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*******************Spontaneous Combustion*****************

******************* Chapter 11 ******************

Eric's Point Of View

The balm of fear was palpable in the air as the elevator door opened to expose a half dressed simpleton running for his life. He smelled strongly of vampire, yet his purity was obviously intact. 'Odd mix for a donor in a vampire hotel,' I mused.

I was also surprised with his inability to discern a potential threat when he regarded me as his rescuer, tightly grasping around my waist for some perceived conception of safety. As if climbing a tree to get away from rising flood water, he was seeking refuge in the higher ground my body provided.

I was deeply unimpressed and increasingly annoyed with the willing donors that this hotel provided due to their insufficient knowledge of vampire protocol. Familiar touching and terms of endearment were simply unacceptable, recalling the dimwitted girl from the lounge who called me "Baby" and ruined my dinner.

I supposed his infraction of etiquette was forgivable, however, since this large man-child was clearly in fear for his life. Sometime during the course of his incessant ravings about a psychotic vampire in his room, I concluded that I had not seen this human around the hotel before and that his accent indicated he was from Louisiana - not from Texas.

In a thousand years, I had learned that true coincidence was exceedingly rare and never meaningless. To find a human from my area in a Dallas vampire hotel on this floor would be very peculiar happenstance.

I appraised him curiously as I considered the information I had gathered from our brief encounter. As he continued his desperate pleading to assist his friends, I unexpectedly distinguished the familiar scent of a specific vampire. He smelled of Compton's bothersome child, Jessica.

I inspected the hallway and my surroundings for danger as I effortlessly dragged the struggling boy back in the direction of the source of his panic. I could now see that the door across from my room was ajar as I realized that the "psychotic vampire" the rube mentioned must have been Compton. My comprehension of the situation was punctuated by a thunderous crash and pleas for help from two distinctly female voices inside the suite.

I allowed Jessica's human to slump down against the wall and collect himself in a heap on the floor, overcome by the grips of his terror at the entrance to the hotel room. Whatever had transpired inside must have been difficult for his human mind to process because he looked extremely horrified and perplexed, almost like his brain was stuttering to catch up.

A sudden wave of guilt washed over me at the thought that I had let Sookie leave with Bill after I provoked him at Godric's nest. Although Bill's behavior was not solely my fault, I had exacerbated his already tenuous control, and from the sound of things Sookie paid for it dearly.

I stealthily pushed open the door a bit more to gain a better vantage point to assess the situation, taking account of the risk involved before entering. My rage threatened to overtake me the moment Sookie looked in my direction. She managed to strangle out my name in a pitiful whimper just before she went limp in her captor's hands.

Compton did not acknowledge my presence as he tightened his grip on her throat, pulling her toward the bedroom. He screamed in her face and shook her violently, seemingly enraged by her utterance of my name. "You dare say his name to me! After what I'm going to do to you, you'll never think about fucking him while you're in my bed again."

Bill's admission of Sookie's lust for me while having sex with him was an extremely gratifying thought. However, my contemplations of that delicious news needed to be postponed for a better time to savor it properly. At this moment Compton was dangerously incensed by jealousy and wounded pride. He could have easily caused additional harm to the object of my affection before I get to award her with the pleasure she too had clearly been imagining.

As he had yet to register my position, his escape attempt was only being hastened by the brave defiance of his Child. Jessica had Bill firmly by the ankle, surprisingly successful in halting his retreat with the practically lifeless body of my sweet little telepath.

I fought the strong urge to rush in and end Compton for hurting her. Unfortunately, this was not the right strategy since Sookie could easily have been hurt even worse in the process. I had no choice but to make my presence known the moment Jessica finally lost her grip on her Maker's leg.

To her credit, Jessica Hamby was just a newborn baby by vampire standards but somehow had fought admirably against her own Maker. Quite remarkable behavior from the petulant teen that was brought to Fangtasia a few months ago, but the telepath seemed to elicit this kind of devotion from those she was close with. Sookie Stackhouse was a very fascinating creature indeed.

I nodded to Jessica, who appreciatively moved behind me in an effort to compose herself without risk of Bill's further retaliation. She absently yelled for "Hoyt" and the dumb boy from the hallway emerged obediently. After she looked him over to find any injuries, he hugged her tightly in a comforting embrace.

It was amazing that the virgins of Bon Temps thought it appropriate to coddle a vampire, as I was certain I had seen Sookie perform this behavior before. Perhaps this Hoyt learned it from her.

Sookie's eyes fluttered from the loss of oxygen as she drifted completely into unconsciousness. I hope she found some comfort in the fact that she was close to freedom from Compton forever and would find herself in my waiting arms very soon. I surprised myself with my own longing to hold and caress her, as those were very strange notions for me to entertain.

"Bill Compton, you are to release Sookie immediately. She has renounced you publicly and as such you will cease all contact with her, her family, and her friends from this moment. Do I make myself clear, underling?" I spoke in a cool, detached voice, careful not to provide more fuel to the fire that was clearly raging in his eyes.

He strangely studied her face, almost lovingly, and then met my gaze with intense loathing as he smirked. "We both know that no matter what you do with her, I will always be her first. You'll never be able to erase that claim, Eric."

"You are correct, but I can certainly have fun trying. Now let her go!" Surprisingly, he did exactly as I commanded for once, callously releasing her neck with complete disregard for her welfare. She cruelly fell to the floor and brutally banged her head on the ground, ultimately landing on jagged shards of broken glass that I assumed were remnants of the shattered coffee table.

The impact also created a deep gash on her shoulder as I realized that I could suddenly smell her delicious blood again; this time, however, untainted by the stench of some disgusting animal. Her injury was quickly overwhelming me and the other vampires in the room with the irresistible siren song of her blood.

Bill's eyes filled with hunger at her prone body as he shakily looked at me to see if I was going to stop him. 'Is he so stupid to think I will ever allow him to touch her again? What a fool!' Bill gathered her body up quickly and made a hurried attempt to suck on the wound before the blow he must have anticipated was coming.

Before he could make contact with her effusive wound, I punched him solidly in the eye, jaw, and arm in rapid succession. I was satisfied at the sound of crunching bones, clear evidence of my accomplishment in breaking the offending appendage that choked my Sookie. I fluidly grabbed her body before she fell to the ground a second time.

As I placed her on the couch gently, Jessica looked at the bleeding gash hungrily. She was undoubtedly finding it difficult to restrain herself, but doing surprisingly well considering basic vampiric impulses and tangible bloodlust were heightened after a fight. I growled at her and she backed down quickly and completely, looking at me with grateful eyes. Her guilty expression made it evident how much she cared for Sookie, happily denying what she wanted most.

"I have clearly been far too lenient with your continual disobedience. As your Sheriff, I will no longer tolerate even the slightest defiance from you in any manner. I trust you understand that further hostility towards me or anyone else in my employ will be considered a violation of my decree and will therefore result in your final death."

He nodded in submission, but still looked at the bleeding telepath with an intense craving that made my next statement even more gratifying. "Bill Compton, as it is my right as the Sheriff of Area 5, I am claiming Sookie Stackhouse as my human." He looked mortified with disgust but struggled to nod in compliance. The venom in his eyes was a poisonous threat - a promise of trouble yet to come.

"I cannot order you to leave the hotel as it is too close to the dawn. You will, however, remove your belongings to the room across the hall and remain there until further instruction." I stood to my full height as I commanded in a bellow, "Now!" He speedily gathered his suitcase and stopped just beyond the threshold of the door, making sure to follow my orders, but still maintaining a sense of self-deluded pride through passive defiance.

Bill attempted to regain some notion of dignity and control in the situation by asserting the only dominance he could as he hatefully admonished his Child with a sneer. "Jessica Hamby, as your Maker, I release you. Upon your arrival in Bon Temps you are to remove all traces of yourself from my home. I never want to be reminded again of what a disappointing waste of my blood you continue to be. I will pay whatever fines are required to rid myself of this burden, Sheriff."

I chuckled at Bill's attempt to bring shame on anyone but himself in this situation. "Jessica and Sookie need not worry now that you are out of their lives. I assure you that I am more than willing to relieve you from the hardship of caring for both of these beautiful creatures, Compton. We are all well aware that I am more equipped to handle both of them than you could ever be with any one woman even half their quality.

"Because it has become abundantly clear that you must be as pathetic an excuse for a Maker to Jessica as you have been a lover to Sookie, please tell me Billy, do you have any other responsibilities that require my attention or would prefer my company? Perhaps your ineptitudes know no bounds and I should take over all of your interests, seeing as my hands are far more capable, deserving, and desirable."

I smiled suggestively at Bill for the gratification of his envious reaction alone. I could hardly contain my satisfaction with the acquisition of the promising vampire Jessica appeared to be capable of becoming if cultivated properly. However, my goal of finally winning Sookie's affection was the most delicious reward of all and Bill knew it too. The defeated vampire stomped off in a childish huff at my tremendous and undeniable victory.

I turned my attention to Sookie as Jessica and her companion looked on with fascination. Her wound was still oozing, her sweet nectar wasted on the floor. I greedily latched on to the worst one knowing full well that my imagination of her spectacular taste was never meant to be enjoyed under these circumstances.

I felt partly responsible for inciting Bill's viciousness towards her and wanted her to be healed despite the less than ideal situation. I had wanted my initial taste of her to occur the moment I brought her to release for the first time. However, all thoughts of the beautiful union I envisioned for our initial experience were erased the moment her blood graced my tongue.

The indescribable fluid that was the life force of this glorious creature in front of me was by far the most tantalizing delicacy I had ever experienced in my long life. I moaned a little in disappointment as the healing properties of my saliva shut her wound too soon for my complete enjoyment.

Jessica looked like she was about to explode with lust and hunger while her companion simply looked on with curiosity. It seemed she cared for the hulking boy next to her, but also looked slightly fearful of him. I bet Compton had not shown her how to feed properly. She was showing amazing restraint for one so new considering the heightened draw of blood after sustaining an injury.

"Jessica, since you are still too young to be on your own completely and Bill has proven quite inadequate in every way, I would like to offer to find someone to be a proper Master for you. Would you object to that?" She shook her head no, but looked like she wanted to say something else. I inclined my head slightly to invite her question.

"Eric, I trust you're decisions as my Sheriff and appreciate you helping me with the situation with that uptight asshole, but… would you please show me what to do with my fangs so I don't hurt Hoyt. We were about to have sex when Sookie jumped in bed with us to protect her from Bill… I'm actually a little relieved because I'm scared… I just know I was going to bite him and I'm afraid I won't be able to control myself.'

I recognized the existence of an unfamiliar pang inside myself, a feeling of momentary jealousy that Sookie was in any bed besides mine. 'Whoa!' I thought, as I mentally slapped myself to regain my composure from the mental image Jessica unintentionally created.

I was quickly taken back to the situation at hand by the amusing reaction Hoyt was displaying. It was entertaining that he seemed shocked that Jessica actually wanted to bite him when they had sex. 'What did he think her fangs were for? Opening bottles of Tru-Blood without twisting the cap?' I chuckled lightly, but clearly registered his sudden arousal and apparent desire to be bitten.

'The virgins of Bon Temps are so unique in their understanding and behavior towards vampires. Perhaps there is something special in the water,' I pondered, as my favorite Bon Temps resident started to stir, effectively breaking up the instructional lesson I was motivated to give Jessica so she did not accidentally harm her human.

My wounded vixen shot up quickly to a seated position and immediately fell back into my arms from the weakness caused by the blood loss at Compton's jealous hands. I pulled her head to my chest protectively and stroked her shoulder in a very human way to comfort her, something I was quite sure I had not done in over a thousand years - if ever.

"Feel better, Sook. Sorry Bill was such a bastard to you," Jessica said reassuringly. Sookie sighed and replied, "Uh-huh, you too, Jess. Sorry your Maker tried to kill you… again. I'm real sorry to have interrupted you guys, but you were my last chance to get away from him. He said he wanted to make me into 'a proper pet for the Queen's court', whatever that means. I wasn't sure what else to do. Thank you for everything you did!"

I could hardly govern my expression to hide the reaction at the implications Sookie just inadvertently revealed. The idea of her wonderful spirit being degraded and broken down to become a "pet" to anyone was enough to prompt my immediate action against Bill, but the confirmed involvement of the Queen was an unfortunate complication.

I regained my composure and delayed my need to formulate a cohesive strategic plan against these threats. After nodding my approval to Jessica, who seemed to relish the slightest bit of praise, I found a compulsion to do something for her as recompense for trying to protect Sookie so voraciously.

I was certain that despite how pathetic Bill Compton was as a man and a vampire, rejection like that from her Maker must have hurt deeply. "Jessica, I am very proud of the progress you've made and look forward to seeing what you might be capable of in the future. For now, in regards to your other problem, please make sure your hunger is well sated with Tru-Blood before engaging in any other ravenous exploits. Do not worry. We will correct the situation soon."

I winked at her as she became giddy with relief and pride. The couple excused themselves to their bedroom leaving Sookie clutching me tightly, warming my body unintentionally as she nuzzled against my chest. "Thank you for everything," she strained, her voice damaged by the strong clamp Bill had on her throat.

"I tried to call you, but Bill smashed my phone before it rang. Yet, somehow, here you are. My knight in shining armor…or I guess… my Viking in furry pelts is a better description," she giggled sweetly. I was rendered practically speechless from how much I enjoyed hearing Sookie refer to me as "her" anything.

"Sookie, your injuries are certainly not life threatening, but I would like to give you some of my blood to make sure you do not arrive at the Fellowship compound in the morning looking like you were in a massive bar fight." I looked at her to gauge her reaction as she thought about my offer. I could have easily given her my blood when she was unconscious, but that was just what Compton did to her… and I was no Bill Compton.

"That makes sense, Eric, but I'm more than a little nervous about that. I have never done that when I wasn't on the brink of death and I'm a little afraid to embarrass myself. What if I'm worse than Lafayette?" She said hoarsely, her throat clearly damaged from Bill's abusive treatment.

Despite her obvious discomfort and pain, I couldn't help but laugh boisterously at the thought of Sookie having even half the reaction Lafayette did. She must have created a similar mental picture because her tension seemed to resolve a bit after her deep belly laughing subsided.

She looked at me with a smile and I couldn't help but admire her resilience. She was quite a remarkable human indeed. Although after that exquisite albeit minute sample of her blood, I had significant doubts that she was just an ordinary human. In fact, I was now utterly convinced that Sookie was quite extraordinary and much more than human.

I stood up and led her cautiously to the bedroom, suddenly nervous that staying in the bed she occupied with Compton was a terrible idea. Relief struck me immediately, however, as the scent in the room gave no indication that they were intimate here. Thank Odin!

I sat down on the bed as an apprehensive Sookie reluctantly took my extended hand in invitation. I pulled her into my body with her back pressed against my chest, holding her tightly for a moment to calm her nerves. "It will be more comfortable for you if we do it this way."

I laughed despite the awareness that I was about to speak with no filter yet again. "I am uncertain if I have ever before gotten into a bed with a beautiful woman when everyone was fully clothed." I felt a sense of dread overtake me as I realized bringing up my history with women, even as a joke, may have been a miscalculation on my part considering Sookie's puritanical upbringing. 'I never seem to think straight or strategize well when she is this close to my body.'

Sookie surprised me with an instant nervous giggle and said something that would make a dead heart skip a beat. "I know what you mean, Eric. This is certainly not how I ever imagine it when I think about us in bed together either."

Her eyes grew wide with embarrassment as she realized her verbal acknowledgement to imagining us in bed together. 'Her blush is my new favorite color' I mused as I tried to see how much more rosy color I could make gather in her cheeks.

"Sookie Stackhouse, do you think of us in bed together often? What exactly do we do in this fantasy?" She suddenly looked serious and annoyed, but I was not sure what I did to spoil her mood.

"Why does everyone want to know that tonight? Yes, Eric, I have imagined being in bed with you… often. It's always… amazing… in my fantasy. However, tonight I have no intention of finding out how that actually compares to reality, so just quit it, Northman."

I was relieved to hear the serious tone in her voice had abated to mild irritation. It must have been a residual effect of Bill pressuring her for information only to throw it back in her face like I witnessed when I first arrived tonight which set off her defensiveness.

"Sookie, there is no need to worry, it is much too close to the dawn to begin entertaining these fantasies properly. I have no intention of exploring your vivid imagination… tonight. But, as a participant in these musings of yours, however, I reserve the right to inquire further at a more opportune time."

She snickered when I waggled my eyebrows at her, relaxing into a comfortable position in front of me. We both allowed the levity of the moment to naturally pass as she acclimated herself with the more intimate setting. She was nervous with anticipation of her reaction to drinking my blood, but I found myself anxious at the prospect as well.

It was a tremendous personal revelation that I could still possibly feel even a flutter of anxiety after experiencing the world for more than a millennium. Somehow this woman created an almost electric response in me that seemed to stimulate my soul, something I thought was lost to me even before I was turned.

"Sookie, you will need to put your mouth over the wound quickly before it heals." I said to her, our close contact having raised her heart rate already. I was so pleased with the reaction I got from her body already, the capability of which would only be enhanced after the exchange.

I zealously bit into myself and presented my bleeding wrist to her anxiously waiting mouth. She licked her warm lips the moment before she latched on to my arm with no hesitation whatsoever. I could not help but grin with satisfaction at her willingness to allow me to be a part of her on this level. The thought of this connection was almost enough to make me throw her down on the bed and enjoy all of our combined fantasies as they actually merged into one blissful reality. Thankfully, I managed to exhibit a level of control that could only be mastered over a thousand years of existence.

She did not break the seal her lips made on my skin as she greedily sucked and swallowed the magic that animated my immortality. Apprehensive that my exuberance would scare her off, I tensed as a slight moan escaped me. I actually wanted to howl with excitement at this undeniably amazing feeling, but I did not want to ruin the moment by overwhelming her.

I felt an immense cloud of disappointment begin to overshadow my contentment as the tingly feeling in my arm signified the wound was starting to close. Ending this fantastic moment sooner than I anticipated was more frustrating than I could have ever foreseen.

Clearly entertaining a similar notion of extending this intensely sensual experience, Sookie unexpectedly bit deeply into my healing wrist. Her blunt teeth ravenously tore into me, savagely opening the wound again to her hungry mouth. My guttural roar filled the air and I could not control myself any longer as my body responded to the intensity of the new stimulation of its own volition.

Sookie was moaning lightly, her soft mewling sounds sending an immediate rush of excitement to my increasing erection. I purposely pressed the evidence of my desire firmly into her back, barely containing my growing pleasure the moment she began to rock back against my undulating hips. I realized that her rhythmic grinding combined with the sensation of her ingesting my blood was causing more of a reaction in me than actual sex had with most people in hundreds of years - if ever.

She let go abruptly as the wound sealed shut with finality. Her head fell back against my chest with her face tilted up enough so that I could see her beautiful features clearly. My blood smeared her mouth creating the most delightful tapestry of crimson on tan skin and swollen pink lips.

Just as I realized that she had not stopped moving herself against me, but had actually increased her momentum, she used her now unoccupied hands to guide my larger ones to her luscious breasts. As she squeezed our clasped hands over herself roughly, I increased the power and strength of my own pace, pushing myself harshly against her back in a frenzied state of blistering friction.

Ordinarily, I led the speed and direction of seduction, but I enjoyed her vigor and confidence. The fact that she trusted me enough to let herself be so overcome by the intimacy of the moment was powerful in magnitude from this usually controlled woman. Our hips moved smoothly together, like a well-timed dance, working against each other's movements to fully enjoy the experience.

I moaned softly into her ear, licking the smooth skin behind it and purposely breathing out on the same spot, an action which rewarded me with her entire body shivering. My eyes were forced to roll back in my head as Sookie wildly started to buck on top of me. Her body was now in more of a sultry backwards straddle over mine opposed to the innocent spooning position we used for her comfort during the blood exchange. She screamed my name loudly as she thrust her hands roughly to the back of my neck and tangled them in my hair.

I let my hands drop down to her inner thighs and slowly slid them under her skirt to find the hidden treasure I had been searching for. As soon as my hand approached her soaking wet panties, she pulled my head down forcefully and kissed me the best she could between her cries of pleasure.

My moment was so close that I roared with anticipation which only seemed to spur her on. I had only just barely touched her wet center through the fabric of her drenched underwear when she was completely consumed with passionate hunger.

Sookie was such an explosive bundle of sexual tension that I found myself delighted at the prospect of her strong reaction to even the faintest of physical stimulation. When we finally did have sex I was more convinced than ever that it would be an undeniably electrifying experience.

We both clung to each other with reckless abandon as the blissful moment overtook us simultaneously. The air seemed to crackle with static electricity as we held on to each other in a desperate embrace, pulling each other even closer. I felt so consumed by her essence and so unlike myself that I was startled by my own behavior and almost human-like afterglow.

Sookie giggled in a tired, satisfied way that warmed my body with the melodious harmony that was created as it intermingled with her heartbeat and breathless sighs. She turned over from the former position of her back on my chest and into my protective arms completely, her body entwined with mine as we lied back in the bed together. "Sorry I got so carried away, Eric. This is kind of embarrassing to admit, but I feel… amazing."

"Lover, you never need to apologize for enjoying yourself with me… I will never hold your pleasure against you…I might, however, do more than hold my pleasure against you next time." To my utter amazement, she gave a light chuckle and put up no protest when I placed her hand on my crotch while I suggestively spoke about my intentions of our future sexual exploits.

Holding back feelings of triumph from allowing a wicked smirk to grace my face was a very difficult task, but I could tell she was slightly embarrassed by her uncharacteristic behavior. "I have to mention the fact that I was a bit… overcome with the moment, as well." I stroked her back as our bodies naturally coiled in a way that seemed familiar, yet so undeniably new.

"Mmm Eric, all of this is so… wonderful. I can't believe that I'm about to admit this out loud, but being close to you feels so… perfect and right. I can't believe we haven't so much as kissed before and I somehow feel so connected to you already." She looked even more worried with anticipation to my reaction now that she had revealed some actual desire for me beyond meaningless sex.

To my own astonishment, I knew exactly what thoughts she was considering as they had all occurred to me as well. Even more of a surprise was that I knew that I felt exactly the same way. Sookie seemed somehow contented by my lack of response to her admission and nuzzled further into my chest. Too exhausted from her eventful evening and the promise of a long day yet to come, we remained in the tangled position as she was lulled into a restful sleep in my arms.

As the infallible detriment to my immortality threatened to overtake me, I began to feel the pull of my eternal enemy forcing my surrender to the day's deathly slumber. With every pulse of her heartbeat my blood circulated further throughout her body, as I relished in the feeling of our developing bond. As my brain started to shut down until dark, my last thoughts were of Sookie and finding my Maker.

While I did have absolute faith in her ability to bring back information regarding Godric, I found myself concerned for her well-being as well. In spite of my unease, I was quite sure this little telepath was capable of much more than anyone had ever thought possible. She had consistently proven with every encounter to be increasingly valuable to me - as an asset to my area and to my life in general.

For reasons I had yet to understand, I was filled with a sense of completion and purpose when I was with her. Especially after exchanging blood, it seemed that there was an overwhelming importance and pull to be near her, like that constant underlying desire to nurture and protect her was suddenly amplified the instant the bond formed.

Feeling this strongly so soon after only one exchange had me more convinced than ever that our meeting each other was no rare coincidence at all. With every moment we shared, it seemed less like simple chance… and more like a fateful phenomenon that was drawing us together.

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