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Two months later:

"Ok guys, great work! See you next week at practice," Kim called out to her fellow cheerleaders. She then turned to the exit of the school gym to face the leather-clad woman she knew would be waiting and watching. Shego leaned against the doorway, a helmet tucked under each arm and a smirk on her face. Not a mocking smirk, but a warm one, if slightly mischievous.

"Have I ever told you how much I love that skirt? You should wear it more often," Shego said as she threw a helmet to an approaching Kim.

"Sure, if you don't mind every creeper and his dog enjoying the view as well." Shego's grin dropped.

"… On second thoughts, I feel a change in your uniform is needed. You move just as well in pants anyway." Kim giggled at her protective girlfriend before giving her a placating kiss. The moment was somewhat interrupted by the beeping of the Kimmunicator.

"What's the sitch, Wade?"

"Drakken. He's picked an underground lair this time, directly under the Middleton Mall."

"Huh. I remember when Drakken's plans actually concerned me. The times they are a-changing," Kim quipped. Shego winced slightly.

"Ugh. Don't say that, you sound old."

"Umm, guys? Drakken? Evil plan?" Wade turned the girls' attention back to the matter at hand. "Do you need transport?"

"Nah, we got it covered. Let's see if Stoppable's gotten any better at balancing on my handlebars."

One alarmingly unsteady three-person motorbike ride later, Kim, Shego and Ron (and, of course, Rufus) were standing outside the mall. Shego was kneeling with her hand pressed to the ground. Without warning, she created a large hole in the dirt, which she jumped into, followed by Kim and Ron. Needless to say, the blue mad scientist in the chasm below was very surprised to see them.

"Shego? What's going on? Why are you with them?"

"Sorry Dr D, I'm afraid I've resigned. Had a better offer." Shego snuck an arm around Kim's waist to prove her point.

"You mean… I can't believe it… You joined the good guys?" Shego face-palmed at his obliviousness, sighed, and decided to simply move on.

"Kimmie here gave GJ a choice. They could wipe my criminal record, making me a free woman, and I would join Team Possible. Or they could refuse, and Kim would join me. It didn't take them long to decide. How about you just surrender now? It's the two best fighters in the world and monkey-boy over there versus you."

"Never! You're too late anyway! Once this machine charges up-"

"You mean the one that Rufus just dismantled while we were talking?" Kim raised an eyebrow and grinned, looking a lot like Shego in that moment. The rodent in question poked his head out of a gap in the large machine's plating, severed cables in his mouth. Drakken broke out into a cold sweat.

"… Is it too late to surrender now?"

When Kim's parents first heard about their relationship, they let Shego stay with them on the condition that Shego had the guest room. However, after three sleepless nights for the girls, that rule was lifted. But no 'funny business' was to be tolerated (in the words of James Possible himself) under their roof. Fortunately, they did not question the unusually high number of 'missions' they'd been receiving, some lasting the entire night. As such, Shego became a member of the family. Jim and Tim even took to calling the pair Kigo, saying that since they were always together there was no point in addressing them separately. The irony of their statement was lost on them.

That evening they were finishing off Kim's homework in their room when Kim realised that it had been a while since they'd visited their scaly friends.

"Want to go visit the Temple?" she asked Shego casually.

"Sure, we haven't been there for a couple of weeks." Kim grabbed a notepad and wrote 'off to another world, will be back before 11'.

"You can do this alone, right?" Kim asked tentatively.

"Your confidence is so reassuring. I can handle it." And with that, Shego transported them to the dragon world.

The two reappeared moments later at the door to the Temple. It had cleaned up nice; the cracks were repaired, the dust was gone and the last rays of daylight streaming in through the windows gave the place a golden glow. Now that it had been returned to its former glory, the temple became the Temple, as it had been before Malum's reign. Kim and Shego heard a deep rumbling voice emitting from the top of the Temple and decided to go say hi to their green friend. They flew up just in time to hear Terraemotus finish off a lesson he was teaching the hatchlings.

"… and that's when we were hit by the white and green energy, effectively winning the war for us."

"What happened to Shego and Kim?" a small blue dragon asked, eyes wide with curiosity.

"We found them lying unconscious together, in the exact spot you're sitting now." The hatchling gasped and stared at the ground with a sort of reverence. It was at this moment Terraemotus took notice of his two new arrivals.

"Alright, that's enough for today." A chorus of disappointed groans answered him. "It's almost time for dinner after all." This persuaded the little ones to leave, albeit grudgingly. Once they had all filed out down the stairs, Terraemotus turned to Kim and Shego, who had stepped out from behind a pillar. It's good to see you again. I see you've mastered that teleportation technique."

"Likewise," Kim replied.

"So, you're a history teacher now? As if earth wasn't enough." Shego grinned at her teacher turned friend.

"Just for today. Your other former teachers were busy, and we know the legend best."

"Legend? We're legendary?" Kim sounded surprised, whereas Shego looked as if she expected this all along.

"Of course! Why do you think we haven't cleaned up this mess?" Adere came up the stairs to greet them and gestured at the broken pillars, scorch marks and cracked stone around them. "It's being preserved as the site where 'the legendary Shego and Kim took down Malum and his army in one fell swoop'. As if we didn't do anything!" Adere tried to sound annoyed, but couldn't keep the mirth out of her voice. "I swear one day we'll walk out here and there'll be a great golden statue of you two in heroic poses." She followed this statement up with a dramatic pose of her own, complete with mock-serious face, which sent the other girls into hysterics and Terraemotus into barely controlled chuckles.

"We should come here more often Pumpkin, I feel like a god here!"

"Your ego doesn't need any more stroking. I don't want you turning into Mego," Kim teased playfully. Shego shuddered.

"Ugh. You don't have to worry about that. But as for the stroking…" Shego gave Kim a devilish smirk, to which Kim responded with one of her own. They remained like that for a while until the group's only male cleared his throat awkwardly and looked to the side, while Adere just laughed. Kim blushed and looked apologetic.

"Sorry Terra. What were we talking about?"

The four talked and joked until the last traces of light disappeared from the sky, when it was time for Kim and Shego to go home.

At 11pm exactly, Anne Possible opened the door to Kim and Shego's room to see if they had in fact made it home on time. She was greeted with the sight of a lump in the bed, a sight she was well accustomed to by now. Those two were so close that it looked like a singular form under the covers. Kigo, Anne thought with a smile. She closed the door quietly. Four months ago, if someone had told her that her daughter would fall for one of the world's most wanted criminals, and that she would be happy about it, she would have examined them for brain injury and had them committed. Now the attraction seemed so blatantly obvious that she couldn't believe nobody had noticed it before. Facing off, they were good. Temporarily teaming up, they were great. But when they were united fully and completely, they were unstoppable.

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