"Izuna! Watch out!" Madara screams, as he watches several of their enemies sneak up on his brother from behind. "Watch out! Watch out!"

But before Izuna even has a chance to react to his brother's warning cry, he is pushed to the ground.

Madara, who in his carelessness too is pushed to the ground, can only watch with indescribable horror on his face, as the blade is raised -

"… N-no… No…! No, no, no! Izuna, no! No! Izuna!"

- and swung.

It is over in a flash; shinobies are always fast after all.

As Madara is dragged by his clansmen back to the base on a board, face dead, he slowly feels his heart break.


The image will forever be imprinted on my memory.

The sound as the sickly red colour cut out from my brother's throat splattered against the ground...

The smell of death that followed


The innocent face and reassuring smile he flashed me right before everything turned black.

That smile…

'Don't give up, Aniki. You're not alone.'

I want to believe. I do, Izu, I do! But… let's face it.

I am Izu…

I am alone.

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