to be compromised by the disgusting stench of some kind of animal. "What do we have here, Compton?" I asked coolly, trying to tamper down any remote sound of care from invading my voice. I was barely listening to Bill rattle off his thoughts on the subject as I started looking over the wounded woman's writhing form. 'Wait, did he just say something about a bull-headed beast?' I asked myself, trying to regain my focus on the matters at hand knowing full well Sookie needed me, especially seeing as Compton was brainless.

I knew that I was more worried than I had any right to be over this fragile human. Nevertheless, she had sparked my curiosity and imagination on many boring evenings. That was something that had not happened to me in a very long time, a revelation that I intended to keep private. I found I couldn't resist the urge to get close enough to assess her injuries and imagine what her magnificent form would look like if not covered in gore. To my surprise, she was beautiful even now, covered in blood - her delicious smelling, indescribable blood.

I had to fight hard against the urge to drop my fangs. I longed for the justification to simply order everyone out of the bar and lick those wounds closed myself, but Bill had already said that his blood did not do anything to help her. Despite my blood being more potent, more powerful, Dr. Ludwig was surely needed to save Sookie's life, as I could foresee no other option to secure my future lover's good health.