A/N This fic requires a little bit of explanation.
Each chapter in this fic is inspired by a line from the song Love Is Endless by Mozella (which was featured on Castle). Hence, there are 15 "lines" that I will be using, so there will be 15 chapters. Each chapter will be fairly short though. :) Enjoy!

DISCLAIMER FOR ALL CHAPTERS OF LOVE IS ENDLESS: I own nothing. I don't even own my textbooks anymore. As I graduated from high school three days ago, I now don't have ownership over my previous materials. I own nothing. Wait, I lie. I own gumboots. And a bag shaped like a cassette.

Chapter 1: For Starry Nights

"That was weird."

"What was weird?" Beckett replied, ready for a long Castle-rant.

"Death by being impaled on a pen," he said thoughtfully. "I suppose if it can happen with a knifeā€¦but-"

"-a pen is mightier," she finished.

"My my, Detective Beckett, I do believe I'm rubbing off on you," Castle smiled.

Beckett smirked in response. "Wow. Just look at this place," she said, walking to the middle of the room.

They were in an artist's (the murderer) studio, which he'd been prepping for his latest showing. It was a large room, lit with two luminescent globes, but the walls were draped with black sheets.

"Imagine what it would be like completed," Beckett continued.

"It is finished," Castle pointed out. "Lay down," he said, pointing to the couch she was standing next to. She obliged, suspicious of what he was doing. Castle went to the door and turned off the lights, throwing them into darkness. Before Beckett could ask him what the hell he was doing, he turned the dial next to the light switch.

Thousands of tiny lights on the ceiling began glowing, twinkling at different intervals.

"Wow," Beckett breathed. "It looks just like the sky."

Castle joined her on the couch, both of them lying on their back staring at the ceiling. In the tiny amount of light, he could see her smiling. "You like stars?"

"I grew up in the city," she explained. "I only ever got to see the stars in the sky whenever we went on holiday, which wasn't often. The glow of the city lights always got in the way when we were at home."

"It is pretty magical," Castle said.

They stayed there for a while, savouring the moment that the outside world couldn't experience.