The Lounge.

Harry sat up and groaned clutching his head. He heard another groan to his left and looked down to see Severus Snape potions master and all round bastard coming around.

"What have you done this time, how can you mess up a simple sleeping draft?" the man asked before he even had his eyes open.

"If Malfoy hadn't thrown in a handful of beetle eyes it would have been fine." Harry defended.

"He did what? The little shit; I'll bloody string him up when I get my hands on him." Snape spat angrily. "Where are we?"

"Well, according to the pink neon sign we're in the Lounge."

Snape's pale face drained even more. "Oh hell no. We have to get out of here. It's not safe. We have to go before they find us."

"Who?" Harry asked looking around.

"The Lounge Lady's. They are terrifying."

"Um, Professor, are they whips on the walls?"


"What's that leather thing?" Harry asked pointing.

"It's a sex swing, one partner goes in it giving control of his body to his partner to do with as he wished. Now can we leave?"

"Sure, but, um Professor, is that a picture of you um... with Sirius in the headmasters office?"

"Where?" Severus demanded.

"Over there."

"Oh dear god."

"Are you two..."

"I believe the word your hunting for is fucking. Yes we are."

"He's a sluty bottom isn't he?" Harry grinned trying to get a closer look, only to be blocked by Snape

"That's why this lounge is scary, they make me do all manner of things. This is the Severus sigh's lounge, they congregate here, and decide what to do with me. The only time I'm ever left alone is when I'm involved with someone.

"So you need a body that's willing and able to stop you from falling prey to a bunch of girls who get their knickers wet for you?"

"Spot on 5 points to Gryffindor."

"You do realise I'll be taking the piss out of Sirius when we get back." Harry asked him.

"I can get you copies of that picture and many others if you want to black mail him"

Harry giggled softly. "All righty, what do I have to do?

"You can fuck me, fuck me hard and fast." Severus demanded.

Harry complied with vigour, several times.

When Harry fell asleep, Severus lay back with a smile on his face. 'Another good night out at the lounge.'

A/N did it make you giggle? I don't often write Severus as a bottom which is why I had the picture there to show it's not always. Perhaps next time they arrive at the lounge they'll swap.